The Way I see a Miracle, Who Cares?

What ever!

The Way I see a Miracle

Where does that light come from on the tree?

I wrote this email to a contact I met in the U.K. She replied with an insight into the human condition, (Out of the clear blue sky, you know an answer to a prayer), that I have been wondering about and it touched my heart. I was trying to find some gardening tools for the Wheelchair bound folks who love to garden. I wanted and still want to provide these folks with tools that are easy for them to use. You may not care, what ever. But I am not willing to give up on the human race just yet. Anyway, she had an insight that was a miracle! I want to share this miracle with you as it happened. Read on if you wish.

My first contact email:

Hello (Put your name here),
Nice to meet you!
We have been looking for a supplier for Gardening tools but wanted to focus more on the handicap individuals that do their own gardening. It’s very difficult to find a supplier in the U.S.A. that will drop ship (onesies as we call them) to our customers from our site. We are a home based business and don’t have a warehouse to store our products, then ship. For us we end up paying for the shipping twice, once from the supplier and again from us, to the customer. It makes more sense to us to just ship once from our supplier right to the customer. Everybody saves that way. Not sure if you would consider this, as the shipping from the UK could be pretty expensive. But, we at a lose as what to do to help these folks that would love your products. Any Ideas?

We found you listed in a directory for the handicapped. I looked at your products and would love to offer them, Still trying to work out the logistics. We don’t have much of a markup on our products (10-15% ) as we are trying to save our customers as much money as we can and start them gardening with all the tools they need to become self-sustainable. (Looks like shipping from the UK would eat our profit up.) We don’t need much as we have a low overhead. But, we still have bills to pay as does everybody, trying to keep the site up and running so these folks can get what they need to survive. Not an easy task but that’s our mission. As you can see from the news and headlines the U.S.A. is taking a big hit from the drought and food prices are going threw the roof here and it’s going to get worse next year. No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy, from this summers harvest, ouch! We believe that the only way to help is to start all Americans growing their own food in at home gardens.

Again, Thank you for your input.

She finally got back to me. This is her reply:


Sorry for the delay in replying, just a heavy workload at the moment.

Unfortunately we cannot drop ship from the UK.  We can only offer shipping in consignments of orders with a Minimum Order Value of $200 or more.

We are happy to arrange shipment using our carriers or alternatively working with customers that wish to arrange their own collections.

There are three companies stocking our garden tools but I am not sure if they sell to resellers or if could deal with the Direct Shipping requirement.  The companies in question are:

She listed the companies here and then went on to say:

Let me know if we can assist further.

On a personal note I think the highest percentage of the human race takes planet earth for granted and in most cases we could all do more to try and halt the destruction around us. If people would only take a step off life’s roller-coaster once in a while and appreciate what this planet has to offer they might change their view points and more importantly their actions.

Kind regards

She touched my heart with her sharing and insight and the miracle happened. So I replied with this email:

Thank You (Put your name here),

I am in total agreement with you on the last part, you said it so poetically. Life’s roller-coaster. That’s the truth. Didn’t they know what, they were waiting in line for? Are they all just thrill seekers, waiting for a ride that takes them right back to were they got on.

Seems like fun but what a waste of time and the human potential. I feel that it’s all ready to late for us as humans, something is about to happen that will bring us to our knees. I feel it’s all ready here and going to happen very very soon. Only this roller-coaster ride doesn’t bring us back. I personally am very disappointed in the awareness level of a majority of the human population. What a shame all that potential for creation lost. Lost to petty wars, material possessions, fame, and power. Sorry, if this ruins your day, but from what I feel through our short conversation, is that you are not one of the humans we are referring to. Your insight and poetic justice is miracle! Exactly, what is needed. Is it to late for the human race, as I feel? It just seems they are still waiting in line for the ride of their life. Which could end very shortly. Is it to late for them to wake up and make a difference with this planet, we been given to safe guard, nurture, and care for? The owners are on the way back to check on their property and it’s not in very good shape. Run Downed, Broken, Poisoned, Diseased, Radiated, Raped and left Dying. They are not going to be pleased with us.

I don’t think we are just going to get a time out or sent to our room. I feel were in for a beating, I remember them as a kid. Not pleasant.

But we do deserve it. We have failed our parents and that hurts me the most.
Thank you very much for your insight, and for getting back in touch with me. I hope and pray that you fair well through all that is coming. I am very sorry that we could not work something out in time to help those wheelchair folks enjoy the time they have left.

One last question. Is it for lack of trying, understanding, or awareness that we failed our parents, or did we have some outside help? Not to blame anybody else. Children will be Children, we just should have known better.  Take care (Put your Name Here)! Email me anytime you would like. I enjoyed meeting you.

Good Luck!


P.S. I sent you a picture of one of my dear (deer) friends, asking if I can come out and play, I have to ask Mother as I am grounded. Her name is Sweetheart and she had two fawns. If you would like to see a few more pictures of my deer friends? Let me know. I love to share love.

P.S.S. Maybe it’s not to late, I will check with the contacts you sent, Thanks, and see what’s up. The wheelchair folks deserve another try.

Thank you for reading this. because if you did you are a miracle to. Take Care my friends, Love be with you!

The Way I see a Miracle

Our parents have been busy for a while. Creating Miracles of their own SEE………?