The Great I AM Voice of HEART is at the center of our being.

The Great I AM voice of HEART

The Great I AM voice of HEART

It’s been said, LOVE comes from HEART. What is LOVE? That is the question. When someone says “I LOVE YOU”. What are they really saying? Better yet, How does it make you feel? When you say “I LOVE YOU”. What are you feeling? One might say LOVE. This brings us back to the question again. What is LOVE? How do you feel when you feel LOVE? As you can see, trying to use the Great I AM Voice of Reason to define LOVE. Leads us around in a circle of questions.

So let’s explore with the Great I AM, the source of LOVE and ask the Great I AM HEART to explain. What is LOVE? Not in the terms of a definition. But in the sense of a feeling. Feelings have energy, Feelings matter. In other words feelings manifest matter with the vibration of energy of that feeling into Reality. How? With the Great I AM WILL. I AM WILL uses intent to manifest any vibrational feeling energy into physical reality for the Great I AM. Does that matter? YES! Remember, we were talking about the feeling of LOVE. Moving to the source of LOVE, we find the Great I AM HEART. As we center before the Great I AM HEART, we ask our question. What is LOVE?

The Voice of HEART

One day the Great I AM heard GREAT SPIRIT calling I Am from the top of Sacred Mountain. I AM loves to explore and examine. So I AM started immediately up the trail to Scared Mountain. The trail was long and dangerous, with twists and turns, ups and downs, smooth terrain and rough terrain. I AM was in his passion and joy of exploring and examining the mysteries of the path and didn’t notice that a horrible Demon was guarding the way to the GREAT SPIRIT’S home on top of Scared Mountain. The Demon for unknown reasons was trying to keep all beings of creation from connecting with the GREAT SPIRIT. The Demon wanted all of GREAT SPIRIT’S creatures to feel that GREAT SPIRIT didn’t want to be disturbed. This would make the Demon feel powerful and in control. Capable of causing all GREAT SPIRIT’S creatures to fear the Demon.

I AM however was not frightened when I AM came upon the Demon. Because I AM had conquered his fear of the unknown long ago. His joy and passion for exploring and examining allowed I AM the strength to face fear and move beyond its paralyzing force. This was curious, I AM thought, as the Demon was the archetype of all the ugly monsters. A collection of all the fears that had ever been and ever will be.  The Demon breathed fire and smoke, made disgusting sounds to try to frighten the Great I AM. Even threatening to kill, and eat the Great I AM. Any “normal” creature would have fled or died of fright right on the spot.

I AM HEART Facing the Demon of FEAR

I AM moved closer to face the Demon, and gently said. “Please let me pass. I AM on my way to see the GREAT SPIRIT.  The GREAT SPIRIT has called, and I AM wishes to respond to GREAT SPIRIT’S call. You see GREAT SPIRIT is the source of all of creation. I AM is on a quest to explore and examine, What is love?, So I AM must in his joy and passion, see what the GREAT SPIRIT wishes for I AM”.

I AMS eyes were filled with love and compassion, for this over-sized bully of a Demon called FEAR.  I AM was Centered in his joy and passion, and was in I AM’s natural state of being. The Demon FEAR was astounded by I AM’s lack of FEAR. No matter how the Demon tried, he could not frighten I AM.  The Great I AM was centered in his joy and passion and because I AM had the Voice of I AM HEART. I AM said ” I LOVE YOU”.  Because I AM’s LOVE had penetrated the Demon’s, ugly, hardened heart of fear. The Vibration Energy of LOVE from I AM HEART started a chain reaction in the Demon’s rock-harden heart. His heart that was vibrating FEAR energy, was starting to vibrate with a new harmonizing energy of LOVE, which melted the Demon’s heart of FEAR and changed it into the matter of LOVE.

The Voice of I AM HEART Creating

With I AM WILL’S help. LOVE is a more powerful vibratory frequency of creation than FEAR. With the vibrating energy frequency of LOVE I AM WILL can perform amazing magic that matters. Creating a physical reality of matter with the vibration of LOVE. Being centered in that LOVE frequency as opposed to FEAR. Brings us much closer to the true source of all of creation. FEAR energy can only create matters of FEAR. LOVE energy can only create matters of LOVE. When we create in LOVE. I AM WILL’S  LOVE energy matters!

