Went GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil

We the People lose.

After spending millions on their attempt to defeat Prop 37 in California Monsanto needs help. Also known as Monsatan, which we feel is a more appropriate name. They need a bailout from the World Bank in Europe. Using our U.S. tax dollars for this bail out. Will We the People stand for this treasonous act or will we have the balls to do something about it? We have a plan read on. Now is the time to strike and finely put an end to this GMOZ Evil Begets GMOZ Evil. Stop buying round-up, stop buying anything Monsatan has their name on. Don’t support any of the companies that fought against Prop. 37. Start an information campaign against this bail out and tell the world what Monsatan is up to. Their strength comes from their actions being kept in the dark.  Don’t let them get another foot hold. Keep pushing them down until Monsatan is under water and we can win this fight against the poisoning of our food supply. And send a big message to our governments that We the People will not stand for this any longer.

Fight the good fight. Stop this GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil scenario!

Your next DuPont!

Here's a short list of the Evil doers.

Here’s a short list of the Evil doers on the Right. The Good guys are on the Left

Here’s an Article from (NaturalNews): We have changed the name to reflect their real Identity This GMOZ Evil has to stop and we can stop it right now!

After unloading tens of millions of dollars to defeat the historic California Proposition 37 to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs), biotechnology abomination Monsatan is now set to receive a multi-million dollar bailout from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a London-based financial group connected to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to cover a slew of financial losses incurred by the evil corporation throughout Europe.

This news comes to us via Next News Network in Boston and our own featured talk show host and health advocate Robert Scott Bell, who was recently interviewed on the network’s WHDT World News Program. Because of incredible public backlash against GMOs throughout Europe, many farmers and food conglomerates there have apparently been unable to honor their contractual agreements with Monsatan, which has prompted the central bank overlords at EBRD to step in and use U.S. taxpayer dollars to pay the corporate giant directly for these failed contracts.

The whole charade is a nauseating replay of the so-called “too big to fail” financial bailouts of 2008, which were initiated following the subprime mortgage collapse that helped trigger the largest economic fallout in the U.S. in nearly 100 years. Just like what happened with the big banks responsible for causing the housing crisis that led to the economic collapse, Monsatan, whose very existence relies on the public not knowing that its products are secretly added to food, is being bailed out by taxpayers, the vast majority of which disapprove of the unlabeled presence of GMOs in the food supply.

Monsatan clearly occupies a favored position,” explained reporter Gary Franchi from WHDT World News in Boston during a recent segment on Monsatan, GMOs, Prop. 37, and the E.U. bailout situation. “

[Monsatan] can spend roughly $40 million to defeat a GMO ban in California, then receive the same amount in U.S. taxpayer-funded European bailout money to offset the cost of GMO bans overseas.”

What if the NUMBER ONE SIDE EFFECT of your medication was CANCER, would you still take it, just to temporarily make that headache go away, or maybe to make a little muscle ache disappear for a few hours? GMO means food and medicine are genetically modified, with bacteria and sometimes with viruses, or with weed killer, worm killer, bug killer and people killer. “Pesticide food” is well planned out and has been for decades. Let’s look at history for proof.

Pesticide food timeline GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil:

1940 – Hitler uses odorless gas created by the pharmaceutical conglomerate I.G. Farben (Monsatan, Hoescht, BASF and Bayer) to gas to death millions of Jews in WWII atrocity at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

1950s – Hitler’s scientists and “deadly gas” creators are sentenced for their war crimes of enslavement and murder. The scientists somehow only get put in prison for four to seven years for mass murder, and when they get out of jail, the U.S. government and major pharmaceutical firms hire them to work on food chemicals and pesticides for American farmlands.

1960s – United States uses Agent Orange (created by Monsatan and Dow Chemical) to burn down the thick forestry of Vietnam, but millions of Vietnamese families get cancer from it, and tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers come home with cancer, most to die from it in less than a decade. (http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Monsanto)

1980 – Aspartame, a genetically modified sugar substitute, banned for decades, was pushed through the system/legislation by Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan, who fired the head of the FDA and put in place their own partner in crime, right from the first day Reagan took office (http://rense.com/general33/legal.htm). This toxification of millions of innocent Americans auspiciously timed for the “weight loss” craze phase of the 1980s. Rumsfeld just happened to be the CEO of Searle Pharmaceutical, and Searle profited in the billions. So much for “insider trading” laws and “conflicts of interest.” The U.S. government was blatantly breeding cancer and selling it as food.

