The Great I AM Voice of Creation

Creation using the Great I AM Voice of Creation to Create Life.

Creation using the Great I AM Voice of Creation to Create Life.

Creating reality with the spoken word. The Great I AM Voice of Creation can be used to Manifest anything one wishes to experience. Words have energy when spoken. They vibrate with an energy frequency and this energy Manifest in Reality. Words like LOVE, Hate, No, Yes, Stop, Become, all have their frequency in energy. When using spoken words one must take into consideration their vibrational effect.

Using certain words create certain vibrations that in turn create certain effects. Example: the word “VIBRATE” Can’t you just feel it.  It Vibrates. Sound has power. Sound has energy. Sounds can create or destroy. Since spoken words are sound they have the sames effect. How does one wish to use the Great I AM Voice of Creation?

The Great I AM Voice of Creation can either create or destroy.

In researching into things unexplained, the writer has come across numerous ancient (and one modern) accounts of large stones moved with sound. the walls of Jericho come a’tumbling down to the sound of trumpets. There is a papyrus from ancient Egypt describing the pyramids being built by ” priests who struck the stone with their staff and played a trumpet moving the stones into place as if by magic”, various retellings of Merlin erecting Stonehenge center around this theme as well. And there is a modern account by the British Royal scientific society, observing priests in Tibet around the 1940’s standing in a semi circle around a 5 ton stone with an array of musical instruments and chanting causing the stone to lift off the ground and place it’s self into a retaining wall being built.

“The tenth century historian Al Masudi preserved from ancient Egyptian sources the legend that tells how, after immediately being quarried, the stones for the Great Pyramid were laid on sheets of some unknown metal inscribed with symbols and were “floated” along “roads” also inscribed with symbols. The high priestesses and priests, who alone possessed the secret knowledge, struck each sheet with a special metal rod, causing the sheets to “vibrate with song.”

The Great I AM Voice of Creation with sound

Acoustic research is not only coming up with some answers to problems caused by transport but has discovered that sound can do a little transportation of its own – using the magic of levitation.
Acoustic levitation was first experimented with successfully in the 1940s. Now, the use of high-powered sounds is sophisticated enough to suspend objects in the air and move them along as though on an invisible conveyor belt. Yoshiki Hashimoto, of Tokyo’s Kaijo corporation, has developed a machine that lifts objects and moves them by acoustic levitation using supersonic waves.
Firing off sound waves which vibrate 20,000 times per second, the Kaijo acoustic levitator can keep a small silicon wafer hovering one millimeter above the surface. The direction and speed of the supersonic waves can also be controlled.

Further experiments with acoustic levitation methods are being conducted in space. Because of the absence of terrestrial gravity, many experiments involving acoustic levitation are better observed in zero gravity. The weightless conditions in space labs orbiting the Earth also gave rise to the discovery of another sound-related phenomenon which has excited a lot of American scientists.
What caught their interest was the presence of so-called acoustic luminescence; that is, light being emitted from liquid under high-intensity sound. The phenomenon, known as sonoluminescence, had been observed on Earth as far back as the 1930s, but in space a very different type of luminescence was produced.
“Experiments using a single bubble, such as can be conducted in space, reveal that the pulses of luminescence are very short,” says Tim Leighton, professor of ultrasonics and underwater acoustics at the University of Southampton. “This is something which is very difficult to explain with standard physics.”

New DNA strand found in Human beings.How do you like our new look? The Great I AM Voice of Creation

New DNA strand found in Human beings.
How do you like our new look? The Great I AM Voice of Creation

The Great I AM Voice of Creation Adventure

One Day, the Great I Am was traveling along a newly discovered path. I AM LOVES to explore. As the Great I AM rounded a corner in the path. I Am noticed  a stranger, who was busy making a structure. As I Am watch, the stranger was moving big heavy rocks without touching them. I AM has never seen something like this before. I AM was curious. How is this done? As I Am approached the stranger, I Am could feel a vibration and was becoming lighter.  I Am stopped in his tracks and listened. I Am could here sounds that the stranger was making, sounds that sounded like music. I Am LOVED the feeling and wanted to feel more. I Am shouted, HELLO! to the stranger. Just then the big rock that the stranger was working on came crashing down to the ground.  The stranger jumped and turned around to look at where the new sound came from. Seeing I AM, the stranger waved and spoke HELLO! back to I AM. Who are you? I Am asked. The strange replied, I AM Voice of Creation and I AM creating. I Am replied, I AM the Great I AM that I AM.

The Great I AM Voice of Creation that I AM

The Great I AM Voice of Creation that I AM

As the stranger approached I Am could feel a vibration that the Great I Am Voice of Heart was familiar with. The Vibration of LOVE. As the strange and I AM shook hands. I Am vibrated with Great LOVE for the stranger. Never has I Am met such a person filled with so much LOVE.

How do you do?, I Am asked. The stranger replied, How do I do what?

How do you do that rock lifting thing without touching them? I Am asked.

Oh, that, the strange replied. That’s easy, I Sing! When I sing it creates a sound and the sound vibrates. Really, everything is energy and energy vibrates. When I sing a particular word that word vibrates with the energy of the rock changing it to energy. Then the Great I Am Voice of creation moves that energy with sound to wherever I Please. See I Am Voice of Creation is making a new structure. Do you like it?

Oh, Yes said the Great I am. Can you teach me to do this? I AM wishes to create also.

The Language of the Source of Creation pouring out of the Great I AM Voice of Creation Vessel to Create

The Language of the Source of Creation pouring out of the Great I AM Voice of Creation Vessel to Create

The Great I AM Voice of Creation Words of Creation

Well, YES the stranger replied. All you have to do is learn a few new words that allow creation to create. Sing those words and Presto. You are creating. But be careful some words can have a devastating effect on Creation it’s self. Some words should never be spoken! I like to start with these words of creation.

Ask and ye shall Receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Then by adding new words to this truthful vibration Creation creates your desires. Here are some new words to speak, that vibrate with creation. Allowing energy to manifest. The words energy into Reality, Thus Creating with creation. Here’s a list of some new words that Create.

Words to create with

Allow, Balance, Expand, Center, Unite, Relate, Prepare, Express, Extend, Act, Realize, Examine, Flow, Unlock, Receive, Connect, Manifest, Transform, Include, Create, Abundance.

These words will start the Great I Am singing his own song of creation. Here give one a sing. And see what happens! Let’s move that big rock that almost dropped on my head, together and allow it to balance on center thus expand the structure. As the Great I Am and the Great I AM Voice of Creation sang in harmony the rock began to lift and move into position flowing to express their united LOVE of creation. The structure received the new rock as it connected with the structure. The New rock was now included in the structures manifestation and the structure was transformed. The two sang together all day long creating abundance and finishing the structure without lifting a hand.

The Great I Am felt wonderful. I Am realized he had unlocked his Great I AM Voice of Creation. And learned some new words with which to create with. Now the Great I AM LOVES to explore and create.

How about the reader give creating a go with these new words. Use them in your song of life and see what happens. Sing and the song is sung! Ask and ye shall receive manifestation. Seek and ye shall find abundance. Knock, and the door shall be unlocked and opened unto you. All that’s required is one believe they can sing. Transform and realize you are the Great I AM Voice of Creation. Enjoy!

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


The Great I AM Voice of Creation Coming to a Heart near you. Create!

The Great I AM Voice of Creation Coming to a Heart near you. Create!

The Great I AM Voice of Creation in the Garden