A Big Presumption, May the Best Presumption Win

The signs of Life

Aren’t They both A Big Presumption?

A Big Presumption. Isn’t this a funny Title post? May the Best Presumption Win. In truth, it’s not funny at all, because that’s how our life is being played out. A Big Presumption. And Then it Hit Me. Everything we do here on earth is A Big Presumption. We presume we have Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. A Big Presumption.

Wiki defines A Big Presumption as: In the law of evidence, a presumption of a particular fact can be made without the aid of proof in some situations. The types of presumption includes a rebuttable discretionary presumption, a rebuttable mandatory presumption, and an irrebuttable or conclusive presumption.


Yep, that’s my feeling too.


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