Life is Choices.

Tree of Knowledge, Choices

Oh Adam eat this, It’s good to eat. It’s this or me.

In my Spirit travels, I found this wonderful Spiritual being that says exacting what my Spirit feels. In The Spirit of Reflection, Choices is her writing, I wish to share. There are other Essays that I will be sharing as well. As in Spirit I Am speechless. I found this essay to be a good starting point for those wishing to live in Spirit. Life is Choices, making the right one will make the difference in your life.

I know, it has in mine. Yes, I still find myself mourning the old paradigm. However, it has become very distasteful when I look back on the old reflection of me. Simply because the old me is Who I Am Not. In Spirit one finds their true self. Something we are not accustom to being. As we have been taught to be something we are not. When one discovers Spirit the system fights tooth and nail to keep one stuck in the old paradigm of slavery to the all capital legal name. Zombies in the Real World best describes this allegory. Where we are the walking dead, as anything legal is dead. In Spirit one is alive. Where one is in the world but not of it.


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