Three Loves, what an Experience

Feeling Love, Watch out there's wood around

Feeling Love, Watch out there’s a woody around

There are Three Loves in a being’s life. We are talking Loved ones, not types of Love, or the number of loved ones. Since Love is Mankind’s greatest challenge, Love has a trinity all its own.

Since Love and the self are one… The discovery of either is the realization of both!


The premise of the Three Loves Theory is that not all love is experienced equally.

The three loves are as follows: Lust, Passion, and Commitment.

These Three Loves occur in different parts of the Heartmind, and occur independently from each other.

Love One: Lust
Lust is a yes/no proposition: basically, do you want to have sex with this person at this moment? It’s instantaneous, based on straightforward physical and behavioral components of attraction. Lust can also leave just as quickly as it came. It’s transitory and shifts constantly within a person. It has no attachment or favoritism. It’s really as simple as, “Do I ? Yes or no?”

Love Two: Passion
Two people in passion are considered “smitten.” They stare at each other, spend every hour of everyday together.

Passion created by having a high degree of emotional chemistry cultivating a sense of “newness”, within the relationship. Passion an incredible power to override logical functioning.

It often corrals us into making less-than-stellar statements, actions, and commitments. Passion’s death is wrought by lack of shared experience, thus newness.

Love Three: Commitment
When two people are in passion long enough, and there is a long-term compatibility where they can continue to share new life experiences together indefinitely, then commitment will arise.

Commitment an unbelievably powerful feeling occurs rarely in life. Commitment is when ones emotionally accepts the other person’s flaws as much as their strengths.

Passion, and Lust can disappear well after Commitment arises without affecting the Commitment. Lust is needed for Passion, Passion must exist for Commitment.

Hence the Trinity!

The quality of love one experiences depends on the strength of these Three Loves components, the type of love one experiences depends on their strengths relative to each other.

Feeling Love

Feeling Love. What’s in a feeling?

Three Loves in Time

Going back more than two millennia, the Greeks spoke of three types of love. Really……., who knows more about Love than the Greeks? The Romans maybe?………

Anyway, you have probably heard of them already.

Eros: romantic (or erotic) love
Agape: unselfish, altruistic, God-like love
Philia: love for family and close friends

Of course what has been expressed above is what makes up Love.

To expand Three Loves, I add from experience, There are Three Loves in one’s life: The one you love, the one that loves you, and the one you marry.

Windfall Scams

HuH, what does that mean?

Sometimes we get it right and all three come together. However this is rare. Usually one being in a relationship loves more, than again, how would one know?

Sow maybe, Lust is the one you love. Passion is the one that loves you. Commitment is the one you marry.

Of course one can always mix and match…..

Love is like a Mirror, when you love another. They become your Mirror and you become theirs. Together reflecting that Love you see infinity.

Choose wisely…

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom

Your Power is Yours

Three Loves is an Experience


Winky, My alter Ego

Hey… it’s only a theory! Short and sweet just the way I love them.

Three Loves, who loves you, Baby!!!