Fukushima is of Glowing Concern

Glowing Concern

Of Glowing Concern

You can’t see, smell, taste, feel, or touch it, but this is of Glowing Concern. Radiation from Fukushima has hit the U.S. for over two years. And it’s not getting any better. It’s in the air, water, and food sources, just about everything one can imagine and we are starting to see the effects on our health. In (Fukushima a Day at the Beach) it’s been reported that radioactive material has washed up on the West Coast shores. In (When it Rains we Glow) it’s compared to three chernobyls. If Japan should suffer another large quake it will be the end of the world as we know it. Have a Nice Day!

5.0 2013/04/03  18:41: 30 36.747 143.982 35.2  OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.6 2013/04/03  16:58: 13 36.768 136.832 12.2  NEAR THE WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
5.0 2013/04/04  04:42: 42 35.871 140.731 34.6  NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.7 2013/04/02  14:52: 49 39.438 143.284 40.0  OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.4 2013/04/02  13:41: 10 39.537 143.240 37.6  OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.6 2013/04/02  13:06: 02 39.592 143.177 28.7  OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

See for yourself. There’s more and here’s the link http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php

This is of Glowing Concern because earthquakes are on the rise all over the world. It just a matter of time before, well you know.

Glowing Concern

Fukushima is of Glowing Concern

Of Glowing Concern

In the U.S. a study was done on the radiation levels on the West Coast. What they discovered is of Glowing Concern. The states hardest hit by this disaster from Fukushima saw increases in radiation levels, included Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington. In fact all of the U.S. was hit, though not nearly as dramatic as the states included in the study.

A group measured soil, air filter and dust samples from Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia. They found in these soil samples, a sample with 8 pCi/g of radiocesium, was the highest North American result. This sample came from a site just outside of Portland, OR. The next highest result came from a site near Boulder, CO. Except for followup samples taken near these two sites, no other US or Canadian samples came close to the levels of radiocesium in these “hot spots.” Wow, that’s good news! NOT.

Glowing Concern for Cancer

Cancer is of Glowing Concern

Given the nature of radioactive fallout, this is an expected result. Both hot spots are likely due to rain outs that took place during March or April 2011. When it Rains we Glow. A recent study by the USGS, “Fission Products in National Atmospheric Deposition Program, Wet Deposition Samples Prior to and Following the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Incident, March 8–April 5, 2011″, found similar results. The USGS study was more detailed, and found evidence of rain outs at Portland and Boulder. When you collect a lot of samples, some are bound to be higher than the average. Meanwhile milk samples in San Francisco have tested and have found low levels of radiation in the milk and grass that the cows feed from. The UCB claims these levels to be non-dangerous equating them with a round trip flight from LA to Washington DC. The fall out will however last for quite sometime in the soil on the West Coast. Yea, like thousands of sometimes.

What they aren’t saying is that radiation accumulates in our bodies. The more we are exposed the more we accumulate. As a matter of fact one still has the radiation from every X-ray they have ever had in their life. Plus, every cell phone, microwave, metal detectors, natural and unnatural sources. And now we are getting it from our food. This is of Glowing Concern, as we are getting more and more sources of exposure to radiation thanks to Fukushima. It looks as if walking around is becoming a dangerous past time. Unless one has lead filled running shoes.

Types Of Glowing Concern Radiation Protection

Types Of Glowing Concern Radiation Protection

Scores of experts and analysts have feared for months that it would happen, and now it has: Radiation from the heavily damaged nuclear power plants at Japan’s Fukushima complex has made it into the seafood chain off the coast of America. Small amounts of cesium-137 and cesium-134, both radioactive elements released in March 2011, have been found in at least 15 tuna that were recently caught off the coast of California. Sorry Charlie, only the best tuna get to be StarKist. Just ask the Bumble Bee.

