What in the World is going on?

Thw worlds normal

The world is not what it use to be

How can anyone not notice that the world is being effected by something. Bizarre Weather patterns, Birds dropping dead in the air, Fish die offs by the tons, Strange noises in the earth and sky, Earthquakes up 400%, Sinkholes appearing everywhere, fire balls everywhere, the Shrinking and loss of the Magnetosphere.

I am all for letting people live in their ignorance and if this describes you then read no further. But, if you want to know, What in the World is going on? Then take a few moments and educate yourself.

The Winds of Change are Upon Us.

I had the opportunity to review a few videos on YouTube and found some every interesting information that might shed some light on What in the World is going on?

Ice Age Core Data:  by Ivan “Evon” Stein. This gentleman has done a lot of work on the history of the world in Ice. Great place to start. It has 16 parts about 10 minutes each but every informative as to the history of the earth and changes it’s gone through and will go through again.

2012 Something is Going On:  Nicely done video on Strange events happening currently. By WorldstarHipHop.com Will give a good picture of events that have happened that you may not know about.

Planet X (Nibiru) Denial concerned about the future Prophecy: by cuz4concern. Gives you one possible explanation for what is causing the earth changes. Since our scientists don’t have the answers don’t blindly ignore this explanation.

As I said above, these may shed some light on the subject, but you must make up your own mind as to the cause, and due your own investigation. One thing you can not deny is that these events did happen and are happening now. As I write this a new sink whole just opened up, Earth Opens Up Again! (Massive Sinkhole) In Louisiana – Aug 3, 2012

Notice the date two days ago! I am not being an alarmist, it just seems that people ask questions and can find answers and I can’t find any either. They want to hold on to the description that things are fine and what time is the game on?

There may not be a thing we can do about it anyway, but ride it out and wish for the best. However, I am of the mind set that if I am going to die, than I want to make every act count. A warrior must focus their attention on the link between themselves and their death. Without remorse or sadness or worrying, they must focus their attention on the fact that they may not have time, for petty concerns, and let their acts flow accordingly. They must let each of their acts be their last battle on earth. Only under those conditions will their acts have their rightful power. Otherwise they will be, for as long as they live, the acts of a fool.

Kiss your spouse, love your children, give your neighbor a hug. A warrior gives their last battle on earth it’s due respect. After all, it’s only natural that their last act on earth, should be the best of themselves, It’s pleasurable that way, it dulls the edge of their fright.

Sun and the world magnitosphere

The sun is just a blow hard.