Vulture Medicine

Vulture perched

Vulture eats death but does not bring it.

Vulture Medicine has been on my Heartmind for some time. With the changing of the winds of life, I feel it’s time to bring forth Vulture Medicine. I’m sure you have seen our dark, sometimes ominous friends while going about your business in life.

Death = Rebirth

A vulture on board; bald, red, queer-shaped head, featherless red places here and there on his body, intense great black eyes set in featherless rims of inflamed flesh; dissipated look; a business-like style, a selfish, conscienceless, murderous aspect–the very look of a professional assassin, and yet a bird which does no murder. What was the use of getting him up in that tragic style for so innocent a trade as his? For this one isn’t the sort that wars upon the living, his diet is offal–and the more out of date it is the better he likes it. Nature should give him a suit of rusty black; then he would be all right, for he would look like an undertaker and would harmonize with his business; whereas the way he is now he is horribly out of true.

– Following the Equator –Mark Twain

Vulture Medicine is often seen along highways, cities, and towns where we humans dwell. Due to our nature (Nat-yours), Vulture Medicine has quite a large job to fill now-a-days in the physical world. I see more and more dead animals along the roads during my travels than ever before.

This shows me the state of balance we are currently in as a society. Are the animals to blame? Those pesky animals getting in my way, Hey!… I’m driving here! My taxes pay for these roads! The city should do something about all these animals, look what this deer just did to my car!!! F********

Self importance is a bitch, We must lose self importance at all costs. Talk about a FST LRNR.. Do you think this guy learned something? LOL

Self importance is a bitch, We must lose self importance at all costs. Talk about a FST LRNR.. Do you think this guy learned something? LOL

I saw a cover of Time Magazine awhile back; “America’s Pest Problem” with a picture of a deer on the front of it. This intrigued me as Deer are some of my closest friends, so I picked up the magazine on the rack, which I normally walk right past, and skimmed through it a bit. I was not too surprised to quickly See that, yet again, we are Missing the Point. In the article, discussion around hunting and fishing regulations as well as the urban whitetail deer “problem” was being discussed. Along with stories around how much damage is done to vehicle’s/personal property, (talk about taking something personally), due to deer overpopulation etc. etc. blah-blah. Hmmmmmmm…

Is it the animals to blame? Or ourselves?

Who’s the pest, me or you?

Who’s the pest, me or you?

The Invisible Man in the sky said we have dominion over all the animals of the world. In this doctrine, wouldn’t this suggest that perhaps we may be doing something to Cause this? Bring some awareness to the cause of the effect rather than crying about our brand new Mercedes and the deer innards which are now embedded into the emblem. At least Vulture Medicine is here to take care of the remains and bring rebirth to our deer friend who are now soaring with the Eagle.

Vulture soars on the winds like Eagle, this symbolizes rebirth into Higher consciousness.

Vulture soars on the winds like Eagle, this symbolizes rebirth into Higher consciousness.

I know Who I Am as well as Who I Am Not. This unbalance of modern man and animal is a direct reflection of the unbalance in ourselves. Who’s to blame the animals for our way of designing life as we know it, do they understand what a road is? Much less a moving vehicle?

We Doowan’s know who we are in this game of life we play. Trust in spirit, (which is yourself), and live in harmony with animals, and our fellow humankind. Even in this modern world in which we live everyday as the Doowan Warrior. Once this is realized and acted upon, not only do the stars align in our favor, opening up the world at large, even the animals instinctively move out of our way when traveling down the road. Since they already know the Meaning of You. They have not fallen into the state in which we have, it’s not in their DNA, thus they have no choice but to follow spirit.

A beautiful pure state, similar to that of a child before conditioning into the modern world, but that’s for another topic. Let’s get back to Vulture Medicine.

Vultures come in many flavors around the world, although some of them may soon be gone from this world if We do not change our ways.

Vultures come in many flavors around the world, although some of them may soon be gone if We do not change our ways.