1990s – Reign of the biotech “Big Agriculture” and pharmaceutical giants: Monsatan, Dow, Dupont, Hoescht, BASF, and Bayer (German mass murdering scientists and their disciples) continue intense work on the real GMO “frankenfoods” that are most popular in the United States: cancer-causing corn and cancer-causing soy, both resistant to the pesticide ingredients used in Vietnam. (http://www.naturalnews.com/036484_Bayer_Nazi_war_crimes.html)

I finely get to use this picture in the right place.

I finely get to use this picture in the right place.

2001 – George W. Bush and his conspiring vice president, Dick Cheney, under advisement from Donald Rumsfeld, subsidize CORN AND SOY in the U.S., helping Monsatan Corporation basically enslave U.S. farmers with seed, equipment, and pesticide “deals” where they are legally bound to use toxic RoundUp pesticide on RoundUp Ready crops, the ones that contain pesticide in the seeds.

1940-2012 – No U.S. legislation restricting pesticides in food. The most evil biotech companies are allowed to “police themselves.” The government sets no limits on the amount of RoundUp contained in corn and soy, nor how much can be sprayed on them as well. No FDA regulations for GMO infant food, including GM pesticide in infant formulas. “Biotech” becomes the fancy umbrella name for PESTICIDE FOOD MANUFACTURERS.

Cancer in Rats After being feed GMOZ. (French Study)

Cancer in Rats After being feed GMOZ. (French Study)

September, 2012 – French scientists conclude FIRST EVER long-term study of GMO on rats; extensive research PROVING GMO CORN causes horrific tumors in rats, killing 70 percent of females early, long before their average two-year life expectancy.

October, 2012 – Europe-wide ban on Monsatan GM corn imminent in wake of French study linking it to cancer. Russia also bans all GM corn imports. (http://www.naturalnews.com/037328_Russia_GMO_Monsanto.html)

October 2012 – Monsatan, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Bayer, Dean Foods (the dairy giant), General Mills, Kellogg’s and Smucker are fighting to keep GMO foods UNLABELED so cancer can be perpetuated! Insurance companies invest in FAST FOOD industry, thus banking on more people getting cancer. (http://abcnews.go.com)
To make matters worse, several “organic” food companies sell out to the GM owned corporate elite.

Thank You! (NaturalNews) for your excellent reporting. We couldn’t win this fight without your help. Godspeed and God bless. We are honored to have you on our side. DoowansNews & Events.com

If you Care about This

If you Care about This

We can Win the Battle against this GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil

We the people, now have a fighting change to win a battle against this GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil. First, we must support our European friends and family in their fight. They have struck a devastating plow to this GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil and We the People must support them anyway we can. Go Europe hit them again!  Push them back, push them back, way back. Hoorah! Second, and this is the scary part, if the U.S.A. government whats to us our tax dollars. We have to make those tax dollars unavailable to them. Simply put, They are using our own tax dollar money against us. If we all stop this, they won’t be able to bail out Monsatan. Plus we can bail ourselves out at the same time. Win/Win. Think about this, If We the People stop pay our income taxes we can put and end to this right now. Consider it a bail out for yourself because you’re to big to fail. Hey, if the Corporations and Banks can go to the government for a bail out . Why can We the People bail ourselves out of this mess they created? We are not telling We the People what to do. We just see a way to stop this attack against We the People. After all the IRS can put us all in jail. When you think about it, its overload, there won’t be any money to pay the IRS salaries or any government salaries, and they will all quit. It’s simple don’t file. It’s peaceful, it’s precise, it’s effective. Plus, nobody gets hurt. The only thing that has a voice now days is money or the lack of money. Speak loud and clear. Non action is action. No money… no bail out! Everybody feels powerless to help. Well here’s a way to help without lifting a finger. We the People have the power to make a difference if We the People all come together. But We the People all have to come together at the same time on April 15, 2013. You have to decide to live free or die in slavery. It’s your choice, choose wisely!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


What do you Say?

What do you Say?

Help and send this to everybody you know. This Evil must be exposed and stopped right now! Use a finger to show you care. Hey, not that finger, that one goes to Monsatan! Use the other one to point, click and share. Thanks! Power to We the People!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

No Government officials please, I just took a bath. What? You know what to do, If you can’t take a Joke Right…?

Please, help and stop this GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil