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The Language of the Source of Creation

The Language of the Source of Creation Creation using the Language of the Source of Creation to Create. What to learn a new language? Yes/No/Maybe The language of the source of creation can be taught to anyone that's willing to learn. If the reader wishes to create and manifest anything in their life, they must learn the language of the source [...]

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The Great I AM Voice of Creation

Creating reality with the spoken word. The Great I AM Voice of Creation can be used to Manifest anything one wishes to experience. Words have energy when spoken. They vibrate with an energy frequency and this energy Manifest in Reality. Words like LOVE, Hate, No, Yes, Stop, Become, all have their frequency in energy. When using spoken words one must take into consideration their vibrational effect. Using certain words create certain vibrations that in turn create certain effects. Example: the word "VIBRATE" Can't you just feel it. It Vibrates. Sound has power. Sound has energy. Sounds can create or destroy. Since spoken words are sound they have the sames effect. How does one wish to use the Great I AM Voice of Creation?

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13 CHAKRAS, THE AWAKENED ONES, EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS 13 Chakras in Consciousness Consciousness MATTERS, 13 Chakras to TOTALITY, where it MATTERS There are 13 Chakras in our Human Consciousness, I have Explored thus far. This is an opportunity to expand ONES Consciousness. BE-Cause YOU Aint seen nothing yet. We have heard about 7 Chakras and it's almost true... If one Speaks only part truth are they telling lies? Whatever..., are you expecting Lucifer to tell you THE Truth? Who is asking THE Question?

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A Viscous Circle

A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it's not a Circle. A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee. It's A Viscous Circle We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That's when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it's NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

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Lizard Medicine

Lizard Medicine, represents the Dream World and the Art of Dreaming. Lizard Medicine the Art of Dreaming The other parts of reality we humans experience while our physical body rests. We spend one-third of our life asleep in dreams. Using this time to our benefit is what Lizard Medicine is implying. Using our energy body to travel beyond the stars into other [...]

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What the Heck is This?

What the Heck is this? Does anybody know what kind of tree or plant this is? We would really like to know. What the heck, is this ? Is it's a GMOZ ? Those scientist have too much time on their hands and their minds in the gutter. Wow, that DNA and RNA is some pretty amazing stuff. Is it's an Heirloom? Which of [...]

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The Second Ring of Power

The Second Ring of Power in Consciousness Is your Fear Programming? How does Spirit feel fear? The Second Ring of Power We Dream our reality She said..... the first thing she felt was fear. She froze! Paralyzed by Fear. Blinded by Fear! Whom did she hurt? ME? The state or officer? In The Second Ring of Power, She met her first Enemy. NOW she SEES. With Crystal Clarity! "Those that have eyes, Let them See!!!!!!!!!!!!". Those that have ears let them hear Her words.

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Hungry 4 Alphabet Soup? The Human Race is swimming in a bowl of Alphabet Soup, surrounded by tomato juice. InTEResTing the tomato juice looks like blood. Alphabet Soup a metaphor for an abundance of abbreviations or acronyms, named from a common dish made of Alphabet Pasta. Alphabet Soup incomprehensible confusing language, typically containing many abbreviations & symbols. Pick A language, any language, one finds an Alphabet Soup of signs and symbols to represent sound. Since everything we say, think, and express is done through Language. It becomes necessary to comprehend its origin.

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Dreaming of Self Beyond Self Not much has been written about Self. Funny, I just had this Dream. Sow I'll share this Self Beyond Self Experience. Self Beyond Self A Personal Experience: Finishing up the reread and rewrite of the Three Attentions of Human Kind when I felt this uncontrollable urge to close my eyes. That's when the Self Beyond Self revealed itself.

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Cat Medicine

Cat Medicine (Meoooow) Do you see what I see? Seeing the Unseen, Communicating, Secrets, Independence Cat Medicine has crossed your path A? Perhaps one visited you during the Dreamtime. Which/when cat visited is not so important, its what they have to tell you that is. Looking into the eyes of Cat Medicine may reveal a much more subtle message that lies in [...]

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