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Eat your GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive and call me in the MorningMonSatan Speaks

Eat your GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive and call me in the Morning
MonSatan Speaks

In all fairness provides an article from Monsatan himself. Monsatan speaks, but really who cares. He tells us what he want us to hear. It’s never the truth. That would go against him. A house divided can never stand. However, We wish to share this information because at the very least, its amusing. Really, Monsatan your rhetoric grows tiresome. We Doowans wish to be fair so here’s your chance.

Rhetoric(n):The art,study,or skill of using language effectively and persuasively; or elaborate, pretentious, insincere language.

Have you had your GMOZ Corn New Contraceptive Flakes this morning?MonSatan Speaks

Have you had your GMOZ Corn New Contraceptive Flakes this morning?
MonSatan Speaks

MonSatan Speaks

Do GM Crops Increase Yield?
Since the advent of biotechnology, there have been a number of claims from anti-biotechnology activists that genetically-modified (GM) crops don’t increase yields. Some have claimed that GM crops actually have lower yields than non-GM crops.

Both claims are simply false.

In agriculture, desirable crop characteristics are known as traits. One of the most important traits is yield. Improving crop yield can be accomplished through both breeding and biotechnology. GM crops generally have higher yields due to both breeding and biotechnology.


Germplasm is the basic genetic information in a seed that influences the growth and development of the plant. For example, germplasm for different varieties of tomatoes may vary in pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, color, size, yield potential and many other characteristics.


Starting long before modern biotechnology, plant breeders have worked to improve germplasm–for example, to develop seeds with the best mix of characteristics to deliver the best yield possible for the soil and climatic conditions where they will be grown.
Today, plant breeders use a mix of both traditional and modern methods to improve plants. Modern methods include marker assisted breeding, which enables breeders to use a blueprint of the genome to select seeds with the most desirable properties. Marker assisted breeding in effect helps speed up the time it takes to do traditional breeding–breeders can better select whether to cross tomato A with tomato B, or C, or D, or E, or F, or …–you get the idea–to get the desired improvement.


Biotechnology is a more direct approach than breeding since it allows you to incorporate genetic material directly into the germplasm. This allows you to create plants with traits that would be difficult or impossible to achieve through breeding. In some GM crops, the genetic material originates from another species. The most common traits in GM crops are herbicide tolerance (HT) and insect resistance (IR). HT plants contain genetic material from common soil bacteria. IR crops contain genetic material from a bacterium that attacks certain insects.


Yield can be increased by breeding and through the addition of GMtraits.
Germplasm improvements from traditional breeding have contributed to modest but steady increases in yield. Marker-assisted breeding has nearly doubled the rate of yield gain when compared to traditional breeding alone.
GM traits, such as insect and herbicide tolerance, help to increase yields by protecting the yield that would otherwise be lost due to insects or weeds. The degree to which a farmer enjoys increased yields because of insect and herbicide tolerance traits will in large part be determined by how effective the farmer’s weed and insect control programs were before planting a crop with these traits. If weeds and insects had been controlled well, then the insect and herbicide tolerance traits will not be the primary factor in increasing yield.
In developing countries, where resources to effectively control weeds and insects are often limited, these traits have increased yield substantially. The same is also true for developed countries where there are particular pests that are hard to control–such as the corn rootworm complex or some perennial weeds.

The introduction of GM traits through biotechnology has led to increased yields independent of breeding. Take for example statistics cited by PG Economics, which annually tallies the benefits of GM crops, taking data from numerous studies around the world:

Mexico – yield increases with herbicide tolerant soybean of 9 percent.
Romania – yield increases with herbicide tolerant soybeans have averaged 31 percent.
Philippines – average yield increase of 15 percent with herbicide tolerant corn.
Philippines – average yield increase of 24 percent with insect resistant corn.
Hawaii – virus resistant papaya has increased yields by an average of 40 percent.
India – insect resistant cotton has led to yield increases on average more than 50 percent.

Even where insect and herbicide tolerance are not the primary factors in increasing yield, they provide many other benefits. Analysis by PG Economics also show that GM crops are credited with decreasing pesticide and fuel use, and with facilitating conservation tillage practices that reduce soil erosion, improve carbon retention and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Decreased inputs aren’t just a savings and convenience for farmers; they offer significant environmental benefits for everyone:

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with GM crops for 2006 is estimated to be equal to removing more than half a million cars from the road.
On average, the volume of herbicide used on corn has dropped 20 percent since herbicide tolerant corn was introduced in 1996.

