It has been some time since we sent out a smoke signal, what better time than NOW! The Chiefs have been on a bit of a hiatus of late. Hence the being MIA. However, this project is still just as close and dear to our hearts as ever! At times we need to retreat to the Bear Den of hibernation for a season. To find clarity within one’s Self. This Doowan’s hibernation season has been much more than rest and R&R though…
(Hey, one can wish for some R&R!! Wishful thinking…)

I’m sure many can relate to feeling overwhelmed coming out of the holy-daze and the somewhat imposed pressures of starting a new year. It seems there is not enough time in the day to get everything done! Perhaps in these moments, one should step aside and realize that which time truly is — only an Illusion. Time is a construct created for perspective based on revolutions and the impending 4th Natural Enemy of Mankind, Old Age.

With a mindset constructed in the illusion of time, one is continually racing against themself towards an ending goal. Hey, wait, someone keeps moving the goalposts!!!! This race/problem cannot be won from the same way of thinking that started it.
Have we forgotten the point of all this….?

Hmmmmmmm, HOW. FREEDOM.

After that rant, on to the point of this post.

WELCOME! To every one of the Brave new members sitting with us around the fire today, we are SOW glad you are HERE! You may not even know what it means to be a Brave, YET. However, the fact that you are here speaks volumes. It takes a Brave Warrior with unbending intent to explore the vast space of Consciousness & Self that is contained within/out. To find yourself here is to find a reflection in the mirror.

Looking Back

I see a reflection. I Now know,which one is truly ME.

You have meaning when you know, The Meaning of You

Massive thank you to those who have reached out directly and indirectly!! It is SOOOOW inspiring and beautiful to hear from you. Honestly, it means the world and keeps this project motivated to continue. If you have dropped us a line with questions and received no response as of yet, expect one shortly as we catch-up on this backlog of new members and inquires.

WE HEAR YOUR WORDS! One of the Chiefs will be responding to your Questions soon.

Several exciting new things are coming to very soon. More to come in a followup post on that front, but we’ll give you a little taste now! Some of you may already be enjoying the first fruits of this labor-of-love… has a brand new engine! We opened up the hood of this baby, pulled out the engine (web-server), and just finished tightening the bolts down on a brand new top-of-the-line NginX powerhouse. This new server is fully redundant, more secure, and delivers improved performance/reliability. Content will flow through a CDN to improve speed for Doowan’s accessing from anywhere on Mother Earth. The results will be a much more enjoyable experience while navigating the site with virtually instant page load times to a screaming fast log-in for all Braves and Warriors.

Day’s of waiting for the pinwheel of death to spin are over… WOOHOOO!!!!!!

(Disclaimer: yes, we realize this is a nerd out moment, but honestly the site is FAST and more enjoyable to navigate now)

It’s evident we live in a fascinating and exciting time on this planet. One where it seems all bets are off, and just about anything can happen.

Positive or negative. Light or Dark. That’s Duality.

Stepping into this physical existence created a duality or division. Seeing and remembering that we all come from one source creates union. Part of the path of a Doowan or “Medicine-Man” or “Shaman” or whatever description you like is to create a bridge so that another may cross more easily. Through the cultivation of ones inwards sight or “SEEing” as we call it, we dissolve the illusion of duality and thus SEE all as one.

“It takes a Brave Warrior with unbending intent to be a pure light in the darkness.”

We Doowan’s sense much confusion in the world of duality. With all the various political movements/choices as well as the Mother Earth changes many are experiencing currently. It is through having the Mood of a Warrior, that one finds clarity within the confusion of duality. The Warrior’s Way is not the fighting kind. Instead, it is a mood or way of being. A Warrior knows that he/she is waiting and what they are waiting for, and while the Warrior waits, they want nothing, and thus whatever comes to them is more than they can take. We must wait OR act as a Warrior. Even during our regular, daily life and not just on the battlefield. It takes a Brave Warrior with unbending intent to be a pure light in the darkness. One who has set their own self/ego aside to allow truth to arise. This is the only way we can be of service to others. When in doubt, look at yourself first and wait, one will only be able to help another once they can help themself.

Before One becomes Cheif, they must first live The Warriors Way.

Shine bright Braves. Be an Impeccable Warrior in everyday life. Dissolve or SEE through the illusions of time and duality.

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take Your Power Back!

More to follow. We are at your service.