The Truth will set you Free

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So we’ve been told. No sooner does the writer say, Ok, That is enough for the day, I did a good job. Time to go out a play! When something comes across my perception that just screams. The Truth will set you Free! Well being the good Doowan that I AM, I just can’t let the Truth set idly by, When the Truth will set you Free. People are hungry for the truth.

Some of the truth will set you Free is a sad reflection of what this reality is reflecting. Some of the Truth will set you Free is just disgusting what they what you to believe. However, It’s not up to the writer to pass judgement on any bodies beliefs. The reader probably has friends that do that for them already. Hey, what are friends for anyway?

So, with that said, here’s the first truth in the Truth will set you free!

You got to love this guy. He’s just saying what they all believes. This guy just has the balls to say it. My hats off for his honesty. His compassion does need a little work. What do think?

The Truth will set you Free


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