16 of the world’s most endangered vulture species

It is easy to take for granted that which is not in our direct awareness. I learned something new today regarding Vultures around the world. Where I live, in the Eastern part of North America BlueRidge Mt’s, Turkey Vultures are thriving. Maybe that’s simply because everyone here is doing their typical western living so close to Large nature that our vehicles are creating lots of food for these birds, however in other parts of the world this is not the case. I learned by reading the above article, 16 of the 23 species of Vulture Medicine in the world are near-threatened. Many of those 16 are about to leave this world as we speak with some populations being 99.9% less, as soon as the 1980’s.

This is quite alarming, I can only imagine what an area without vultures would be like… Soon enough we may actually see Zombies in the Real World due to the spreading of disease which our vulture friends so graciously take care of for us, even if we don’t realize it.

Are you a zombie too?

Are you a zombie too?

When I say zombie, I’m talking about the kind that eats human flesh because of some pandemic outbreak, the other kind of zombies are already here. Seeing all those kids wandering aimlessly on their phones? Kinda looks like zombies huh? Pokemon Go!

Vulture uses Death as an advisor:

Vulture uses Death as an advisor:

Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you’re about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, ‘I haven’t touched you yet.” –Carlos Castaneda

Vulture is a interesting animal, which brings a message to our Awareness, I often see misinterpreted. Do you get a feeling inside that Death is lingering nearby when you see these Dark birds towering over from the decaying trees/urban structures above or circling over head?

Has death come for you this time or right around the corner? A fearful state this can be, I have felt it many times for myself. The truth of the matter here is that your death can give you a little warning, it always comes as a chill. Death is our eternal companion, it is always to our left, at an arm’s length away, waiting. Death is the hunter, and we are the prey. How can anyone feel so self important when we know that death is stalking us? This tempers our spirit, or scares the shit out of us (Pro tip: Keep an extra pair of pants on hand).

Vulture Medicine is around and no doubt is using death as its advisor. As Vulture Medicine communicates along the lines of the world in a way that science/reason simply has no answer to explain. They seem to magically appear at times even before death has actually come for the being in question but they are able to alert their brother/sister vultures using a quantum language unknown to modern man, yet known to ones who have carried this information for eons. A quantum language that can be spoken from anywhere to anyone in any time/space.

Now that’s powerful medicine….

Vulture can teach you this quantum language if You ask the question.

Vulture can teach you this quantum language when You ask the question.

Those who have Vulture Medicine as their totem will carry this medicine with them always. Through their current life and into numerous others. If Vulture is your totem in life then you are noticed more for what you do than how you appear. The appearance of Vulture Medicine, while it may be a put off for some, one would be foolish to judge,, as they are only judging themselves.

As you may have noticed vulture is a scavenger. Feeding off the resources which were left unwanted, the scraps of life per say. This meaning shows us the benefit of being resourceful. The ability to find the sometimes unexpected protein in life 🙂 Reminding us to be opportunistic of tragedy. As one beings death could mean another’s life. There is always progression to be found in life, it’s only those resistant to change that will become stagnant and eventually fall away as the currents move.

If we know one thing for sure, it is that change is imminent. Resisting change is inevitably unavoidable. As all things in the universe move. This is out of our direct control, however we can choose to move with the currents, co-creating with creation along the lines of time and space if we wish to make a more enjoyable ride. Or return to source as space dust. This is our fundamental choice at a core level.

Vulture Medicine runs deep into the subtle layers of ourselves beneath the external/physical. See Energy Body for a description of those layers.

If you’ve ever gone flying with the vultures then you will see their true colors. They have Silver Wings in which they use to fly on the currents of the world, using little if no energy of their own. This aspect of Vulture Medicine represents the ability to use the energy of the world around us thus, Flow effortlessly through life. To fully realize this would mean we are no longer unwillingly expending energy on things in life which do not serve our higher purpose. Saving this priceless energy (life-force) for the things which count. As those with the eyes to see realize is an invaluable commodity to achieve.

