The Great I AM The Voice of Reason

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality

Each Bubble is a Reality all it’s own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles

Opposing Energies, Opposing Beliefs, Opposing Forces, Opposing Thoughts, Satan Opposing GOD, Darkness Opposing Light, Positive Opposing Negative and its opposing effect on the Human Consciousness.

It appears that our reality needs to take a Prozac to stop this bipolar reflection. This is the description that we have inherited from our parents. I can remember my mother saying there is good and bad in this world, when I was a child. Because she was my God at that time I believed her. We all did, didn’t we? After all that’s what the world was reflecting, good and bad. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I began to question this reality construct, and looked to the outside world for the answers to the questions my mind was posing at the time. Why do we have to die? Why is they’re killing? Why do we need money to live? Where is God in all this mess? Is there other life out there in the stars? Has the universe always existed? Was God born and if so, where? Of course when I asked these questions nobody seem to have any answers that made any sense to me.  Example the last question. Was God ever born? I can still remember the answer given to me. “No, God has always existed, everywhere at the same time and he’s watching you, so be good and don’t sin.” Huh! What’s sin? Sin is when your Bad. Just wait until your father gets home. That’s what God always said when us kids were bad according to GODS definition of bad. Of course at the time, we were all just examining and experimenting with our reality in play….. right? Not really knowing good from bad. Darkness from light. Positive from Negative. At the time we were all just bubbles of perception, and wanted to perceive every mystery, nook and cranny we could find in this new reality. I AM perceiving.

The Voice of Reason

Playing with Reality It's just play

You have the awareness to create. Start Playing with Reality.

Then one day I AM heard a voice, and the voice said. Why are you doing that? Doing what, I AM asked? That, it said. Who are you, I AM asked. Your REASON, it said.  Ever since that day that voice has always been questioning everything I do.  And it never stops. Finally I named it the Voice of Reason. We became good friends. We share every experience, and went about life. Reason has always stayed by my side for as far back as I can remember in my life. Always questioning my actions, my thoughts, my feelings, my joy, my passion, my Loves, my life.

Finally one day the Great I AM got really tiered of always having to answer to the Voice of Reason. It seemed that the Voice of Reason never had any answers to its own questions. When I AM would give it an answer. The Voice of Reason would always have a reason why that couldn’t be, and always another question. Why? This constant bombardment of questions why and Negative reasons why this couldn’t be, and why that can’t be, and how are you going to do that? Made I AM run into hiding in some area of consciousness that the Voice of Reason couldn’t go. The Place of Knowing. Why? Just so I AM would know with out the Voice of Reasons never knowing.

Now the Voice of Reason was in full control, without the interference of the original I AM. The Voice of Reason could reason what ever it reasoned without any reason what’s so ever. Without I AM, the Voice of Reason could never realize that reality serves the Great I Am. When the Voice of Reason didn’t find a reason why reality served only the Great I AM.  It would reason that there must be a reason why. All the while, just ignored the fact, that Reason could never have a reason why something just is. For there must be a reason why it is. Reason would even invent reasons why Reality is, such as God’s will, and then expect reality to reflect those reasons. When reality didn’t reflect the reasons for God’s will. The Voice of Reason never reasoned there could never be a reason for God’s will. Reason would than reason a reason why the Voice of Reason never had a reason for God’s will.

As you can see. The Voice of Reason would just wander around in circles never knowing were to go or how to find the knowing or reason for the mystery of the Voice of Reason existence. After all, Reason needed a reason for meaning of it’s existence. Right? Why? The Voice of Reason reasoned that maybe I AM knows the meaning for Reasons existence. So the Voice of Reason decided to find out where the great I AM went so it could ask I AM the question.

What was the reason of why the Voice of Reason had no reason for it’s existence?

The Great I AM

The Voice of Reason would wander around in circles for years shouting out questions, Why do I exist? I need a reason why I live. Why can’t I find a reason for reason. You see, The Voice of Reason can’t exist without a reason for its self. It needs to find reasons for the reason why. Slowly the Voice of Reason began to fade away because only the Great I AM could give meaning to reality. Reality served the Great I AM, there was no reason why. It just does. Reason was dying for no reason at all and fell silent.

The Great I AMs head was quite. There was no more Voice of Reason constantly asking questions. Just pure perception. Without the why this, why that? How come this, how come that? What are you going to do here, what are you going to do there? Silence!   Peace and quite. perceiving Reality as it is.

