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Of Glowing Concern

Fukushima is of Glowing Concern Of Glowing Concern You can't see, smell, taste, feel, or touch it, but this is of Glowing Concern. Radiation from Fukushima has hit the U.S. for over two years. And it's not getting any better. It's in the air, water, and food sources, just about everything one can imagine and we are starting to see the effects [...]

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We are Fukushima-ed

The Gift that keeps on Giving.We are Fukushima-ed You have just been Fukushima-ed. We are Fukushima-ed We are Fukushima-ed. Just add a "c" after the "u" and before the "k" and you will get the picture. Japan's Gift that keeps on giving. The Fukushima plant is releasing extremely high levels of nuclear radiation directly into the ocean, air, and ground water. That's [...]

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That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

All we are left holding, is Crumbs That's The Way the Cookie Crumbles When I was a child and I wanted something, but didn't get it. My father had this saying. That I always despised. That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles. As a child I never knew what it meant. I thought he was just being a smart ass. That was his [...]

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Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event, When Worlds Collide, The Reset is at hand. Extiction Level Event Action at a Distance Extinction Level Event I have postponed the writing of Extinction Level Event for sometime now. The reasons being, the time wasn't right and I still had to connect some dots to the answer some of the Questions about the phenomenon that we have and are experiencing.

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Using Death as our Adviser in Life. Deaths The Death of a Terrorist In a blog I have followed the writer mention that he was afraid of death. This is no surprise as most are. This encouraged this Doowan to write about death since I Am closer to mine with every moment. Isn't it strange how birthdays remind one of their death as we get older?

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