Being Computer Human, is not just running another program

Computer Human Programming

Computer Human Programming

The Computer Human is our expression of the very same thing. Our expression of life as we know it through our Computer Human programming.

I have always been fascinated by the workings of a computer. So fascinated that I use to build my own computers. This interest allowed me to come to an understanding that we as human beings are Computer Humans. In the making of Computer Human, pieces are installed in us that allow us to function as a human computer. When we are first-born. We humans come into this world with a blank hard drive. As we grow and develop, we install programming that allows us to relate to our reality. We are created as a Computer Human inside the womb. Where all our hardware human parts are installed.

First we needed a computer case. Then a Mother Board, with sound and video either built-in or added to the Mother board in slots. Some even have WiFi built-in. Of course these are the newer models. Memory chips are then added to the Mother Board. CPU, CD and DVD drives, disk drives and ports of different configurations for connecting to the outside reality for input and expression. This in turn makes the Computer Human useful for some jobs that will be performed throughout our life time.

When we take a closer look at the functioning of each piece in the computer human we can grasp a deeper understanding of us as Computer Human.

Computer Human Parts

Computer Human Parts

Computer Human Parts that make the whole

Let’s start with the case of Computer Human. There are different types, different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. There are desk tops and lap tops although different, still contain the areas for the installation of specific parts that allow the case or body to function in this reality. What’s interesting to note is that the case actually contains the piece that allow the computer to wake up and experience life. In the sense that it gives our computer the wiring, timing, and place to mount all the devises that allow us to function properly.

Every computer has a fan. The fan or fans in the computer allow cooling, but also provide the only moving part in which time can be experienced.  In fact, the fan that gives life’s timing, to the computer is inside the power supply of the case and of course this provides the power the computer needs to power everything inside the case and then boot up. There are some secrets hidden in the power supply as well.

That’s another story, we’ll need a cannon. Those that have ears, let them hear. During the course of building computers. I found that if the fan is disconnected from the computer’s power supply. When the computer is turned on, the computer will not boot. Truth is it won’t even power up. Even though all the other pieces are still all connected. Reconnect the fans and it’s boots right up.

Weird isn’t it? There’s the old saying of, pulling the computer booting process up by the boot straps or boot strings. This is the wiring in side the case that connects all the pieces together and some small internal programs (Bios).

We humans have that wiring and small programs inside us. Called Bio-systems. How this is connected determines the use of each installed device. One can build a computer connect everything up and turn it on. It will go through the boot process and arrive at birth, with a flashing cursor. The flashing cursor is where we Computer Humans start our input.

In the old days of computers, they had no installed operating system like we do today. We can do the same thing today with our computers. They booted and there’s the flashing cursor. Meaning all the parts are operating but it will just sit there and does nothing as it has no operating system install in memory allowing it to perform the tasks that maybe expected of it. That’s where the input of the DOS operating system was initiated from the old floppy disks. I AM showing my age now!

Computer Human Cities

Computer Human Cities

Computer Human Mother Boards

The Mother Board is the main piece that gives the computer it’s functioning characteristics. It’s like being born into a specific Family. This gives the Computer Human certain characteristics as well. Each Mother Board has a lay out of circuits, transistors and electronic components. Which are all interconnected. There are different levels or layers within the Mother Boards themselves. Taking a closer look at the layout of Mother Boards, they are often designed around the cities we inhabit here on earth, the layers are the infrastructure. The Mother Board has different connections in the form of plugs and slots, that all connect the pieces to the Mother Board. The main plug is the power supply and is wired with a rainbow of different colored wires (Boot Straps) all carrying different charges and voltages.

Computer Human Is our Brain or our Heart the CPU?

Computer Human Is our Brain or our Heart the CPU?

Computer Human Brain

The (CPU) central processing unit is the main chip that performs certain functions, sometimes called the policing chip or traffic cop of the computer. Telling it what, when and how to do something. Humm, just like “real” life. Even the CPU has certain connections and circuits within it. The CPU chip also has an area that can be programmed using flip-flop circuits, so that it knows how to control the functioning of each personal computer. (Default), Could the CPU be our brain? As we function from the installed program within our CPU chip the brain. Those that have eyes, let them see.

Computer Human Memory

The Memory Chips allow the computer to hold the information that’s it needs while it’s performs a certain function or program. Just like our mind holds a specific program of skills and talents as we perform certain tasks like art, music, what even we wish to perform at the time. However, when the computer is turned off the memory circuits are reset. Problems arise as more and more programs are placed in memory and the space in memory becomes used up. Hit: A memory dump is all that’s needed, be sure to have a printer connected and lots of paper.

