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Why are you looking Here?.. If you want to know about me... Read my posts. Human beings are not objects, they have no solidity. They are round luminous balls of energy, boundless. The world of objects and solidity is only a description that was created to help them. In fact, losing self importance and personal history is a Warriors greatest accomplishment. SEE...............

Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

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Flying on The Wings of Consciousness to visit friends Flying on the Wings of Consciousness, A conscious flight into the unknown. That becomes Known through Experience. A Conversation had with Friends. We share this concept together in the LOVE of all of Humanity. Flying on The Wings of Consciousness with The ARCTURIANS


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13 CHAKRAS, THE AWAKENED ONES, EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS 13 Chakras in Consciousness Consciousness MATTERS, 13 Chakras to TOTALITY, where it MATTERS There are 13 Chakras in our Human Consciousness, I have Explored thus far. This is an opportunity to expand ONES Consciousness. BE-Cause YOU Aint seen nothing yet. We have heard about 7 Chakras and it's almost true... If one Speaks only part truth are they telling lies? Whatever..., are you expecting Lucifer to tell you THE Truth? Who is asking THE Question?

The Balance of Power

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The Balance of Power, is Power in Balance The Balance of Power. The Balance between Heaven and Earth The Balance of Power. The Balance between Heaven and Earth Why do I trouble myself with writing The Balance of Power. Maybe it's because I need to see it in writing. The Reflection. Or maybe you do. Before the pendulum swings back. Why else? Am I just performing a balancing act? Of the Ying and Yang. The Light and the Darkness. The Positive and the Negative. Jugggling power in a way to express The Balance of Power. Not for you but for myself. Or could it be the other way around? One must have balance if they are to stand in the Center/Heart/Spirit and walk that fine line to freedom.

A Viscous Circle

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A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it's not a Circle. A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee. It's A Viscous Circle We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That's when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it's NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

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Thirty Pieces of Silver, Is that all your Christ is worth? The Finger Yea, this is what I say to them. Charging me to use my own body. What a scam! We have all heard the story of Thirty Pieces of Silver. However, do we comprehend the Anagogic meaning of what it means for ourselves? When one realizes Silver to symbolize Truth. We put on an anagogic set of eyes to SEE the Truth. You may think this is holy shit and it is.

Fractal Within A Fractal

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Fractal Within A Fractal is a Journey within or without. Fractal within a Fractal Have you seen a Fractal Within A Fractal Which ever you Choose. The Fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A Fractal Within a Fractal is difficult to understand until one sees one for them self. When one SEES the fractal as them self, a knowing begins.

Burning Desire

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Burning Desire, With the Fire from Within Burning Desire to be free Burning Desire to cling to Nothing. The Dragon Awaits Burning Desire takes on a different perspective when viewed from the Anagogic. Experience becomes Wisdom. The Anagogical is a method of spiritual perspective that brings a deeper meaning to the literal happening. On Sept. 15th. our community experienced a wild-fire that change the life of many people who experienced this event. Costing some people everything they owned. Some might say this is a bad thing and literally it is. However,

The Blinding White Light

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The Blinding White Light. Closing your eyes will not help. Spiritual Beings From the Darkness comes The Blinding White Light The Blinding White Light shines on us all. I had this Spiritual experience on Oct. 10, 2014 Friday night. The energies of this day were life changing and continued through the weekend. I will try to describe it using words, however words fall short in their meaning when it comes to this experience. Simply put, Experience is Wisdom.

One plus One equals One

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One plus One equals One, or is it Two? Two Spirits become as one One plus One equals One M plus E equals ME. Flip the equation and ME becomes WE One plus One equals One. It's been said, One can not solve the problems of this world, with the same thinking that created the problems. Change your mind, to change your reality. I woke up this with this simple truth running through my Dreamtime Spirit.

The Emerald Tablets

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The Emerald Tablets, a Spirits Walk into Infinity The Emerald Tablets Look closely at The Emerald Tablets, One can see a bridge to eternity. All one need do is cross it. In my Spirit walk. I have come upon some information that requires sharing. This maybe the oldest writing ever found on the earth. Made of a substance that is indestructible. The Emerald Tablets antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. known as The Emerald Tables.


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Windfall, Yea Right! Our energy being flushed in a Windfall Now a days most of us would love to have this happen. A Five Million Dollar Windfall falling out of the sky right into your lap. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Just like winning the Lottery. There's that old saying! If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Not true [...]

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

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Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness, Light speed is just to Slow Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness our Human Destiny opens up new realities and new worlds for our human discovery. Just imagine one can be any place at any time in an instant. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness with the power of Spirit/Consciousness is beyond imagination. Consciousness is Spirit, and as such, can not be block by any substance or barrier known. Mind over matter is the common expression.