Approximately 95 percent of the soybeans and 75 percent of the corn in the United States are GM. More than 95 percent of the soybeans in Argentina and half the soybeans grown in Brazil are GM. Where given the choice, farmers have consistently adopted GM crops quickly and widely because they see the improvement these products deliver. Whether it is increases in yield, or other benefits, farmers clearly see value in GM crops.

Misinformation and Setting the Record Straight

Irresponsible journalists and activists continue to misrepresent data and claim that GM crops actually reduce yields. For example, Geoffrey Lean recently published a story in the UK newspaper The Independent entitled Exposed: the Great GM Crops Myth. Lean concluded that yields were lower with GM crops based in large part on a study published by Dr. Barney Gordon of Kansas State University. Lean failed to understand or explain that the purpose of Gordon’s research was not to examine yields, but to look at how certain GM soybean varieties respond to manganese levels. Dr. Gordon has since published a response which characterizes the article as “a gross misrepresentation of my research and a good example of irresponsible journalism”.

Despite Dr. Gordon’s clarification and statements, some anti-GMO activists continue to reference the Gordon study and the Lean article as evidence of lower yields with GMOs. Dr. Mae Wan Ho of the Institute for Science in Society cited the Gordon study as evidence that biotech crops do not increase yields. The Center for Food Safety also referenced the study as evidence of decreased yields.

Monsanto and other agricultural technology companies continue to improve germplasm, and to develop GM traits that are designed to directly increase yield, and more. In 2009, Monsanto released a line of soybeans in the US that has been shown in field trials to increase yields by 7-11 percent. We’ve made a public commitment to double yields in key crops by 2030. Equally important to increasing yield, we’ve committed to doing so with one-third fewer resources, such as fertilizer and water, per unit of output.
Last Updated: 11/26/2012

MonSatan SpeaksI'll listen when Pigs can fly.

MonSatan Speaks
I’ll listen when Pigs can fly.

MonSatan Speaks and A Doowan Talks Back

Yep! Rhetoric. Simply stating that both claims are false. Where’s your proof? Is more study needed? Also, there’s the debate on increased yields. Let’s assume that the increase claimed is true. You know what happens when we ass-u-me. Who in their right mind would what an increase in disease and sterilizing crops? Increase in poison, you have to be in sane to think that’s good! The other independent studies and Farmers experiences must all be false or bad science. Whatever! Oh, you mentioned a 50% increase in BT Cotton. Never mentioning what happened to the India Farmers that picked that cotton. Oooops, must have forgotten that part. Plus, the suicide rate increase because they couldn’t continue farming with your 300% of increased in seed and chemical costs to them. I guess that’s not important enough to mention in this article.

The name calling is icing on the GMOZ cake.

“Irresponsible journalists and activists continue to misrepresent data and claim that GM crops actually reduce yields”. Like you haven’t done the same. Activists, you bet ya! Can’t get the truth from you when MonSatan Speaks. Seems you have memory loses. Eating your own GMOZ crops? You better see your doctor, he’s got a Vaccine that will fix you right up. The best part is where you said that Dr. Gordon interviewer failed to understand or explain that the purpose of Gordon’s research was not to examine yields, but to look at how certain GM soybean varieties respond to manganese levels. Yet, the yields were down. But he wasn’t suppose to see that because he wasn’t suppose to look at that.

Let me ask you something Monsatan. If I was sitting at a stop sigh and was only looking at the stop sign. And I didn’t see a car coming that had the right of way. And I pulled into the intersection and caused an accident. Did the accident not happen, because I was suppose to be looking at the stop sign? Nope, you would call me Irresponsible because I should have looked both ways. Just more Rhetoric.

Really, how did you get to be big man in Biotechnology with logic like that? You must have friends in low places. Oh, I see now. We the People aren’t suppose to be looking at the advise effects your crops cause. We are suppose to keep our eyes only on you Monsatan, and drive on into the intersection of poisoning and sterilization.

Well you had your chance MonSatan speaks and failed miserably. You showed us what you wanted us to see, and unfortunately for you, We the People looked both ways before crossing. Now, all we have to do is find an honest cop around to pull you over and throw your butt in jail for all the murders and crimes against the people you have committed. You can run but you can’t hide. Not with those big horns and big red snake-skin you have. Monsatan Speaks, and it’s nothing but trash. Like usual! I could go on blowing holes in your smoke screen but I’m tired of your rhetoric. Monsatan Speaks!

This Doowan says, SHUT UP and go back where you came from. And take your friends in the White House with you.

MonSatan Speaksand His friends listen

MonSatan Speaks
and His friends listen

MonSatan Speaks with Forked Tongue!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


MonSatan SpeaksWe replied SHUT UP!

MonSatan Speaks
We replied SHUT UP!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

MonSatan Speaks,  SHUT UP!