Consciousness between the moments of time?

Consciousness in time

Where Moments matter

This is not an attempt to define Consciousness, as why would one do that? What we can do is experience Consciousness. By defining it, one places their Consciousness into a little bubble of perception. In so doing, we give it a description. That description is all of what one may know with their reason. However consciousness as we’ll discover, is so much more. To do this we must become aware of awareness.

One may assume that Consciousness and Awareness are the same thing. And in fact are used interchangeably. From this Doowans experience. This just isn’t so. As one can be conscious and yet unaware. To make my point, I’ll suggest sleep which is something we are all familiar with. During sleep we still have Consciousness. From my experience in some stages of sleep, we become unaware. One may ask. What about dreams? Well that’s an excellent point, what about dreams? Does one really have awareness in their dreams. I believe that depends on the individual. Some individuals are totally aware in their dreams and can do things and go places at will. For this Doowan that’s true Dreaming. The others are just watching a movie with no plot. But that’s just semantics, even though will and intent are different, let’s stay on topic.

During sleep we go through different stages and in some of those stages brain waves take on a different frequency and amplitude. The stage I AM referring is called Delta sleep. When subjects were awakened during this stage of sleep and asked if they were dreaming. They all said no. They said there was blackness. This comes from first hand experience as I was the one waking them up during the course of my 8 year sleep study practice. This is when I became aware that Consciousness and Awareness are different. The subjects were still alive or living which I consider to be consciousness to a degree, but were unaware of themselves as individuals until woken up.  One might say they were unconscious again this is just semantics and a definition.

Awareness is being aware of the body your in

Awareness is being aware of the body senses

 A Closer look at Awareness

Again defining Awareness gives it a description. That’s fine if one realizes that it’s just a description. So with that in mind. Let’s take a closer look at awareness. So what is Awareness? For myself, I define awareness as my consciousness experiencing awareness. That is to say our Consciousness experiences life with Awareness. I know this sounds as if I Am running in circles, bear with me for just a moment. Or read Computer Human.

Our Consciousness is experienced human awareness through our 5 senses. Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, Smell. But wait there’s more. Although they aren’t consider senses there’s Reason, Feelings, (Emotions), Will, Intent, Intuition, Knowing and Dreaming. Do we not experience life from these as well? You bet we do! Yet they aren’t considered Senses. That’s not what’s important here. But it does make one aware that Awareness has a lot more to it, then what we are aware of. LOL To be fully aware we must be able to tap all of these elements of awareness. Using only 5 or even 7 of these elements, all though we are aware, one is not fully aware of any given moment unless all these elements are in use.

Consciousness from my eyes

Look into my eyes and from my eyes

Let’s say just for example, that one can take their consciousness out of their human body and place it in into another living being. Let’s say a lizard. One can see than that their experience of life would be totally different. Their Awareness of life would be that of a lizard. What your consciousness experiences is the Awareness of the lizard. All the sense of a lizard would be at one’s disposal. In essence one would be a lizard. Now let’s say that the consciousness we just transferred to the lizard, is able to be conscious of having come from a human. Could this Consciousness experience human life with a lizard body? Not likely, However it could experience a lizards life and have lizard experiences. Which in turn could be stored in one’s consciousness however the Awareness would be that of a lizard. Don’t ask me how I know this. Let’s just say a lizard showed me.

My point is here is that Consciousness is what’s having the experience of Awareness. Be it lizard or human. Time to go back to the human body awareness with our consciousness before we forget. And remain a lizard. Presto! We’re back. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Yep, that’s a matter of awareness. See what I mean?

Consciousness energy body

Consciousness in our Energy Body

A closer look at Consciousness

So as we see from Awareness. Consciousness is what’s having the experience. Awareness is how we interpret the experience. So what is Consciousness? For lack of a better description. I would have to say it’s the life force. Energy, the energy that gives life. Call it spirit, soul, GOD what ever description works for you. Man, you readers ask some hard questions. Let me see if I can answer it this way.

When a man and a woman conceive a child. They each give a part of them self to this child. We all know what it takes for this to happen. The question is, what is Consciousness? I Am suggesting that the part we give in this act is a part of our consciousness. Each of us gives a little part of this energy that gives life to this child that has just been conceived. Conceive means to cause to begin. What a great description. To cause to begin.

This energy is what I would consider to be Consciousness. What interesting to note is that it takes the mixing of two forms of the same energy to create life as we know it. Could this mixing create a vibration? After all life is a vibration. Anyway, whether this energy force is contained in the sperm and egg only. Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that human life with consciousness as far as we know, can not be created any other way.

