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Power of The Number Nine See a Nine? Just step through and see it from the other side The Number Nine is everywhere. One need only look just under the surface. Before we start one must understand that numbers were not invented, they were discovered. To understand Nine one must consider Numerology. The Number Nine is the last number in a base [...]

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Souls for Sale wrote the Book on Religions In the name of Religions we suffer from the lack of Knowledge See listing on Souls for Sale Channel # 666 on your TV dial. Are you tired and wore out... Thinking of selling your soul? Then you have come to the right place. Souls for Sale can sell your soul to a supreme [...]

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Spiral In

@ Spiral In Now our Awareness begins its Spiral In into Consciousness to SEE what is there. SEEing is Body Knowledge. The Predominance of the visual sense in us influences this Body Knowledge. Makes it seem eye related. However it's Not. You will SEE as you Spiral In. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's light. Which ever you SEE it's [...]

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Animal Medicine

 Animal Medicine Animal Medicine, known as Animal Totems, Spirit Animals, bringers of Animal Wisdom from their,,, {Kingdom}. Sharing Consciousness with Animal Beings is a life changing Act. Animals are in Tune with nature. When one of these Spirit beings crosses your path, Great Spirit has sent them to deliver a message......... Are you Listening? The Animal Awareness these beings share is beyond [...]

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Connect Connect with us when you are ready to plug your Awareness into Consciousness on the Path Less Traveled. See it in the picture above... It's that path over there, SEE it? Know,,, A path is only a path, there is no affront to oneself in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every [...]

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Vulture Medicine

Vulture Medicine Vulture eats death but does not bring it. Vulture Medicine has been on my Heartmind for some time. With the changing of the winds of life, I feel it's time to bring forth Vulture Medicine. I'm sure you have seen our dark, sometimes ominous friends while going about your business in life. Death = Rebirth A vulture on board; bald, red, queer-shaped [...]

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For Doowans, Consciousness & Awareness are two different Aspects We share our Consciousness on this Site. Whether YOU are Aware remains to be Explored. ~Doowan Perceptions~ A Doowans Point of View A Doowans Point of View is only a view. However it's a Doowans view. Looking at a Description. As a result of my own experiences, [...]

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Use this Table of Contents to find the article that interests your Consciousness. Although cumbersome, this Table of Contents is a powerful yet user friendly tool to locate a specific Post. One may simply  Click the Title, they are all linked to the specific Posts for your convenience. Our Table of Contents has over 250 posts to choose from. [...]

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Hummm, Falcon Medicine, when Worlds Collide, Falcon vs Dove. Falcon Medicine one of the most specialized birds of prey because they error not. Their speed and accuracy are simply unmatched, because they exercise restraint. This Falcon Medicine message is about being discriminate in our choices, choosing with accuracy and precision, exercising restraint thus reaping ultimate success and reward as we progress and [...]

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