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The Game of Life

The Game of Life is exciting, the Game of Life is fun. The Game of Life The Game of Life rules I can't believe I still remember that commercial with the family all setting around playing The Game of Life and everybody is smiling and having fun. Well, are we all smiling, are we having fun yet?

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A Viscous Circle

A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it's not a Circle. A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee. It's A Viscous Circle We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That's when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it's NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

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Life is Choices. Tree of Knowledge, Choices Oh Adam eat this, It's good to eat. It's this or me. In my Spirit travels, I found this wonderful Spiritual being that says exacting what my Spirit feels. In The Spirit of Reflection, Choices is her writing, I wish to share. There are other Essays that I will be sharing as well. As in Spirit I Am speechless. I found this essay to be a good starting point for those wishing to live in Spirit.

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The Spirit of Reflection

In The Spirit of Reflection, one feels the Vastness of Spirit. The Spritt of Reflections The Spirit of Reflection. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. I Am finding it more and more difficult to express The Spirit of Reflection, as I Reflect more and more of my sovereign Spirit in the Mirror of self. I find the literal becomes distasteful and pathetic. The only view The Spirit of Reflection then chooses to experience becomes the Anagogic.

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Opossum Medicine

Opossum Medicine brings Diversion When all else fails. Play Dead Opossum Medicine is the supreme actor, and those in the acting field can't do any better than to work with the Opossum Medicine. Sometimes it is necessary to behave/act in a strategic manner. We need to appear fearful or fearless in spite of how we truly feel. We need Diversion to affect [...]

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A Big Presumption

A Big Presumption, May the Best Presumption Win The signs of Life Aren't They both A Big Presumption? A Big Presumption. Isn't this a funny Title post? May the Best Presumption Win. In truth, it's not funny at all, because that's how our life is being played out. A Big Presumption.

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And Then it Hit Me

Just Let it Go, Just Walk Away Let it Go and find your Freedom And Then it Hit Me. Just Let it Go, Walk Away. I thought I found the strength I had been seeking all my life. And Then it Hit Me, Just Let it Go. The more I had to defend. The tighter I cling, ever so tightly, to the thing, I was fearing to lose. The more strength it took from me, the weaker I became.

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CoronaV ~ Biological & Spiritual Warfare ~ This Bugs For YOU!

In place of using some buzz/clickbaity/possibly censored words, we will simply refer to the above "virus" (you all know which one we are referring to) with the simple acronym: "C19". Additionally, references to the new cellular technology '5_G' are referred to as "5giggity". Also note, sources are referenced at the bottom of this article.

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Emotions usually govern our first reactions to our experiences in life. Although instinctive emotions generate the strongest motivations for our behavior. Scorpion people are not prone to wearing their heart on their sleeve,(unlike those Cancerians and Pisceans). They need to dominate their relationships and rarely display their true feelings, holding back something of self, even during the most open and communicative moments. Although not intentionally wanting to be mysterious, they manage to appear enigmatic anyway. They hate being crossed or manipulated, and may react to such treatment with sarcasm, spitefulness, and vengeance .

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Vulture Medicine

Vulture Medicine Vulture eats death but does not bring it. Vulture Medicine has been on my Heartmind for some time. With the changing of the winds of life, I feel it's time to bring forth Vulture Medicine. I'm sure you have seen our dark, sometimes ominous friends while going about your business in life. Death = Rebirth A vulture on board; bald, red, queer-shaped [...]

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