When LOVE Matters from I AM HEART

Much to the Demon’s dismay, fear and his body began to shrink to the size of a walnut or cashew if you prefer. The size of the Demon’s nuts doesn’t really matter! I AM’s persistent LOVE vibration and gentleness caused a meltdown of the Demon of fear. Due to the gentleness and LOVE vibration that the Great I AM embodied, the pathway was now clear for all of GREAT SPIRIT’S creatures to reach the home of GREAT SPIRIT on top of Sacred Mountain. The Demon of FEAR can no longer block their way through fear.

The Great I AM … So gentle and loving you are.
The flower of kindness, an embrace from afar.  
The Totality of Self.
Made the Demon of FEAR melt.
Now the pathway is clear.
Of the power of fear.
So all can endear.
And become very near.
To The Magic and Mysteries of the Voice of HEART.

I AM Voice of the HEART Matters

I AM Voice of HEART Matters

The Voice of HEART Speaks

The Voice of Reason being silent during is moment, had learned a valuable lesson without ever asking Why? The Great I AM had learned to use the Voice of HEART to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are afraid. Because of fear, those beings are keeping their path way blocked to the GREAT SPIRIT. In the energy of fear the call can never be answered. The Voice of Reason now knows that both the light and the dark maybe LOVED.

 LOVE is unconditional. The Voice of HEART.

The vibration of unconditional LOVE energy frequency doesn’t vibrate with conditions. LOVE vibrates LOVE! Any definition of LOVE puts boundaries on LOVE. LOVE becomes a description of words. Words have meaning for the Voice of Reason only, and that’s all. When we vibrate unconditional LOVE, we become a vibrating energy that connects us to the source of all creation. Unconditional LOVE becomes a feeling, a creation. Unconditional LOVE has no strings attached. Unconditional LOVE knows no boundaries. Creation knows no boundaries.

The Great I AM knows now that the feeling of fear indicates an in balance, that I AM is courting fear by fighting with the Demons of negative Ideas and Beliefs. Projecting our negative Ideas and beliefs on others, the same way they project their negative Ideas and Beliefs upon us. Simply put, This is the recreation of a reality of fear. The Ideas that the Voice of HEART must be this way or that way, sets limits. The belief that the Voice of Reason knows the meaning of LOVE. Sets limitations on LOVE. The Great I AM learned that to unconditionally LOVE is listening to the Voice of HEART. Being willing to trust LOVE, feel LOVE’S vibration in LOVE of the Self, brings the self closer to the source of all things.


In this way I AM WILL can manifest a reality for the Great I AM reflecting a Reality that is unconditional LOVE. Thus, applying gentleness from the vibration of LOVE in any situation allows the Great I AM to become like a summer breeze, warm and caring. Blowing by any obstacle of limitation. Right up to the HEART-SPACE of GREAT SPIRIT. Where all creation has synchronicity. Spontaneously creating reality that is the vibrational frequency of LOVE.


The only conditions are the conditional limits placed on the Great I AM Voice of HEART.

Our Life's Journeys and the paths we take.Lead to GREAT SPIRIT. What LOVE shell we make. The Voice of HEART

Our Life’s Journeys and the paths that we take. Lead to GREAT SPIRIT. What LOVE shall we make. The Voice of HEART

On the path again to GREAT SPIRIT

The Great I AM started up the path to GREAT SPIRIT’S home on top of Sacred Mountain. Exploring and examining everything along the way! In his joy and passion. In the energy of LOVE. Unconditional LOVE is The Great I AMS natural state of being.

Realizing LOVE is like a mirror. When you LOVE someone. You become their mirror reflecting their Voice of I AM HEART. And they become your mirror reflecting your Voice of I AM HEART. Together reflecting the Voice of I AM HEART, Infinity is created.

If the reflection that you see does not have your joy, and passion, and the feeling of unconditional LOVE. Then take a moment a listen to your I AM HEART. Remember, We can only hear the Voice of I AM HEART inside of the our own Great I AM. Attempting to change the I AM HEART of somebody else. Is not unconditional LOVE. This only leads to other Demons of your own creation on the path to GREAT SPIRIT. Enjoy your travels!

The Voice of Reason asks the Great I AM Voice of HEART a Question.

The Voice of Reason asks, Why do you think the GREAT SPIRIT called the Great I AM ?

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


The GREAT I AM The Voice of HEART

The GREAT I AM The Voice of HEART it’s at our center for a reason

Reclaimer: This article is intended to provide Positive advice. For Positive educational purposes Only. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. Or are we telling anybody what to do regarding themselves. That would be Negative Conditional LOVE. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if the Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Listen to The Great I AM The Voice of HEART