I AM one day noticed that it was very quite outside its hiding place and decided to go out and explore. Exploring  after all was, I AM’s passion and joy. Now I AM was full of passion and joy from living in the peace a quite of so long.  I AM stepped outside of its hiding place and started exploring right away. Examining this, Tasting that. Feeling everything. Seeing more than it had ever seen before. I AM knew instinctively that something had changed. It could hear other Voices that I AM had never heard before. The Great I AM set out to explore these New Voices it was hearing and traveled downwards, towards the south.

I AM stood in wonder gazing at HEART as I AM had never seen HEART before. HEART was wonderful, full of a kind of positive energy that vibrated in a harmony frequency with the Universe. I AM was in LOVE with HEART at first sight. They share with each other, all that they had to share. Yet no matter how much they shared, They where always full of positive energy. I AM and HEART enjoyed every moment together. I AM would explore HEART everyday and always find more to HEART. HEART loved that fact that I AM would explore, and examine the mysteries of the HEART. I AM would come back and share with HEART the mysteries of HEART, I AM would discover. HEART would share with I AM about new areas to explore. It was a match made in heaven.

One day I AM was out exploring and examining an area of HEART that HEART had suggested.  And to I AM’s amazement he saw his old friend, The Voice of Reason lying down where The Voice of Reason fell silent. I AM was very happy to see his old friend because I AM was full of HEARTS LOVE energy and ran to where The Voice of Reason was lying. But the Voice of Reason was silent. I AM picked his old friend up on his shoulders and carried the Voice of Reason back to HEART with him. I AM laid the Voice of Reason down in front of HEART. With tears in his eyes asked if HEART could help this old friend the Voice of Reason. HEART felt loss for the first time, through I AM’s eyes. And wondered how her positive energy could never help.

HEART Felt Reason

Love is a burning

Burning with Heartmind

HEART felt the loss of the Voice of Reason and became a broken HEART. Loss is pain full HEART felt. How could anybody live through such pain? HEART knew that I AM could not tolerate such pain for much longer without it effecting I AM in someway. So HEART gather all her strength and sent a lighting bolt of positive Love energy into The Voice of Reason and nothing happen. She tried again, and nothing happen. Again and Again and Again and still nothing happened. I AM watch HEART do this until HEART was exhausted. HEART could not revive the Voice of Reason. I AM knew that if HEART would continued. HEART would end up like the Voice of Reason and would fall silent. There was nothing more HEART could do. I AM asked HEART to stop. I AM did not what HEART to fall silent too. Then I AM would be Totally alone. And this new positive LOVING energy he had found would be gone forever.

I AM thanked HEART for her efforts to save the Voice of Reason, and gave HEART a big hug. I AM said to HEART  “I AM LOVES YOU HEART”. But I AM had to leave as he could no longer bear to look upon the silent Voice of Reason.  I AM left and went back to the quite area of consciousness where he was before all this happen. I AM remembered the good old days when I AM would explore and examine everything in the mystery of creation, and the Voice of Reason would always ask Questions. During these times the Voice of Reason would make I AM laugh to the point of tears. You know at times the Voice of Reason can ask the stupidest questions. And sometimes I AM would come up with the silliest answers and they both would laugh and laugh and laugh. Childhood is Great. I AM cried about what had happen to the Voice of Reason. Only if the Great I AM had stayed, with the Voice of Reason. The Voice of Reason would still be asking stupid questions. Alas, the Voice of Reason would have driven I AM crazy and that wouldn’t have done any of them any good. I AM could never make The Voice of Reason Quite, when I AM needed Quite to perceive.

Thy Will be done

Years went by and still the Great I AM couldn’t get the Voice of Reason and what had happened out of his head. The Great I AM wasn’t so Great anymore. Funny, even this area of consciousness wasn’t all that quite anymore. To many old negative memories. To many old Negative beliefs. To much Negative Energy. I AM decided to travel south again and see how HEART was doing. I AM missed HEART. HEART was very happy to see I AM again. And yelled the GREAT I AM! How are you?  I AM just replied, I was Great but now I’m just I AM  They hugged each other but it just wasn’t the same any more. HEART had change a bit from bring broken and feeling pain, I AM missed his other buddy the Voice of Reason. And longed for him so. So HEART suggested that I AM travel even further South to see what he might find. I AM agreed and started exploring farther south. I AM stated to hear voices again and he started to get excited. Who could that be? Could that be the Voice of Reason? As he got closer and closer to the voice. He realized that this strange voice was talking with something outside of its self.