Computer Human I'll be back

Computer Human I’ll be back

Computer Human

This brings me to the reason for this Computer Human post. Let’s say that we are Computer Humans. Our programming is want makes us perform particular tasks. We have the information we need to perform that one program in memory and that’s all for the moment. If we need to perform another different function outside the programming of the program in memory. We have to go to our storage device and retrieve another program and put that program into memory as well. This brings up an interesting point. What if we don’t have the information stored within us to perform the function we are asked to perform?

Well that’s simple, we install a new program using another device that inputs the information needed. (CD, DVD, Disks and other devices). This very thing happens to us as computer humans as well. We all start with a basic programming that gives us life or consciousness. When I started with my computer experience. DOS was the main operating system. DOS however, was limited as to what it could do. Now we have an upgraded DOS operating systems that can do so much more. Like Windows or some other operating system. What’s interesting is that DOS is still install on our computers that run windows, Why? The answer is that we are still running DOS, it’s just a fancier version, called Windows.  We as Computer Human are still running the old version of our programming as well. It’s just a fancier version of the same old same old.

Computer Human Different Operating Systems

When we as Computer Human want to perform a different function or have different experiences, we might need an upgrade to our operating system. Our system of programming that is. As one can see if we upgrade to a newer version of Windows, it’s still DOS with more bells and whistles. It even looks different but it’s a DOS reality. When one truly wants to operate differently one needs a different operating system all together. I call this a true upgrade to our Computer Human.

As one can see the Apple Computer System is totally different from the IBM system. Both have advantages and disadvantages. True sometimes both systems can perform the same function, However, how that’s done can be as different as night and day. We can even upgrade our internal hardware like add a new drive or more memory to a point, but the fact remains we are still running the old DOS system.

Computer HumanNeighbors

Computer Human Neighbors

Computer Human Neighbors

What brought this Computer Human post to mind, was a conversation I was having with my next door neighbor. She was born and raised in a different culture. (Korean) She was telling me about her family and how they perceive their reality.

She stated that the Korean culture is always looking to the future. In so doing they are always worrying in the present about their future. At that moment, I realized that our American culture looks to the past. We live in our past, or should I say we take our programming from our past. In so doing we often times forget that we are truly living in the moment.

In this moment there are infinite opportunities that we may experience. However, we tend to interpret this moment from our past system of programming. In her case, it comes from her programming of looking to the future. I instantly became aware that her programming and mine were total different. However, we were experiencing the same moment. In essence, we were two different Computer Humans running different software systems, performing the same function of interpreting and experiencing our reality in this moment. Myself from seeing the past, and herself from seeing the future. Yet we were both experiencing this moment.

As our conversation progressed we were discussing the effects of our different systems and what affect it had on our interpretation of this reality. I realized, to see things differently, I needed an upgrade to my Computer Human system to perceive reality differently.

Her input of information, was like putting in a different disk into my Computer Human and installing a different program or different operating system all together. What happened instantly was I was able to see reality through different eyes, so to speak. I could see reality with my old information programming and at the same time with her new information programming. It was a dual view of reality in one moment. Split screen maybe. I was awe-struck. We each shared our view of reality. When the sharing talk turned to the subject of happiness in our view of reality. Although we both had different interpretations of happiness. We both knew we were talking about the same thing.

She stated she was not happy because she felt that there was a battle raging inside her, between her heart and her mind. We all have this battle at times. I saw it as conflict or a bottleneck between parts of the same input/output of the Computer Human to operate in balance.

Let’s say in a car for example, If the spark plugs don’t work properly with the right timing the car may still run to a degree, but not as efficiently as it could. Thus creating a slow down or lack of power to perform a specific task, that task at the time, was our exploring the concept, the experience of happiness. In my duality I saw that my happiness is effected from my view and expectations of the past events. Her view, I experienced was that she was not happy because she had a view or expectations of her future events. I became aware and shared a knowing that the experience, or feeling happy doesn’t reside in the past or the future. Happiness can only be experienced in the NOW.

Computer Human Input and Output

Computer Human Input and Output

Computer Human Input and Output

The conflict most of us have internally is a conflict of the I AM mind (Reason) and I AM feelings of (Heart). As we discussed happiness, our chakras became focused. We both realized without speaking that our chakras are a key. They are energy points of focus which allow one to experience different vibrations of the same universal energy in our bodies.

When one only operates from the mind. They will only receive that single vibration of the universal energy of mind. But to discover human totality, I realized, I have to be able to switch my point of reference or to different chakras at will, to discover all the vibrations that are being expressed in that single moment. For most of us it’s impossible to turn our minds off, or even down a notch to experience another part of ourselves. This can be simply done by shifting ones assemblage point. Sounds simply, but not easily accomplished without the knowing and practice.

We both shifted our assemblage points to different parts of our bodies lighting up different chakras, as we shared the moment. I must say, this happened naturally to both of us, it was the energy of the moment. It was like time stood still. We were both experiencing the moment. We both smiled at each other at the same time and we realized where happiness resides. It resides in the moment. That’s were our true feelings reside not memories of feeling. It is, a wonderful moment to experience.