Check out this Video of Ocean Contamination

Researchers said that, so far, the levels of cesium found in the fish are not high enough to harm humans if consumed, according to data published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Of course their going to say this. They don’t want to frighten anybody, but remember every little bit counts. Then the researcher goes on to say. “I wouldn’t tell anyone what’s safe to eat or what’s not safe to eat,” Madigan told Reuters. “It’s become clear that some people feel that any amount of radioactivity, in their minds, is bad and they’d like to avoid it. But compared to what’s there naturally, and what’s established as safety limits, it’s not a large amount at all.” Of course they just raised these limits after the disaster. But the higher radiation level is safe now. So everything is A-OK. Still, the fact that any radioactive contamination has shown up off the nation’s coastline at all should be of Glowing Concern because, as Madigan himself noted, it’s hard to say what levels of contamination in our food are ultimately dangerous enough to cause harm.

Ocean is of Glowing Concern

Radiation in our seas is of Glowing Concern

It’s just amazing that these highly paid scientist can’t tell you a thing about what’s safe and what’s not. Or even how much is dangerous. So what do they do all day? What you don’t know can hurt you.  The proof is in the next Article. This is of Glowing Concern.

Now, a recent study published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics has linked the leak of radiation to the U.S. West Coast with an increase of an endocrine disorder in newborns known as congenital hypothyroidism (CH), which can cause lifelong problems like mental retardation, deafness and physical defects if untreated. Infants are tested for CH shortly after birth, along with a slew of other disorders. If treatment begins immediately, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services says babies born with CH will have “normal or near-normal intelligence.” What ever that means. What’s near normal? Is that another word for abnormal?

Of Glowing Concern

Of Glowing Concern is the air mass movement towards the U.S.

New study: Fukushima meltdown correlates to hypothyroidism in American infants

April 2, 2013
John Upton / Grist.org / April 1, 2013 /

Fallout from that Fukushima meltdown thing a couple years back? It’s not just the Japanese who are suffering, though their plight is obviously the worst.

Radioactive isotopes blasted from the failed reactors may have given kids born in Hawaii and along the American West Coast health disorders which, if left untreated, can lead to permanent mental and physical handicaps.

Children born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington between one week and 16 weeks after the meltdowns began in March 2011 were 28 percent more likely to suffer from congenital hypothyroidism than were kids born in those states during the same period one year earlier, a new study shows. In the rest of the U.S. during that period in 2011, where radioactive fallout was less severe, the risks actually decreased slightly compared with the year before.

Substantial quantities of the radioisotope iodine-131 were produced by the meltdowns, then wafted over the Pacific Ocean and fell over Hawaii, the American West Coast, and other Pacific countries in rain and snow, reaching levels hundreds of times greater than those considered safe.

After entering our bodies, radioactive iodine gathers in our thyroids. Thyroids are glands that release hormones that control how we grow. In babies, including those not yet born, such radiation can stunt the development of body and brain. The condition is known as congenital hypothyroidism. It is treatable when detected early.

Glowning Concern for Babies

Pregnant Mothers and Newborns are of Glowing Concern

“Fukushima fallout appeared to affect all areas of the U.S., and was especially large in some, mostly in the western part of the nation,” wrote researchers with the Radiation and Public Health Project in their peer-reviewed paper published in Open Journal of Pediatrics.

“Congenital hypothyroidism can be used as one measure to assess any potential changes in U.S. fetal and infant health status after Fukushima because official data was available relatively promptly,” the researchers wrote. “However, health departments will soon have available for other 2010 and 2011 indicators of fetal/infant health, including fetal deaths, premature births, low weight births, neonatal deaths, infant deaths, and birth defects.”

So stay tuned. Two years after the meltdown, we’re only just beginning to understand how the nuclear catastrophe affected the health of people living around the vast Pacific Ocean.

Of Glowing Concern

Of Glowing Concern are the Wind Currents as Fukushima is still leaking Radiation

Of Glowing Concern for us all

Fukushima Plant’s Cooling System Fails again,

By the Associated Press

Posted Apr 5, 2013 2:40 AM CDT

(AP) – Japanese nuclear regulators say the cooling system has failed for a storage pool for fuel at one of the reactors at the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant in the northeast. There was no immediate danger from the failure, the second at the plant in a month. A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulation Authority says an alarm went off today about the problem at reactor No. 3. The cause is still under investigation.