I AM watched this scene that was being played out right before his very eyes. He was amazed at the magic that was being performed. Things materializing out of thin air. Things flying across the sky without stings or any motors. Things changed from one thing to another all by themselves and back again. Somethings things would even disappeared and reappeared in some other place. This was simply wonderful. I AM really wanted to explore and examine this place. I AM approached this stranger and asked, What are you doing? The stranger replied, Creating Reality! OH, I AM replied, How do you do that? It’s easy, that’s my job. Can anybody do this I AM asked? Well yes, as a matter of fact everybody does this.  The stranger replied. All that’s needed is beliefs. Beliefs create the energy and I take this available energy and create a reflection of these beliefs, my name is WILL. For some reason I just will it into being. This is wonderful I AM stated, can you teach me to do this. There is something I would wish to do in this reality. WILL asked, what is that you wish to do?

The Big Event

Well I AM said, Along time ago I use to have a good friend called the Voice of Reason, but I had to leave and go away to find quite. I didn’t know at the time that the Voice of Reason relied on me for his survival and when I left the Voice of Reason became Silent. I found HEART  through my travels and we became good friends so I asked HEART if she could help me. After I found the Voice of Reason lying so silent. Heart did her best but the Voice of Reason remained silent. Can you help me WILL, I AM asked? I never want to lose the Voice of Reason again.

I all ready have WILL replied. You see I AM. HEART has always known about WILL. HEART and I co-create together.  Your HEART has some amazing beliefs stored in her from times passed and I have the WILL to take those beliefs and reflect them into reality that’s my intent. It’s fun, that’s what we do when we share positive energy with each other. HEART has already told me about this because it effected HEART so deeply. Heart knew that I AM couldn’t go on without his old friend the Voice of Reason. And so HEART asked me if I would help?

However, I AM. WILL stated. We can never go back and change events that have happened in the past. The Negative energy of the past is what happens when the moment of now, slips into the past. We look to see and it and in that process we change its character. We analyze, dissect, reevaluate, and attempt to mold the event because it’s not what we expected. But it’s to late. The moment has pasted. It is now the past. We can only create new positive events in the now. These new events will be reflected in the now and the future if we so desire. Really it’s the only time we have at this moment. Now, that’s reality! You see I AM, it’s all a matter of energy and frequency! Beliefs are energy that’s used to create this magic of frequency that I AM WILL does. That’s a matter of frequency fact. So if you want your old friend the Voice of Reason back.

I AM can with I AM WILL’S help through I AM HEART’S guidance, memories and beliefs bring the I AM Voice of Reason Back. But be warned the Voice of Reason must become part of the whole I AM as we must all become our parts of the I AM. We must all live together in I AM HEARTS positive energy of harmony with the universe. Always sharing, always LOVING. The magic of creation from I AM WILL and the questioning of the I AM Voice of Reason, all the rest of our days. If this is agreeable then we can all become one and share this great moment of now. However, our new beliefs must reflect this new positive energy and we must remove our old beliefs of the negativity because for now, they will have the tendency to cancel some of this positive creation, as we are putting ourselves back together again. We must remain as positive as we possibly can. Are you ready for the now, and are you ready to leave your negative fears and energy of the negative past behind?

Are you Ready?

I already AM said, I AM.

The Big Event happened. Now, meet your new GREAT I AM that I AM. Living in harmony with all of creation through the GREAT I AM HEART. Meeting all of creation in LOVE. The new GREAT I AM WILL creating a positive reality! Living in peace creating abundance, health, longevity, and joy in every act of Discovery. Using the GREAT I AM VOICE of REASON to ask the hard questions. But remaining silent when asked. I GREAT I AM lived happily ever after in the Totality of THE GREAT I AM!


Come to realize that all the answers you will ever need are now inside all of us and will always come from the inside of all of us. They have always been inside of us. We just have to explore a way to reconnect with Spirit. The outside world we see in the past, is just a reflection of our old beliefs. Reflected in the past. All we have to do is explore, our new beliefs and THE NEW GREAT I AM inside. The outside reality being only a reflection of what is inside each and every one of our GREAT I AM WILLS creating the magic of our now Reality with our new positive beliefs. What a new different reality? Create the new positive GREAT I AM inside and reflect your new positive GREAT I AM reality outside from now on. It’s that easy!

So let’s answer now the question of why we exist? It’s the simple fact that we do exist that answers the question. We exist because we do exist. No deeper meaning is needed. Enjoy! The Great I AM.

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Voice of Reason

I Am a big Brain with no Reason what so ever

Happy New Year and New life!

The GREAT I AM and The Voice of Reason