Who I Am Not

Who I Am Not, the Shadow of you.

The Shadow of Who I Am Not

Who I Am Not. The Shadow knows

Who I Am Not. Are you Crazy? We have all been hearing lately, Know Who You are. When you know who you are, you will discover the truth and The Truth will set you Free. However we are never told. How we are to accomplish this. To discover Who I Am? We need to discover first. Who I Am Not. I know this sounds strange and it took me sometime to wrap my Heartmind around this. When I did,  the answer was loud and clear. I now know Who I Am Not. Keep reading you may just discover Who I Am Not for yourself.

I call this not doing. It’s a form of Dreaming. Where we SEE the source of the shadow as we become the light. The Source Field will help with this understanding. Our shadow is Who I Am Not. What cast the shadow is Who I Am. We have been taught all our life who we are to be. Without ever knowing Who I Am.

So we live in the shadow cast by the beliefs and presumptions of others. Either by trying to live up to their beliefs, or attempting to prove them wrong. Thus, our life becomes a burden of proof. Which I must admit for a long time I tried to prove them wrong but they would never listen. Until one day in my not doing. I realized, I was going about this all wrong.

Shadow People

One must see them with their own eyes.


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  1. Warrior December 2, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Really good stuff here CJC. I’m glad you were able to post it! I’ll definitely be looking more into this. I was checking out the youtube video you provided at the end. The gentleman in the video is speaking about Canadian law. Sounds to me though it is very similar in the US? Either way very interesting stuff buddy. Thanks again!

    • DoowansGardenSupply.com December 2, 2013 at 1:23 pm

      Thanks Warrior
      When one realizes that trust and contract law is pretty much the same in both counties. Idea is valid in both. But I feel you might be missing the point here. This isn’t about the laws(Codes and Statues) are designed for the employees of the corporations. All governments are corporations. It would be like you having to obey Mc Donalds corporate policy. How are you bound to corporate Mc Donalds that you should have to obey their policies? That’s for their employees. If your not an employee your not bound. Understanding our title and excepting our position is the Idea here. Once we know who we are not. We have won 3/4 of the battles already. Because if I am not what they presume me to be. Than all I have to do is tell them. Who I Am. We can start with, Who I Am Not.

      This is where being the CEO of your own Corporation comes in handy. As no one can talk for you or make changes to your corporation but you. So they can’t force you to do anything with your corporate person without a binding contract. Then it becomes a contract dispute and if you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s all they have to do is show you the contract that compels you to perform. No contract, No performance. It really very simply to understand. That’s why I like this stuff. Anybody can understand this and this is what the law is, Simple. I Am a corporation. Mind your own business!

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