Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.We had to spray more Chemicals on GMOZ Crops.

The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.
We had to spray more Chemicals on GMOZ Crops.

As promised, Farmer Speaks on GMOZ has been posted by This is the Farmers article. These are his words talking about his experience with GMOZ. Mosanto makes claims that they can’t even back up with science and we are supposed to believe them.  They claim that GMOZ are a sustainable solution to the worlds hunger by increasing yields and reducing toxic chemical Spraying.

First, This Doowan would like to ask. How can one sustain the spraying of chemicals. Is that in itself Unsustainable? Second, Isn’t Roundup a toxic Chemical? Causing super weeds to develop that are resistant to roundup causing the spraying of more roundup, or worse. Which actually is roundup! What about roundup in the water supplies, above ground and in the ground. What about higher yields? What are we talking a 1% to 5% higher yield. That’s on a good year. Studies have proven that the yield actually goes down.

Lastly, Monsatan claims that GMOZ are safe. How can they make that claim when independent Studies have proven their claims false? Oh, by making claims that the independent study science was bad science. This must mean that only Monsatan can do an accurate study. It’s true Monsatan does studies. Their studies usually go on for 90 days, and then they draw their conclusions. They call that a study? Most diseases take longer than 90 days to develop. What about Cancer? It takes at least 80% of a kidney to fail before one would notice. So if on day 91 the kidney fails. They can conclude that it’s safe?

People, forget about the F.D.A. their run by Monsatan employees. The GMOZ White House speaks to that. Truth is, Monsatan has the bad science. And we are their lab rats.

The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.What? I can't confirm or deny anything. What? I didn't see anything. What? I can hear you.

The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.
What? I can’t confirm or deny anything. What? I didn’t see anything. What? I can hear you.

It appears that Monsatan states the opposite to the facts and independent studies as truth. Well one can state what ever they want when given free rein to do as they please. They simply forgot We the People are smarter than that.

Mr Wendel Lutz is a giant among men. We thank him for his honest efforts in bring this subject to light and informing us of his experience in The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ. We give him full credit for this article and again we thank him very much for sharing his experience in The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.

The Farmer Speaks On GMOZ Soy!

The Farmer Speaks On GMOZ Soy!

Here’s his experience:

Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

Wendel Lutz hardly qualifies as an anti-GMO activist. As a conventional corn and soybean farmer is nearly a polar opposite of an environmentalist. Yet, he shares some views with opponents of genetically modified foods based on his experience growing GM crops.
Lutz has been farming since 1979, producing corn and soybeans on about 500 acres in Dewey, Illinois. He is also a District 11 director for the Illinois Soybean Association and a member of the American Soybean Association.
Increasing Roundup applications
Lutz started growing Roundup Ready (RR) GM corn and soybeans in 2006 after seeing his neighbors effectively control weeds.
In his first year growing RR crops, he says, “I had nice clean beans” with no weed problems.
But in his second year, he started seeing problems. “We went from a 32 ounce formulation (with Roundup) to 36 ounces,” Lutz says. “As time went on we were upping the rates,” he says.
Last year, Lutz grew Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, but they didn’t increase yields as promised. “They were my worst soybeans,” he says.
On top of that, weeds became resistant to Roundup, which was confirmed by lab tests on weed samples he submitted.
“I might as well go non-GMO”
Based on his bad experience with the more expensive GM seeds, Lutz decided to produce non-GMO this year. He planted non-GMO soybean seed varieties from Schillinger/eMerge Genetics and joined a non-GMO soybean program organized by Premier Cooperative that encompasses 26,000 acres. He is earning a $1.90 per bushel premium for growing the non-GMO soybeans and can deliver the soybeans to a local grain elevator at harvest, which offers convenience.
Lutz has also grown a food-grade white, non-GMO corn although he says this a bad year for corn because of drought. “This is the third rotten year of corn. This can’t go on. We have to have more crop diversity,” he says.
Lutz believes GMOs aren’t the answer, comparing them to fancy options on a car. “If you don’t have a good engine, it still won’t work. You have to have good genetics. I don’t see the benefits (of GMOs).”
“Let’s see what the truth is”
He is also concerned about the availability of good corn inbreds, which produce corn hybrids, for non-GMO production. “I don’t have the variety of genetics to choose from that farmers who buy GM corn do.”
Lutz also opposes Monsanto’s patents on seeds. “Isn’t that slavery? Didn’t we fight a war over that?” he asks.
He supports GM food labeling, asking “why not put it on there to expose a little light?”
Most importantly, he wonders if GM foods are safe and wants scientists to find out. “I want to know what the truth is. Are we poisoning ourselves and the land? By the time we know there is a problem, how much damage will be done to the gene pool and our health? Let’s see both sides of the debate and see what the truth is.”

The Great and Powerful GMOZ Farmer Has spoken.With The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

The Great and Powerful GMOZ Farmer Has spoken.
With The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

Mr Wendel Lutz Has Spoken! In case you were wondering a bushel of soy is about 60 lbs. He makes a $1.90 per bushel. That’s hard work! He must LOVE what he does.

From the Farmer Speaks on GMOZ, to your ears. Well sort of.

News flash: Washington state is putting GMOZ labeling on their ballot. Let’s see what happens. Any bets out there whether it passes? We’ll see!

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The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.Did you hear him?

The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.
Did you hear him?

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Farmer Speaks on GMOZ