A spokesman for the plant’s operator said the cooling system can be turned off for two weeks before temperatures approach dangerous levels. The Fukushima Dai-ichi plant went into multiple meltdowns after the March 2011 tsunami. The plant is being decommissioned, but continues to have glitches. Last month, a power outage led to a cooling system not working for two days.

If one doesn’t know by now. Fukushima may turn out to be the world’s worst nuclear disaster and may continue to release deadly radiation for thousands of years to come. The authorities have been unclear about the level of contamination caused by Fukushima. Authorities have actively worked to hide radiation levels that were caused by domestic contamination. “Texas authorities actively hid evidence of radiation in drinking water.

Cattle are of Glowing Concern

Of Glowing Concern from Cattle drinking radioactive water

What to Expect

It is obvious we cannot rely on “authorities” and government officials to keep us aware of radiation levels. This applies to current possible contamination and possible contamination from future catastrophe.

One risk factor documented in numerous studies is exposure to radioactive iodine found in nuclear weapons test fallout and nuclear reactor emissions. Large amounts of fallout disseminated worldwide from the meltdowns in four reactors at the Fukushima-Dai-ichi plant in Japan beginning March 11, 2011 included radioiodine isotopes. Just days after the meltdowns, I-131 concentrations in US precipitation was measured up to 211 times above normal. Highest levels of I-131 and airborne gross beta were documented in the five US States on the Pacific Ocean.

The cooling system for a storage pool for fuel at one of the reactors at the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant in Japan failed for the second in a month, although there was no immediate danger from the breakdown. The cooling system can be turned off for two weeks before temperatures approach dangerous levels at the spent fuel storage pools, but if the water runs dry, the fuel rods, even spent ones, will spew enormous levels of radiation.

Rats of Glowing Concern

They are even blaming us. This is of Glowing Concern.

The power outage that led to a cooling system not working for two days, TEPCO said it had found a dead rat near a switchboard and suspected that was the cause for the power going out at nine facilities at Fukushima Dai-ichi.

I smell a rat here. As if one can believe a word that comes out of their mouth. They have lied in the past about this disaster and one can bet their Glowing Concerned butt that their lying now. Lies have become their new truth.

Glowing Concern Smell

Can’t pass the smell test. Of Glowing Concern

How to protect oneself from the Glowing Concern of Radiation Dangers

Experts predict the worst radiation is coming to the American West Coast, and it’s potentially worse than Japan’s radiation levels. Many radiation protective supplements have been proposed, from iodine to various herbs.

Yet there is one that is overlooked even though it was used successfully in the hottest spots of ground zero in Fukushima.

Mega-dose vitamin C was used for workers who had to go into the reactors’ plant site and clean up or repair the damage. The drawback is mega-dose vitamin C is usually administered by IV drip. Thanks to the Medical Mafia, it’s hard to get in the USA.

Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D., from the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy, took a group of men working on the Fukushima site and administered 25,000 mg (milligrams) or 25 grams of vitamin C as a pretreatment before entering the area.

After their work, they were clear of DNA damage and precancerous indicators upon thorough medical evaluations. The untreated workers showed DNA damage and precancerous indicators.

Dr. Levy came to realize that the combination of vitamin C and essential phospholipids radically improved cellular bio-availability. No more than 20 percent of IV C gets into cells. But the Lypo-Spheric compound permits 90 percent of the C to get into cells.

Tiny particles of vitamin C coated with phospholipids create molecules of vitamin C coated with a substance similar to the cell walls. Thus those coated vitamin C molecules can slip into the cells easily.

Encapsulation also avoids diarrhea thresholds of normal oral C.

Glowing Concern for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is of Glowing Concern

We Doowans have always believed that growing ones own food is the best way to eliminate the sources of all contamination of our food. Rinse everything bought in grocery stores in running water. To remove any radioactive dust. This is of Glowing Concern.

For More Information view these links: Video dated Oct. 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIIeAeLxSjQ

Infowars.com Article Dated July 2012 http://www.infowars.com/radiation-on-west-coast-of-north-america-could-end-up-being-10-times-higher-than-in-japan/

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

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