To Each Their Own

To Each Their Own, Spinning In or Spinning Out

To Each Their Own Spinning Expanding you

Somewhere in there, There is you. Are you spinning in this picture?

To Each Their Own seems like a good title for this post. Especially after my last journey spinning out to outer space. Or would that be in to inner space? Here is share a vision of some constructs as to the makeup of Consciousness Perception in Awareness.

SEE… To Each Their Own in time, Which in time takes no time at all. CHAKRAS and Flying On The Wings of Consciousness are my meager attempts to share this experience. I know some shared this experience at the same time. Welcome Home!

It’s been a while since I put a thought on paper, 2D sow to speak. Sow I decided to become all Cephalopodic and ink a little. I was wondering if I could even express myself with words anymore? Seems like a waste of time, To Each Their Own. Sow I thought I would give it a go and SEE what happens. YOU are welcome to tag along. Who knows we might change colors to blend in with our surrounding. Or break out of the jar we are trapped in to be free again.

To Each Their Own sidual

And you think, I AM the sucker? I have 8 arms. Who’s spinning NOW?

Personally, I Am having some amazing perceptions happen, in the perception of consciousness. One I will touch on is the perception recently of a Falcon swooping down and killing a Dove. As I heard the bang when they hit the deck, I managed to get a picture of the Falcon clutching the Dove in its talons. This had a profound effect on ME, as this is the first Falcon I have seen. And wouldn’t you know it? It had killed a Dove. What this means to Me, I Am still working out the details of this Omen and may share the Animal Medicine at a later date.

However, this duelality brings the perception of this post, To Each Their Own. I was going to call it, Spinning in or Spinning out. Hey, you pick a Direction. It’s all the same to ME.

Each spin in or out

We are bubbles of perception Spinning in or Spinning Out.

Spinning in or Spinning out


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  1. C. March 21, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    So coincidentally solar sun has progressed into Leo 1 degree. Immortality. I had a moment of grieving lost family, many gone now of the larger family as sun leaves cancer. My male friend I spoke of entered the temple of understanding and I stopped at the feet mysteriously. Today I see Aquarius (of which I am moon) pours his/her
    water into the mouth of the the feet in the constellation. My mom and ex are pisces. Life is so pictureque.

    • Doowans News&Events March 25, 2015 at 5:56 am

      Yes, the Waters of Truth flows through the gills of the fish, so that it may breath the Spirit Breath of Truth.This allows the fish to swim in the deep Seas of Consciousness.

  2. C. March 21, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Interesting. Back 20 years about my young male friend and I argued about 7 he or 8 me. I have Uranus 8 degrees 20 sec’s rising. Last couple years I stepped into that energy fields impersonal defining moment, that energy surrounding me. Years and years and years ago I wrote in creative writing class “step out of the field”. ? in my 30’s. The warrior is not new as my older yoga woman teacher modeled it can I say and or at least painted it in red. Gone now. Of interest is the Coptic Key. thanks.

    • Doowans News&Events March 25, 2015 at 6:11 am

      One can paint in any color they wish. Red is the color of emotions. I prefer to paint in a different color. Your right, The Warrior concept is a very old construct. One that humanity has forgotten. Is it any wonder humanity is in the boat it’s in. Row, Row their boat gentle down the stream merrily, merrily Life is but a dream. When the Dream becomes a nightmare when will they wake up?

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