In that moment we were both upgraded with a new system for experiencing reality. We are Computer Human. Sometimes all we need is some new programming or even a new operating system. To discover something new about our Computer Human reality.

Our reality is experienced and interpreted though our programming. Old programming, begets old experiences and interpretations. We see an old reality having the same old feelings and experiences performing the same routines that our old programming allows.

New Programming , begets new experiences and interpretations. Changing our operating system will bring about an entirely new reality in which everything is new within it. We experience differently using a different operating system. We may need to input new information to expand our view with this new operating system of reality. (Upgrade) I see advantages and disadvantages in both.

Computer Human Upgrades

Computer Human Upgrades

Computer Human Upgrades

When we upgrade, our Computer Human with new information or even new hardware. We see things differently, but we are still operating within the old system programming. This is great, to a point. As sometimes we can operate with different output that make our tasks even easier. However, if our system is old and breaking down. Is upgrading with new information, our best option?

It’s the same system with more bells and whistles, but we end up running the same old programs expecting different results. Isn’t that a sign of insanity?

Eventually the old Computer Human burns something out. Most of us buy another Computer Human with a newer version of the old system. It may be faster, have more memory and storage. But alas, it’s the same old reality with all its inherent flaws. We simply end up doing the same things over again, having the same limitations we had before. Sometimes the new information can even affect our Computer Human in such a way as to cause a Computer loop or crashing of the running program (Meltdown). That’s when one has to reboot their Computer Human to return to a running system. We lose all experiences stored in memory.

When we upgrade, our Computer Human with a new operating system. We will see things differently in totality. After all, it’s different, an entirely new operating system. True, we will need to input new programs to perform our desired output tasks. And these new programs may have to be written in a different programming language all together. This may however, allow our Computer Human to do our tasks more efficiently. Thus, creating an entirely new reality in which to have new experiences. The new operating system may allow us as Computer Humans to expand our awareness to include more of our new reality, and the information within us flows with a more balanced energy. It did for this Computer Human. Allowing one to become a Super Computer Human. Containing fewer errors, loops, crashes and reboots.

It may take time to become accustomed to the New operating system. We are Computer Human and as such, time is not our concern, as we are operating in the moment were past and future doesn’t exist.  Being in the moment were happiness, joy, and all true feelings resides. This is our upgrade that 2012 has brought to us Computer Humans.

A choice remains as we are getting an upgrade whether we like it or not. One simply has to choose their upgrade. New input of information and hardware that operates within the old system. Or and upgrade with a new operating system entirely different from the old one. Both offer exciting opportunities and experiences. Which ever one we choose as individuals is of personal taste. Hey, That’s the only sense missing from our personal Computers. They don’t need it anyway.

Computer HumanBefore there were Computer Humans

Computer Human Before there were Computer Humans

Computer Humans of the Past

I see my parents as old Computer Humans running their old programs in an ever-changing reality. I use to offer new programs of input to my parents. In hopes that they could upgrade and be more like me in their output.

I understand my mistake as my old programming didn’t allow for their upgrades. With out deleting some information that could make room for their new programming. There just wasn’t enough room on their hard drive. So they remained, as lets say, an old 386 Computer Human of experiences. In fact running an upgrade of let’s say Windows 7 on an old 386 computer is not impossible. However, Windows just won’t run as well. In fact some versions won’t run at all. That’s Computer Human life.

Computer HumanI'm not an Animal

Computer Human I’m not an Animal

Computer Human Programming

Being Computer Humans we run programs and subroutines that help us interpret our reality. We believe our thoughts and emotions are ours alone. When in truth there not.  In essence we all have the same emotions and thoughts. It’s been said that man has never had an original thought of their own.

In truth, this is truth. We have all been programmed with predetermined outcomes for our experiences. Everything we Computer Humans know is in the data storage on our hard drive. This data storage is the part of our known reality. It’s our programming.

When one is confronted with an experience outside of the “normal” subroutines of our Computer Human reality we are confronted with the Unknown, of “I Don’t Know.” Most of us leave it at that and our programming needs to recover. To help us recover we us logic like “That can’t happen”, “that’s impossible”,  “That can’t be”, at which point we dump the experience and react as if that experience never happened. Or we have to reboot with the same effect. Our programming is back up and running as usual. What appears to cause this loop or crash in logic programming is the pre-programmed emotion of fear.

This started as a new-born fresh out of the womb with a slap on the ass. Or first input, Pain. As we grow we input data from our reality and plug this data into our subroutines for processing. This (Input) of data comes as we are educated from established state schools. Our reactions to an experience are predetermined by the data we have stored as input from our education. We are programmed to react (Output) within a pre established set of logic rules given to us by our predecessors. This becomes are known, our reality, our truth. Some individuals have been blessed or cursed with being able to stop their subroutines from running for a given moment.

