The Kill Shot, faster than a speeding bullet.

The Kill Shot

The Kill Shot faster than sound You’ll never hear it coming

Just discovered this Kill Shot information. And we headed for something really big. A life changing major event that will not only change the face of the earth. but life as we know it. For those that wish not to know the future, I suggest that you stop reading here.

For those that wish to prepare and have an idea about what lays in wait for the future.  The Kill Shot will show the future events in store for humanity. Be warned it’s not all peaches and cream as we are headed for some very hard times ahead. We all know this deep inside. We can feel it. It’s the quiet before the storm. In essence our last chance to prepare for a life changing event. Are you ready?

Some of us have heard about remote viewing. Briefly it’s being able to see future events by tapping into our hidden powers of the energy body. This allows one to see the events of the past and future. Which so many prophets from the past and present have eluded too. What these individuals have tap are the Akashic records.

The Kill Shot reading

A view of our Energy Body tuning into the Akashic Records

The Akashic records The Kill Shot is recorded


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