Earth Changes from a Doowans Point of View Messages from Mother Earth.

We have all notices that things are very different in the world around us. Called Earth Changes, Weather Changes, increases in Earth Quakes, Bigger Storms, Flooding, and the list goes on. We all have a lot of questions and can’t seem to find the answers. The answers we do find are sometimes confusing and don’t make any sense. Some are even frightening. The scientists don’t seem to have all the answers, our governments can’t confirm or deny anything and all we are left with is ourselves. If these entities are as confused as us, maybe we should stop looking to them for the answers and go to the source. These are the Messages from Mother Earth and the source.

What is the source?

The Source Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth

The Source Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth

We’ll get there, but there is a few things we have to see first. Nobody alive today as all the answers.  So let’s start with the basics. The universe is a big, big place. To think that humans are the only life in this universe just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s say there is a God, and I’m not here to debate this. We Doowans know the answer to that question all ready. If God created the universe and only created human kind then God has wasted a lot of space. If I was God and I’m not, I would have created my creation of life, full of life not just a little bit of life. God did!  If we believe that God is everywhere and in everything. Then there is God and life in everything. This seems simple and basic but I feel we have lost this perspective. Once we realize that the universe is full of life, we can then realize that the earth is a living being. As is everything in the universe. The earth being alive as a living being in this creation, as we are live in this creation, makes more sense to me than it being just a rock in space. Dead things don’t change they just decay. We change though out our lifetimes and so does the earth. It appears to me that fear of the unknown is taught behavior, one we can unlearn. (See Mankind’s Four Natural Enemies) Let’s face it, life is change. If we don’t change, it’s been said we are dying, so change we must to survive.

Now let’s apply this principle to the earth. For whatever reason, the earth is changing. If we go to the source as ask the questions we get the answers. The problem lies with us being separate from the earth. We aren’t separate. We are part of her as she as part of us. Plus, the answers we get comes straight from the source. Ask and you shall receive. We Doowans consider this the truth. If we want to know why, ask! Don’t ask that man behind the curtain, he doesn’t know, it’s all smoke, fire, loud noises and mirrors.

Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth

Who dare ask me a question?

Ask the source.

We Doowans have asked the source and have received some answers. True they aren’t always the answers we wanted to hear. But that’s life.  We can share these answers, but you would do better asking for yourself. It just so happens that we are here during one of her changes, so change we must. When we choose not to change then we are left with that choice. When we choose to change with her then we are growing and living and life goes on. In this time and space that the earth is traveling through, has an affect on the earth. The effects are being felt by all of us. They are very frightening if we do not change our perspective to see the bigger picture.

Messages from the Mother Earth the Source:

I love all my Children!

I love all my Children!

The messages from Mother Earth has stated that she wishes us all well. She has cared for us and nurtured us as best she can. However, we have not done the same. She forgives us because we know not what we do. She wishes that during her time of change that we support her and keep her safe as best we can. This time of change is as painful to her as is child-birth to the women of the human race. She hopes the results will be as joyful as is child-birth to the human race, but what’s happening is out of her control. She also wants us to know she has help. And that we should keep her in our prayers. You see there is another living being close by that is applying pressure during this time. It’s nothing new this happens to all of us, and has happened to her before. She has the will to survive, but is concerned about humanity. She has taught us well, and now it’s time for humanity to put into practice the lessons we have learned from her. This is the best way humanity can help her now and the only way humanity will survive. It up to humanity to make the difference, for this creation of life. She loves us all.

Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth

Just like a man, to come and go as they please.

Doowans Message of LOVE to Mother Earth:

WE Will do the best We can.

WE Will do the best We can. Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth

We love you too, Mother Earth and we are sorry that we hurt you so badly. You’re right, it is time we do are part in saving this creation and start giving back to you. We will assume responsibility for being here and support you as we should have all along. We will stop depending on others to do for us what we can do ourselves. We will stop fighting among ourselves and LOVE the way you taught us to LOVE. Selflessly! We are all in this together and together we will survive. We no longer wish to see ourselves as separate from one another because we all are as one. Full of life and full of LOVE. We will treat you with respect from now on and nurture you as you have nurtured us. We will respect all life on you and do the best we can in caring for it. We realize now that all life is part of you as well as ourselves. We will respect all life through out this creation of life called the universe. You have taught us well Mother Earth and we thank you. We will be what we were met to be, Totality Human. We will do our best, or die trying. No more excuses, No more fear, No more lies, No more deceit, No more slavery, No more senseless killing, No more hatred, No more greed, No more theft, No more starvation, No more sickness, No more self-centeredness, No more destruction, No more Evil.

We only ask one thing of you in your hour of need. That you keep us in your prayers and name the child after us.

God is with you now and forever Mother Earth.

We have a New Baby.A Child of he Universe

We have a New Baby. Earth Changes Messages from Mother Earth
A Child of the Universe

Doowans Message To Humanity:


What do you Say?

What do you Say?

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Hang on it’s going to be a rough ride, we can make it, with Earth Changes from a Doowans Point of View and Messages from Mother Earth.