Computer HumanHere Kitty Kitty

Computer Human Here Kitty there’s a mouse

Stopping Computer Human Programming

This is called (Inner Silence). What happens is our stored subroutines stops running for a moment and we experience something called the Unknown, (Stopping the World).

When this happens we are left in a logic loop were we spin our reason in a continuous loop. Where the internal dialogue never stops. Or we have to reboot our Computer Human and pickup the subroutine from where we left off. Dumping all data from the experience we just had.

When one takes a moment and stops the subroutine of reason from running. Were left with the experience of the Unknown. Our first programmed emotion is fear. The Unknown frightens us so we turn away from the experience of the Unknown.

However if one faces the Unknown by controlling their subroutines of emotions. They experience an instantaneous upload of new information that becomes part of their input experience. Now the unknown becomes known and we store the data.

We have just been upgraded with new input. We record them as experiences. We can even take this another step further and experience the unknowable. However, this experience is a sight to behold and nothing more. It will never be interpreted by our subroutines of logic and remains the unknowable. The experience can be recorded but never understood with reason or logic. Or one can simply stay within their subroutines and the result, “That’s Impossible”, “That can’t be”, “I don’t know”. Yep, were back up and running again our old subroutines.

Being Computer Human we need programming. We need it to interpret our reality through thoughts and emotions. We can stay within our pre-programmed subroutines, or we add input to increase our programming to include more of the unknowns. Thus, making the information available in our data storage for recall at a later date.

Computer Human Main Program

Let’s talk about the main program that runs the subroutines in Computer Human. We start as a New Computer Human with pre-programming already installed (DNA). Everything we need to be a consciousness/awareness is pre-programmed inside our Computer Human body.

We become Human beings. Created in a human mold. Our chips and hardware are already pre-programmed to be human and to perform the functions of our human case or vessel. This pre-prorgramming becomes the main program that runs the Computer Human. It’s upload into the memory in our CPU Chip. Then input is added as data and our main program begins to branch into the subroutines of Computer Human experiences, thoughts and emotions. Different experiences create different subroutines.

Let’s say that our main program in the Computer Human is DOS. As stated and experienced running DOS now a day is out of the question. It’s limited as to what it can do. DOS maybe fine for running the basic functions of our Computer Human like breathing, heart beat and the senses, etc. As it does run in the background connecting all the parts of our Computer Human being. But for experiencing and interpreting our ever-changing reality we need a much bigger program.

So we upgrade to Windows, a much bigger version of DOS with more bells and whistles. However even Windows can’t perform everything we wish to do. True, it makes it easier to navigate and organize our input of data into nice little folders and menus. This in turn allows us to recall the information that we input as Computer Humans when needed later. When Windows encounters and error in its programming it freezes. We reboot but that error still remains some where in Windows programming. In reality we have to input another program to diagnosis errors that our operating system may have. See your Doctor!

All programming beyond our background DOS has to be run from Memory. Although we Computer Humans have a lot of Memory. We have to keep some areas of Memory available for the subroutines Windows may need. Those areas are of Windows domain and can not be accessed by other up loaded programs. Not even our DOS selves.

Computer Human Thought

Computer Human Thought

Original Computer Human Thought?

What if our operating was hardwired into our Computer Human from birth. That is to say, our entire operating system our reality is hardwired into us connecting everything all at once. Freeing up all that installed Memory for the input of experiences. Would that real be any different from what we experience in this reality now?

Why Yes! We wouldn’t need to continually upgrade to bigger and faster Computer Humans with more Memory. Our reality would be hardwired and wouldn’t have to be interpreted from subroutines of a program running in Memory already. In essence we would be more efficient with less.

Since our operating reality would be hardwired, new experiences could contain a lot more data that we could interpret at once, then store in our memory. We could then put the desired subroutines into memory to assimilate the data retrieved from this new experience and then store the data on our hard drive. Hey, was that an original thought? If not you got the idea I was attempting to share.

We are Computer Human and our operating system is memory hungry. Leaving less and less for us as human beings to experience life. Is it any wonder we experience life with our limited point of views. We have been programmed with the data of past experiences. Living in the past. Only when one can break free of their past programming does one experience the moment. From that moment the future has an infinite amount of possibilities.

Computer HumanInfinite Possibilities

Computer Human Infinite Possibilities

I AM looking to upgrade to a new case and power supply with a new and different Operating System. How exciting to experience a new Computer Human were all the parts are brand new and Operating in balance. Imagine what one might be able accomplish then. With a properly programmed fully running CPU, more Memory, and hard drive space, new input/output capabilities and high-speed everything beyond what this old Computer Human can do today!

Is one ready for their upgrade? Boot up!

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