I Wonder about EGO. If your EGO is not your Amigo.

Spiritual Beings

I AM that and so much more.

I Wonder about EGO. Who is asking the question? What is the difference between the world of Nature, and the world of Mankind? I feel Nature. Is there a difference between Man and Nature? Is there EGO programming? I Wonder about EGO.

The difference could be artistic styles. Are you straight? Or are you wiggly? Only the painter knows for sure.

For me, there is difference in the styles between the things that straight human beings do (EGO), and the wiggly things Nature does. Even though human beings are a part of Mother Nature. I Wonder about EGO.

On the one hand Nature wiggles. Everything in Nature wiggles. The outline of mountains, streams, trees,  the wind as it blows the tall grasses, and clouds as they float. It all wiggles. Just look at a map of a coast line and one sees all those wiggly lines. It appears Nature adores wiggly, curves and bends. That’s Nature! Yet we humans find wiggly things very hard to keep track of. Technology, keeping track of lines!

Everything in Nature exists in the way it does because of everything in Nature. Much like the poles of a Magnet are connected to each other by the center. Where being in the center implies there is something outside the center. Without the center, no circumference. Without the circumference, no center.

EGO, The Mind of Man

We experience, Let’s get things straighten out. Let’s get this all squared away. Do we really understand things better when we put things in grids, squares, and lines? Maybe that’s why we call rigid people squares. LOL Hey, straighten up! Funny, straight lines and squares don’t fit well in Nature. They stand out.

Wherever there has been human consciousness and intervention we find rectangles, squares, straight lines, and right angles. Let’s get things straighten out. Let’s make a box. We live in boxes, our cities are lined out in a grid pattern. Does any one out there find this odd besides me?

Could it be that humanity has a very simple kind of mind. Where all things wiggly, are to complicated. However, human beings are just as wiggly and our brains, just look at all those wiggles. What we SEE as Nature is far more complicated than our brain. Our brain is made up of billions neurons. These neurons send a message whether they fire on or remain off. These billions of neurons live in a network. Called the EGO, The Mind of Man. How binary!

Much like the inner+dependence of flowers and bees. Strange isn’t it? Where there are no flowers there are no bees, where there are no bees, there are no flowers. They are one in the same organism. A Reflection? Equal and opposite maybe?

Everything in Nature depends upon everything else. So everything is interconnected in unity. Each and everything depends upon each and everything. As if each is a single cell of the entire brain. Connected in part with the network EGO.

Can the part comprehend the whole? I Wonder about EGO. I Wonder, is  the Universe smarter than the Mind of Man? Can the human being give up the EGO? Thus become Nature itself.

OMG, No EGO. What will I be without the EGO? Can that even be done? Let me ask you, does the Universe have an EGO? Does Nature have an EGO?

Creation is Happening

As above so it is below. The Meaning of “You”

Who is asking the Question?

Because the EGO doesn’t exist. Except in the Mind of Man. It’s an illusion in the Mind of Man… When one tries to give up the EGO with the EGO. Well, Good Luck with that.

Here’s the point. You can’t change yourself with yourself. It won’t work. Can you make yourself more loving? Make yourself less selfless? Be more than you are?

Yet it absolutely necessary that we be that way. Give Nature back to Nature. Let it go! Can you do it? It’s just the EGO that doesn’t exist that says you can’t. It’s an Idea based on a fear. Emotion. We are only making a mess by trying to put things straight with our EGO. Trying to straighten out a wiggly world goes against Nature.

Stop! We walked straight into a dead-end.

The Universe is the R/D/S/ingularity which we feel/vibrate. Oh, don’t kid yourself there’s more. When one Sings. Harmony is Good. Nature Sings in harmony with the Universe. FACE it.

Humanity is much to simple-minded to comprehend the whole. After all, we SEE the Universe through the use of symbols, we call language. Therefore what we consider to be knowledge/thoughts is a description. EGO/Symbols. Limited by our use of thoughts/language/symbols. Not necessarily in that order.

Let me say it this way. When the wrong man uses the right means, the right means works in the wrong way.

Let’s play! When the right man uses the wrong means. The wrong means works in the right way. So herein lies the problem.

We have invented this wonderful system of language, calculation, and polarities. Which is far to simple to deal with the complexity of the all. (World & Universe). If it wasn’t for the Universe, you wouldn’t exist, now would you? Therefore if you didn’t exist would your UniXerse? The X is really 4V’s facing all directions. Is it any Wonder the Universe starts with U/You?

Missing the point?

So in essence we are destine to fail. That’s OK. It’s a reflection. A contrast, Like the poles of a magnet. There is nothing we can do. Shit happens. There is nothing the EGO can change in the mirror. Simply because the EGO doesn’t exist. Man attempts to control Nature in an attempt to straighten things out. Ends up messing the wiggly Natural things up. Be a part of the whole reflection, or be it all. Just be!

The Best we can do is leave Nature alone and allow it to find homeostasis. Nature is Natural, After all the EGO doesn’t exists. It’s in our mind. Then why is it so hard to let the EGO go?

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Before we do anything. How about we reflect the beings that we truly are. Losing the illusionary EGO, the beings we think we are. Thus become the beings we truly are, which includes all. Why cant the EGO give back the Spirit of Man? Just let it go.

I Wonder about EGO

EGO, next time you have a thought. Just Let it go.

Who is asking the Question?  Is that EGO or SPIRIT? I Wonder about EGO.

Knowledge is Power

Experience  is Wisdom

Take your Power Back

Lose EGO programming, Find SPIRIT


I wonder, wonder, wonder who wrote the book of Love?

If your EGO is not your Amigo, than it stinks!

 I Wonder about EGO.