The Stealing of GODS Name, The Greatest Story Never Told

Spiritual Symbolism The Greatest Story Never Told

Spiritual Symbolism this sign is engraved all over the world.

The Greatest Story Never Told is where one is NOW. When ones world starts to crumble around them. One of two things usually happens. First they attempt to cling to every crumb of the crumbling world. To save as much as they can of the past. Or they attempt to see what is coming by looking between the falling pieces of the world as it crumbles before their eyes. Thus getting a seek peak in to future events.

When one attempts to view the future it requires that one quit looking at the past. As one must turn their perception to look in a different direction. However since time is circular, in other words history repeats itself, than one can assume the future holds the same events as the past. Thus one tends to make the same decisions for the future that they made for their past. Could this be why history repeats itself? Because the energy is the same?

What I find refreshing is The Greatest Story Never Told is the Story of a different past and different future of humanity, with a different energy. Where one can use the same old characters that have shared the stage in the past to create either a new play, “The Greatest Story Never Told“, or the same story over and over again. Good against Evil, Darkness against Light, God against Satan/Lucifer, Enlil against Enki, And the list goes on & on & on. Simply because its the same energy repeating itself in an endless loop of conscious programing.

The Sealing of Gods Name

Computer Human, I’m not an Animal

At this point let me ask you. When your computer freezes, or goes blue screen, do you keep moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard trying to do the same thing you where doing before it froze, or do you turn it off and reboot the system? What if ones Consciousness was the same way? Would YOU be willing to go through three days of darkness to awaken to a new world? In other words, a near Death Experience. However Near is not accurate as how can one almost shut off their computer to reboot it?

The Greatest Story Never Told is the Stealing of Gods Name. As it doesn’t matter which story one believes, it’s the same story with different names for the same characters playing different parts. Thus what one considers to be God another considers to be Lucifer. What one considers to be Good another considers Evil.

As with the story of Enlil and Enki, Enlil took from Enki everything at Enki had built. Change his name from Good to Evil and then wrote the history books to reflect Enki as the Evil one. Now Enlil uses Enki’s Good to create his Evil. Can You SEE that it’s the same story with maybe a different plot twist than Cain and Able.

Snake Symbolism The power of Snake Medicine

In Religion, Science, Medicine and more. Snake Symbolism is everywhere

However this is The Greatest Story Never Told. Is that this very same thing that is being reflected in the story is the very same thing that is happening to YOU. Your good name has been stolen and used for evil purposes. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” Thus The Stealing of Gods Name, as YOU are the God that had their Name stolen by another.

I am not going to keep kicking this dead horse, either YOU SEE between the crumbles, or YOU SEE just the crumbles. Is there another perception?

Kicking a Dead Horse

Truth is The Horse is Dead!

When YOU want to know more about the Stealing of Gods Name, The Greatest Story Never Told. Leave a Comment, Connect. Otherwise I will assume and presume your acquiescence is Your acceptance of this Evil being done to YOU, and your children, stealing the good from us ALL.

Shame on YOU! In Truth, it’s none of my Business what happens to your Soul you believe you own. In The Greatest Story Never Told, are YOU the GOOD one, or the BAD one? Same old, Same old.

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours

 The Greatest Story Never Told is about YOU


The Greatest Story Never Told. Big mouth just spilled the beans.

The Greatest Story Never Told is the Stealing of Gods Name.

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  1. ME October 19, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Thank you for accepting ME into Doowans. I admire not only the subject but also the style and tone employed.
    As a child, I asked “which religion is the ‘right’ one?” My parents told me they are all stories and the one we connect to is the story we should live as (big task for an 8 year old). We so often are concerned with the epiphysis of nature- good/evil, darkness/light, birth/death… And in that process, we become stuck living in the middle. We accept the grey of the in between instead of radically moving toward emerging.
    Just as Venus has begun its transition, we too must transition- toward light or darkness, depending on our life stage. The transition is the greatest story never told. We can look at the butterfly or ladybug as examples. The in between state from larva to adult is still viewed as some sort of mystery. But it really isn’t so mysterious. Complete transformation requires letting go- to go toward life and death with the same intensity simutaniously. And not all are willing to embrace such a place. But this is the only way to continue our cycle. We should not stay in the chrysalis reminiscing about who we were or imaging who we will be. We cannot stay in hades, victims of suffering who call for mercy. We must emerge.

    • Thunderbird October 25, 2017 at 9:06 pm

      You are Welcome. Well the fact of the matter is you are not 8yrs old today. As far as your question as to which religion is the right one. I can not answer for you. I can only share what I have discovered in my life time. Sow if you will allow me to share. I have discovered that none of them tell the whole truth, however truth can be found in each one of them. The truth of the matter is that good and evil, darkness and light are but opposite poles of the same frequency, or magnet if you will see? One can not exist with out the other. What you may not see is that being in the middle allows one to see both ends of the spectrum. Thus every thing is grey. However when one SEES they can change their perception to SEE Dark or Light. This becomes a matter of the heart which they choose.
      Transformation can be good and it can be bad if one doesn’t KNOW which one they wish to be.
      One must trust them self to KNOW and that you will be given everything you need to make the right choice. Thus transformation becomes not a matter of what we may be but what we are to become. Thus acceptance of who and what we are comes into play. True one can become anything they want to be. However they have never come to the realization or acceptance of what they are. Let me ask you,,,, Can the ladybug become a butterfly? You are right in the SEEING that complete transformation is in letting go. After all what are we clinging too?

      True we must emerge, Therefore you will.


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