And Then it Hit Me

Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away

Let it Go and find your Freedom

And Then it Hit Me. Just Let it Go, Walk Away.

I thought I found the strength I had been seeking all my life. And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go.

The more I had to defend. The tighter I cling, ever so tightly, to the thing, I was fearing to lose. The more strength it took from me,  the weaker I became.

And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away in strength.

That thing I was clinging to, was never really mine.

Letting Go

Just Let it Go. Cling to nothing and you will have nothing to defend.

So why was I holding on so tightly? Was it pride, a principle, was it fear, was it ego, was it belief? The one thing I do know, it’s not Love. Love is open arms and the tighter I cling and close my arms around this thing, I was trying to hold on to. I found, I was always left holding only myself. Every time.

And then it Hit Me. I am tired of playing the game of life that is fixed. So why try? Why do your best trying and trying and expending all that energy playing a game that is already lost.


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  1. icare2day October 10, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    It hit me many months ago. Yes, I let it go and walked away. Truth triumps.

    • October 11, 2013 at 5:48 am

      Hi icare2day, Thank You for responding with you comment and your like to my post “And Then it Hit Me” The self+empowerment that one gets when one finally realizes the truth is truly beyond words. It feels wonderful to know that I am not alone. Armed with the truth and being able to let go was tough for me at first. And Then it Hit Me, just walk away from the lie. It really made sense once I got. I understand your comment Truth triumps. Most people would believe you left the h out of the spelling by accident. However once one understands this post and realizes the h stands for hell. They will stand in truth as well. Truth does triumph. But truth is going to have to build it’s own world. The world in which we lived. Was built on lies. And don’t see away at this point, how truth and lies can come together. It appeared to me that they are separated by a door. One has to step through that door to move into truth. The name on the door is Freedom. I am glad to see there are more people in the room with us. Anybody know where the Bar is, I need a drink? Thanks Again, Cheers, Bottoms up!

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