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Now our Awareness begins its Spiral In into Consciousness to SEE what is there. SEEing is Body Knowledge. The Predominance of the visual sense in us influences this Body Knowledge. Makes it seem eye related. However it’s Not. You will SEE as you Spiral In. Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s light. Which ever you SEE it’s all the Universe mirrored inside you.


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Questions only you can answer, However they must be asked first. Looking Back I see a reflection. I Now know, which one is truly me. Questions I ask Myself, sow I may better "Know Thy Self". Will Silver (Truth) tarnish in the presents of gold? Are there many planes of existence? Does good or evil really matter? Is cause always/only expressed in materialism? Are actions always expressions in the ALL? Is heart the spirit mind? If I AM ALL, what else there? Why in the ALL must we consume in the ALL?

Dream Traveler

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To the Dream Traveler in my Dream The Third Eye Connection Our Power, our strength in Spirit. Dream Traveler changed my Spirit This just happened to me two nights ago, Oct. 9Th , 2013. I put the date in there for the late comers to this writing. I am still recapitulating this Dream. As time goes on, I am sure I will find a deeper meaning.

Spider Medicine

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Spider Medicine weaving the web of life Spider Medicine is some of the Oldest Animal Medicine known to man Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Along came a Spider that sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away. I remembered this nursery rhyme from my childhood. In Spider Medicine we will share the power of Spider [...]

Lizard Medicine

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Lizard Medicine, represents the Dream World and the Art of Dreaming. Lizard Medicine the Art of Dreaming The other parts of reality we humans experience while our physical body rests. We spend one-third of our life asleep in dreams. Using this time to our benefit is what Lizard Medicine is implying. Using our energy body to travel beyond the stars into other parallel [...]

Bat Medicine

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Bat Medicine represents rebirth, transition, and intuition. Bats are true flying mammals Bat Medicine offers a gateway to new life and purpose. In facing the darkness before you, find the light in rebirth. One will not grow spiritually until the old parts are gone. This transition maybe very frightening for many. One must face their greatest fears and get rid of the part [...]

Crow Medicine

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Crow Medicine, the Medicine of Universal Law. Crow Medicine of Universal Law Human Law is not the same as Sacred Law or Universal Law. The law which states, "all things are born of Women" is of Universal Law. Crow Medicine has come today, its appearance is an omen. Crow Medicine is an answer. Crow... Are you "Cawing", so I may know. The secrets [...]