The GMOZ promotion of poisoning goes all the way to the White House.

This assault award on organic food goes to the First Lady and her husband. Monsanto and their allies couldn’t have asked for a better partner. President Obama has given them everything Monsatan has asked for. Monsatan and their allies couldn’t have wished for a better partner. Despite the presidents hints that he would support labeling of GMOZ foods, Barack Obama has done phenomenal work to destroy the true natural food industry. The president filled his key posts with Monsatan people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, such as the USDA and the FDA: These are the two agencies We the people relay on for food safety. Coincidence, or a diabolical plot to destroy our healthy food sources?

The Symbol of Corporate America

The Symbol of Corporate America

After her husband’s 2008 inauguration, Michelle Obama announced her “First Lady do-good project” to America. Michelle chose an organic vegetable garden and the health of children. The organic garden and the bee hives she installed on the South Lawn of the White House became her signature. As the press praised this move, Michelle instructed the White House kitchen to order organic food for meals. Of course she wanted healthy organic food for her family. While the rest of us ate the GMOZ, her husband promotes. Her presentation has been quite effective and convincing. She’s done a first-rate job. Her all-important impression to the American people is unmistakable: The White House stands for “healthy eating.” Give us a break.


Notice her left eye. Looks like the eye on the dollar bill pyramid of the NWO. Maybe she trying to tell us something.

Meanwhile… back at the ranch. And the details are undeniable. They include Obama’s mind-boggling political appointments of Monsatans operatives to key government posts, and a parade of new GMOZ crops into the food supply, during his first presidential term. At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center. As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsatan. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsatan’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Got Milk?

Yep! Even me. I dream of green pastures

Yep! Even I dream of green pastures.

As commissioner of the USDA, Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack. Vilsack had set up a national group, the Governors’ Biotechnology Partnership, and had been given a Governor of the Year Award by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, whose members include Monsatan. Amazing an award for the poisoning of are food supply is a great honor. Islam Siddiqui, the new Agriculture Trade Representative, who would push GMOZ for export, is a former Monsatan lobbyist. Ramona Romero, the new counsel for the USDA,  had been corporate counsel for another biotech giant, DuPont. The new head of the USAID, Rajiv Shah, who had previously worked in key positions for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a major funder of GMOZ agriculture research and big money.


If we only had a Brain, the Heart, the Courage, the Desire. We could make our way back to healthy food sources!

We should also remember that Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, once worked for the Rose law firm. That firm was counsel to Monsatan. It doesn’t stop here. Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court. Kagan, as federal solicitor general, had previously argued for Monsatan in the Monsanto v. Geertson seed case before the Supreme Court. With these appointments, Obama hadn’t simply made honest mistakes. Ooooops, Obama hadn’t just failed to exercise proper oversight in selecting appointees. Ooooops, He wasn’t just experiencing a failure of short-term memory. Ooooops, He was staking out his territory on behalf of Monsatan and other GMOZ corporate giants. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is not a coincidence.

The White House is promoting GMOZ:

And now let us look at what key Obama appointees have wrought for their true bosses. Let’s see what GMOZ crops have walked through the open door policy of the Obama presidency. And on to your dinner table for “Healthy Eating”.

Monsatan’s GMOZ alfalfa.

Monsatan’s GMOZ sugar beets.

Monsatan’s GMOZ Bt soybean.

Coming soon: Monsatan’s GMOZ sweet corn.

Syngenta GMOZ corn for ethanol.

Syngenta GMOZ stacked corn.

Pioneer GMOZ soybean.

Syngenta GMOZ Bt cotton.

Bayer GMOZ cotton.

ATryn, an anti-clotting agent from the milk of transgenic goats.

A GMOZ papaya strain.

Genetically engineered GMOZ salmon has just gain approve from the FDA, with the extensive and exhaustive study of six fish, and apples are next on the list. This in fact, makes Barack Obama the most GMO-dedicated politician in America. You don’t attain these positions through errors or oversights. Obama was/is, all along, a stealth operative on behalf of Monsatan’s, biotech, GMOZ, and corporate control of the future of agriculture. His 2008 campaign slogan ” Change”, was right on the money. It could mean “Change” in his pockets, “Change” in our DNA, “Change” in the Earth’s Eco Systems, or “Change” nothing. His 2012 campaign slogan “Forward”, pretty much says it all! (Attack!)

From this perspective, Michelle Obama’s campaign for gardens and clean, organic, nutritious food, and healthy eating, is nothing more than a diversion, smokescreen, mirrors, as a cover story floated to obscure what her husband has actually been doing behind the scenes. Note the extreme dissonance between her campaign and her husband’s on behalf of Monsatan. This would be on the order of Laura Bush pushing “better reading in schools” while her husband has never read a book in his life, and is secretly promoting book burning.

I couldn't help my self.

I couldn’t help my self.

Now in 2012, we are seeing, as Mike Adams reveals, a new coordinated attack on organic food: organic is an elitist fetish, a nonsensical preoccupation of the 1%,(them) against the 99% (We the People). We are told that conventionally grown, pesticide-laden, GMOZ food is just as good as organic, that there is no problem, and all patriotic Americans should be loyal to it. What? Loyal to the poisoning of us and our children. What you don’t know can kill you. In fact, already is, plus making us sterile. Thanks Mr President for this wonderful “Change” you brought to America. Now let’s move “Forward” with this poisoning and do away with those useless eaters.

FDA DECISION IS MADE!. What? I didn't hear that. I don't know I can see a thing. I can't confirm nor deny anything!

FDA DECISION IS MADE!. What? I didn’t hear that. I don’t know I can see a thing. I can’t confirm nor deny anything!

Mike Adams is saying that, we should be loyal to the GMOZ corporate giants who are taking over the food supply, are exercising patent rights on food ownership, doing whatever they can to squeeze small organic farmers out of business, giving us nutritionally deficient food laden with poison and changing our DNA, lying through their teeth about the heavy health risks of eating this GMOZ food. Let’s be loyal to them because wanting to eat fresh wholesome food is un-American. We should be loyal to the police who are ordering homeowners to rip out their vegetable gardens on their lawns. Can you believe this nonsense? When are We the People going to take a stand? When are We the People going to just say NO to GMOZs? When are We the People going to defend ourselves against this attack?

This could be us!

This could be us!

Coordinated attack from the White House:

Yes, this is a coordinated attack on clean nutritious unpoisoned organic food sources, and it reaches all the way up into the White House. It first does a quick detour around Michelle Obama’s smokescreen operation, and arrives in the White House, at the desk of Barack Obama. Why isn’t Barack out there on the White House lawn picking a few delicious organic vegetables from the garden? Taking a bite out of an Organic NON-GMOZ Tomato. Or full-filling his campaign promises and promote the labeling of GMOZ foods.
Because he’s working for Monsatan. Don’t take my word for it, the facts speak for themselves.

What do you Say?

What do you Say?

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or am I telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

No Government officials please, I just took a bath. What? You know what to do, If you can’t take a Joke Right…?

Let’s not move “Forward” with the White House promoting of GMOZ food poisoning, it wasn’t the “Change” we asked for.