My understanding is that this life force enters the conceive being at some point which I will not debate. Whether this life force comes from the parents, or comes from some other force. That’s Consciousness. Without consciousness there is no awareness. Yet as describe above the opposite is possible. So consciousness must be the driving force. But alas, again that depends on ones awareness. Consciousness has the awareness. Mans awareness is but one focal point of perception within all consciousness. Since I believe we have an energy body. That energy body can take our awareness and sail the seas of consciousness.

Sea of Consciousness

On the Sea of Knowing

I know that there is life in this universe that has Consciousness without an organic physical body. And yes they are aware. What this means to me is, Consciousness doesn’t need a physical body to be aware. Consciousness has awareness. Maybe being human with its awareness is an essential ingredient to enact our evolution of our Consciousness.

All in the universe is a state of energy. Thus, our Consciousness is the force of energy which all realizations arise, be they intellectual, emotional, or physical.  The core of our energy body is part and parcel of this magical, mysterious force of consciousness. Therefore, our core connects directly, and intimately with this force and it’s potential.  All our descriptions create cohesions to this force through our realizations generated by our descriptions. The trick is to burn off or stop these descriptions or cohesions that are encumbering our awareness of our energy body. This fully brings our core, our Consciousness to the foreground of our awareness. Doing so awakens us completely.

Our Consciousness is awake

Awaking up our Awareness

We become fully conscious, fully aware. What a wonderful state to be. Can we define consciousness with our reason? That’s like asking, if GOD can create a rock that GOD can’t lift. Instead I ask, Why would he/she? Why define Consciousness, Experience it instead. Somethings are just meant to be experienced. So we can stand in awe.

Another blog I follow brought up the question of Consciousness and Time. As I was chopping a cord of wood. I was in meditation about this whole concept. I wish I had another cord to chop as that one flew by without me being aware of time.  He asked: Is time divided in “instants?” That is, is time continuous or discrete? This person is really smart when it comes to physics. I was going to reply on their blog, but they also dislike advice. So I felt, that by writing this post, I could write a blog, and not give them advice. Anyway, During my meditation I was unaware of time. This was my experience, so I’ll share what I discovered.

Consciousness in space-time

Consciousness in space-time

I found that we as Consciousness create our reality. Our reality is created from moment to moment. I also discovered that we recreate ourselves in each moment. This moment to moment creation looks like the passing of time. But we only have the moment in which to experience. I have written about parallel realities and dimensional shifts so let’s use that example.

We exist in this parallel reality in this moment. In the next moment we create another parallel reality and walk into the moment. Walking is just a figure of speech. Does that other parallel reality still exist?  One could say it still exists in the past.  But our consciousness is in the present moment. In the chopping of wood it appeared as if each moment enfolded into the next moment and the next. I guess one could say that time is the enfolding of the moment into the moment. What I discovered is that it was the same moment. The only way to tell the difference from moment to moment with Consciousness was the amount of wood that was chopped. So one could just as easily say with Awareness, time is chopped wood.

By experiencing now, time stands still. At the very least it slows down giving us more time.  In my experience I have notice that there are moments, for lack of a better word, that are in between moments like spaces. An example it might look like 101010. Where zero is the space. I don’t know for sure but I feel the zero is where we recreate our reality. Because we recreate our new reality with the same beliefs we had the moment before the new reality looks exactly like the old reality. We don’t notice any difference. But if one is able to experience the spaces one can stop time. In the space we are able to look backwards in time and look forward in time. Maybe this is what the scientists are calling space-time.

Consciousness What's missing in this picture?

Consciousness, What’s missing in this picture?

As I was saying, zeros are the spaces between our timed reality moment. Haven’t tried this yet but since the one enfolds into the one, or moment into moment. Maybe the zero spaces do as well. To answer the question, “Is time divided in “instants?””  From my experience at the wood pile, I would have to say YES it is. To answer the next question, “That is, is time continuous or discrete?” Although redundant, I would answer have to answer NO to the first part and YES to discrete. Taking the example of 1010, time looks as if it’s continuous because we experience the ones of reality. But when one experiences the zeros of reality. Time would stand still as well. I AM getting a headache. My (Reason) still likes to put up a fight. Next time the moment presents it’s self. I think I’ll hanging out in the zeros for a time. LOL Presto, I AM gone.

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