The Turkey Vulture glides along the air on Silver Wings

The Turkey Vulture glides along the air on Silver Wings

Vulture is a master navigator of the winds, air, and flys like Eagle. Air symbolizes higher mind and intelligence, which teaches us to aspire to rise higher into our true potential.

Vultures sore on the winds for hours at times before descending for the perfect meal. This aspect teaches us patience, knowing when to make the right move in life. Sometimes we simply wait and trust that we Will know when the time is right to act. A warrior knows he is waiting and what he is waiting for.

In addition Vultures are silent most of the time, making only grunting, or hissing sounds when feeding or protecting young etc. This is due to lack of vocal organs necessary to sing like other birds so they primarily communicate in a more subtle way.

This tells us to be careful with our words and speak less. Silence is a source of great strength and we should utilize this powerful action. To listen rather than speak.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you may learn something new.” --Lao Tzu

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you may learn something new.” –Lao Tzu

The medicine of Vulture reflected in us, yes, has an aspect in Death, However, most importantly symbolizes Rebirth. This is the aspect I call attention to most, over the typical description I see often. We must die in ways, in order to be born again. Just as Christ was showing us through the physical body drop which is so prominently displayed around the world in the form of a cross (T)(X).

Yes we could continue to spin our wheels on the same old description, in turn receiving the same results. However let’s look at this through the eyes of Vulture Medicine for a moment. As we have seen, teaches us to not get caught up on the surface or appearance. Perhaps there is something more to this story…

Could this cross (X) really be the crossroads of ourselves? Can we sacrifice our limiting thoughts and actions in order to be re-born into the world of an Ultimate You?

The way us Doowan’s see it, everyone who is on the path less traveled must go through a sacrifice in order to let go of that which is no longer needed. This is not an easy task, as for many it’s at the core of who/what we think we are. It could be our entire worldview. Thus for us to sacrifice this would surely mean death. Bingo!

We are on the right track here. Fear, the first natural enemy of mankind.

Fear of death is something we all have gone through at some point in our lives. Death is only a change in states of awareness and in reality does not hold the same description that most are accustomed to. In fact all of you reading this have died numerous times in this particular physical experience you’re having right Now. I Am speaking of the transition from waking to the dream world, or the 2nd attention as Doowan’s call it, which we all go through as we drift to sleep. This is that change in states of awareness,, or death.

See the Three Attentions of Humankind parts 1-4 for a more complete description of these states.

The Three Attentions of Humankind, Vulture knows this teaching, do you?

The Three Attentions of Humankind, Vulture knows this teaching, do you?

At times we come up with ideas, or maybe better said, they are implanted in us e.g. whispered into our ears, told by our parents or loved ones etc., while we’re children. These ideas which are not our own can become what IS our known. This is all well when coming from a balanced individual with the wisdom (wise-dumb) of experience in these deeper matters, however in our society today that is rarely the case. Most of what we see is simply regurgitated information passed down and all around, without true innerstanding of the original intent.

For example, how many children are told after having a nightmare or dream, “That was only a dream and not real” or similar? Its things like this that condition us to no longer remember our dreams which we were so sure were real as children.

Our culture is so focused on the physical that the more subtle existences are ignored as we cannot “prove” they exist. Is not your own experience proof enough? You are EXPERIENCING it aren’t you?

Even though a small child may not “know” much about the “real world” does not negate the experience they were having during their dreaming. In fact,, it may have been showing them something of great importance to their Now. As we Dream our futures before they happen in the physical.

See Lizard Medicine. Vulture Medicine knows all about this, they know where their next meals will be?

Vulture knows where and when he is going, he has dreamed it.

Vulture knows he is going, he has dreamed it.

I want to dedicate this first @NoWayHix post to a close very old friend who has inspired the Vulture Medicine in me to get off my ass and write something.

Thanks Sam, for bringing the magic with you from TX. I know you know, that I know, what we’re talking about here.

A special shout out to CJC (Thunderbird) for riding alongside on The Winds of Change, and channeling through here.

I SEE you in the mirror of self reflection.

Peace out bitches.