Just when I had hope for rain. When it Rains We Glow

I am sorry to have to say this, somebody needs to tell the truth whether its good or bad. At least you’ll know why your hair is falling out. So you can stop buying those expensive hair products that won’t help. That’s good news isn’t it and a money saving value?

We might have had a chance at turning these earth changing events like WWIII or Global Climate Changes around for the betterment of humanity. Then I discovered this video on the effects of the Fukushima meltdown.(Latest News Link) That’s three Chernobyls in one, and it could be four, if plant number seven fails, time will tell. What the government isn’t telling us, is that this is the worst disaster mankind has faced in recorded history. It’s still in the making and if Japan should suffer another quake, It’s the end of the world as we know it, as the song goes.

Looks safe doesn’t it ? What a great and wonderful way to boil water !

I am so sick and tired of our the government trying to protect us and telling us that everything is OK. All the while, lying to our face as if we can’t handle the truth or we don’t have a right to know. “Just go to work pay your taxes and we will take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy your wonderful life”. This is what they want us to believe. Of course there aren’t many jobs and there is no real money to pay your taxes. You can’t sit back, your back is sore from all the slave labor, and now you realize your life isn’t all that wonderful. Now what?

Hey, Mommy look glow in the dark!

If this one goes that will make four chernobyls Just hanging on by a thread, one small quake or after shock could finish this one.

I wish for once our government would humble itself and think enough of its people that it could tell them the truth and then ask them for help, (or suggestions, at the very least get us involved), with the remedy for the problems we all face, or just let us die in truth. America has face tough odds before and as a nation we all came together and found solutions without panic. In coming together we would all gain a degree of trust for one another and build a better and saferĀ  life and relationship for all. But playing this big brother need to know game and lying to us has not worked and we are all in for some really hard times. I am sure the government thinks it can just stick its head in the sand, so to speak, and wait for the hard times to pass. These aren’t hard times these are humanity changing events. Fukushima is not going to pass by in a few years, and at that moment of passing, the government can crawl out of their holes and go back to business as usual. Not unless they have a thousand year food and water supply in those underground bunkers they’ve built. This radiation from Fukushima is still being released and is spreading across the Northern Hemisphere like a wild fire, this radiation will remain on this earth for thousands of years. The worst is they have no means to stop it at this time. The radiation in the air will fall where ever it rains and poison the soil and anything growing in it. Any grasses eaten by the animals will poison those animals and any animal we eat will poison us, it’s called a food chain for a reason. So as you can see folks this looks like the end for life as we know it on this planet. At least in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. The Northern and Southern air masses don’t mix readily because they spin in opposite directions starting at the equator. The Southern Hemisphere might be safe for awhile but as people migrate so will the radiation. We haven’t even discussed the effect on the oceans and marine life. Does it really matter at this point.

Notice anything different ?

I know, I think I will go back to believing everything AOK! Because there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Our government has everything under controlĀ  and they will let us know if something bad is about to happen so we can pack and head for the underground bunkers, they were so kind to build just for us from our tax dollars. Lets build more nuke power plants to make up for the ones we lost. Put them either on a fault line or next to the ocean because those are the best places for them studies have shown. Take out all the dams and replace them with these clean burning nuclear power plants that are safe for the environment because they don’t add to global warming. If every American family would just take one old control rod home with them the government would not need to build an expensive dump site to dispose of them. Plus, we can can save a few fish along the way by not dumping them in the oceans.

Fukushima is just missing a C to describe the extent of the damage that was done to this planet because of this one event. I think you can figure out were the C goes and whom this statement applies too.

Good Luck Folks, we are all going to need it.

I have just lost all motivation to live. See you on the other side maybe.