In The Enemy Within post, written 02/24/2013 which one can find at the link. I shared about the Fliers. I would suggest you take a moment and review the post. At the time it sounded much like a fairy tale. However, it wasn’t a fairy tale at all. It’s the Topic of Topics.

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.


In Truth, have you ever wondered what the hell is going on here on Earth? Well, are you ready to hear and see a Truth,,, NOW,,, Ten years later? The amount of craziness in the news and on the streets has reached a level far beyond the norm. Sow, I will share The Topic of Topics in an attempt to connect the dots with current events. To Spill the Beans so to speak.

Some of you may want to know this, “Human beings are on a journey of awareness, which has momentarily been interrupted by extraneous forces.” We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… Does this sound like the Description of the World today? Hummm

Mother Earth In GOD We Trust

Sorry Earth, The Catholic Church owns You. Have a rebuttal? I bet you do.

The predator, is called the flyer, because It is a big impenetrably black, shadow that jumps through the air. This description matches thousands of accounts of the bizarre jumping movements executed by alien Greys who accost people at random. Fleeting black shadows are less often reported, however they play a major role in the long and detailed report of alien activity by John Keel, in The Mothman Prophecies.

All Life is Sacred

Reptilian or Moon Man?

This Doowan knows the Predators, Archons, Fliers, Greys, whatever one wants to call them, have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinely and egomaniacal.

The predators gave us their mind, which becomes our mind. A cheap model reflecting economic strength, a one size fits all mentality. In fact, it’s mind may be telling you right NOW to stop reading another word of this post.

Alien Hybrid

We need your DNA our we are doomed. We have no soul. Maybe we are doomed anyway!


The Foreign Installation, which exists in you, and in every other human being. The foreign installation pulls us out of our syntax. It deranges our indigenous abilities to organize the world according to the language proper to our species.

The role of correct syntax in the post QUANTUM LANGUAGE is one of the central factors in the later post ALPHABET SOUP. Concern for deviation of syntax, and consequent of rerouting unbending intent, parallels the importance of language and correct definition emphasized in Gnostic teaching.

Therefore, the realization that another mind can operate in our mind only becomes fully clear and certain when the foreign mind has been exposed and expelled. Only then do we understand how “the real mind that belongs to us, the sum total of our experience, after a lifetime of domination has been rendered shy, insecure and shifty.” The Real Mind can be equated to the nous authenticos of the Gnostics. The main effect of the flyers upon our mind is seen in mental conditioning, brainwashing, and foreshadowing.

Popes Crown

Cool hat Pope. Don’t you call that a crown? Three layers  money, power, and faith

However, the time is right for those brave souls who want freedom from this tyranny that has possessed our Mother Earth, and have used Humanity as a food source. To stand up and just yell out loud, ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH,,,,,,, NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!


There has been a group of individuals that have been in a covert war with these entities for a number of years. These individuals have found out that if we could taxed the flyers mind with Inner Silence, the foreign installation would flee, giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the minds foreign origin.

In other words,,, the predator’s have been discovered… This is great news!!! Now, they are afraid. WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR.

However, this war is about to spill out on to the streets as one can SEE in the news. This is the Topic of Topics. Don’t worry, we Warriors have this… Saving our Children from these predator’s is the most important maneuver. Which I must say… We have been doing quiet well. No more Adrenochrome (c9h9no3cu7t19cn5) for them. Which was their food source.

No more Human Trafficking.

Product Baby Legal Fiction

They presume they own us. Set them Straight

I must also spill the beans about our outside help in this war. Prime Creator has had enough of the abuse of Humanity. Creation is sending help to Humanity, however they will not do it for us. Humanity must never again let this happen again!!!!! What they will do is stop them from escaping. Our Military, as you read this, is positioning it self for the final battle. Pray for them!

There is more to this story, and you will be hearing about it soon, very soon. Just quiet your mind and listen.

The Recapitulation and you

Mirror, Mirror on the wall what’s the reason for this all?

Spilling the Beans, the Good News

When this war is won, and we will win it. A New World awaits Humanity. Humanity will move into The Fifth Dimension. The Topic of Topics will no longer be a secret. Humanity will begin to remember who and what they are. They will be what they were always meant to be, because they will have their mind back.

What that is is up to you. As Creation has given you free will, with a heart to live by. Sow make the best choice for yourself and live free. Like it was always meant to be. Humanity is destine for Great things,,, you will SEE.

Job well done. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

The power in Spirit.

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness with Creation under my Wings







Winky, My alter Ego

I’m a Bubble of Perception.


For a number of years I have shared my innerstanding of Human Totality. What I assumed was that EVERYONE knew what that was.. Sow that we all could share…….. My bad… Forgive me! We are all on a Journey. Not everyone is in the same place at the same time. Little did I know….. that i didn’t come here to be little. I came here to expand Consciousness. To be more….. Can you forgive me?