Monsanto GMOZ News Flash

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Well what do you know Monsanto GMOZ New Flash. Yes I am in the News again. Don't worry I won't kill you. Monsanto GMOZ News Flash........ Monsanto GMOZ Wheat was found in Oregon Fields. Oh don't worry it's safe to eat. Yea, sure bet, than why was it never approved. Something doesn't pass the stink test in this Monsanto GMOZ News Flash. [...]

Chemtrails, Nanobots and You

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Chemtrails, Nanobots and You. Hogwash or Reality, God only knows. Chemtrails or Contrails only the Nanobots know for sure. Chemtrails, Nanobots and You, Look up in the sky, is it a bird, it's a plane, or is it superman? Nope it's Chemtrails, with Nanobots and they're looking for you. This may sound like science fiction. Chemtrails, Nanobots and You is the science [...]

Monsanto’s Clutching at Straws

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Monsanto's last-ditch efforts Monsanto's Clutching at Straws these days as they know their number 666 is up. Monsatan's King of the Zombies Monsanto's Clutching at Straws also known as Monsatan We the People have become aware of Monsanto's Silent Sterilization and poisoning of us. However, Monsatan doesn't give up so easily. GMOZ Evil begets GMOZ Evil that's just the way it is. [...]

Monsatan’s in the News

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Monsatan's in the News Again Monsatan's in the News This time attacking small farmers. You know we Doowans tried to stop taking about these jurks. GMO Armageddon says it all. We all know they are Satan's spawn. And all they bring is death and destruction. We have written over 25 articles concerning GMOZ. And quit frankly we are concerned that our blog [...]

New Threat from GMOZ

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New Threat from GMOZ. This could just kill us. New Threat from GMOZ. While you talk about it. I just play my flute. New Threat from GMOZ , could just kill us. Dr. Huber wrote a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, informing him of the issues discussed above, as well as another groundbreaking new finding that could spell absolute disaster for [...]

Truth is

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Seven Deadly Sins of GMOZ Truth is The Seven Deadly Sins Of GMOZ Truth is, we can talk the Seven Deadly Sins of GMOZ until we're blue in the face. To what purpose that servers is anybodies guess. We Doowans pray it serves to our survival, because the facts speak for themselves. Rhetoric, lies, truth countering lies, More lies more truth. It [...]

GMOZ, Telling it like it is

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GMOZ, Telling it like it is GMOZ Telling it like it is. We Doowans just love these guys. Talk about GMOZ, telling it like it is. These guys get our two thumbs up. We at have mentioned in past posts about GMOZ causing Disease (Dis-ease). Well these guys are right on top with this GMOZ, Telling it like it is about [...]

MonSatan Speaks

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MonSatan Speaks. Eat your GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive and call me in the MorningMonSatan Speaks In all fairness provides an article from Monsatan himself. Monsatan speaks, but really who cares. He tells us what he want us to hear. It's never the truth. That would go against him. A house divided can never stand. However, We wish to share this [...]

Farmer Speaks on GMOZ

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Farmer Speaks on GMOZ The Farmer Speaks on GMOZ.We had to spray more Chemicals on GMOZ Crops. As promised, Farmer Speaks on GMOZ has been posted by This is the Farmers article. These are his words talking about his experience with GMOZ. Mosanto makes claims that they can't even back up with science and we are supposed to believe them.  They [...]

GMOZ and Bees

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GMOZ and Bees GMOZ and Bees They sure are pretty creaturesLook ever hair in place Sometimes one needs to step back from the GMOZ perspective. One can get tunnel vision. GMOZ do that to me. Seeing only darkness. So, that's what this Doowan Did. I'M back with GMOZ and Bees. What Happen when I Stepped Back from GMOZ As I stepped back, [...]

GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive

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Not only is GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive but it's causing premature Liver Disease in our young adults. GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive GMOZ Corn maybe causing 10% of all American teenagers to have a previously rare liver disease (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD) by the time they reach their 19th birthday. Notice their not even old enough to drink alcohol. [...]

GMOZ and You

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GMOZ and You have been the topic on everybody's minds lately! We have brought you the most up to date information we could find. How are we doing so far? When you garden with Heirloom varieties they have been proven safe to consume. As and added bonus you can harvest the seeds from your plants and grow them next year. Creating a never-ending cycle [...]