GMOZ and Bees

GMOZ and Bees They sure are pretty creaturesLook ever hair in place

GMOZ and Bees They sure are pretty creatures
Look ever hair in place

Sometimes one needs to step back from the GMOZ perspective. One can get tunnel vision. GMOZ do that to me. Seeing only darkness. So, that’s what this Doowan Did. I’M back with GMOZ and Bees.

What Happen when I Stepped Back from GMOZ

As I stepped back, I Slipped on Ah, Bananas. Got up and Saw a New Comet Coming Towards Earth this year. Wrote about Urine because I had to go real bad. Sung with The Great I AM Voice of Creation. Started Creating in the Garden. Heard Some Strange Sounds around the World and wet my Depends. The Truth will set you Free. Discovered a New DNA Strand in Humans and saw my New Body And wrote a Poem. Refused the Flu Vaccinations because there loaded with poisons. Found this Strange Plant growing Strange things from it. Learned a New Language of the Source of Creation. Sung with Mother Earth’s New Song that was fun. Realized I have the Right to Remain Silent but I didn’t have the ability. Discovered that We could have been Killed but nobody said anything. Found The Great I AM Voice of Will and The Great I AM the Voice of Heart, Getting closer to my Totality. Wrote a New Theory On The Holographic Projections of Beliefs, I need to change a Belief to change My Reality. Cured my Depression, isn’t marriage wonderful? Ate some GMOZ Corn the New Contraceptive, I was feeling frisky. Experienced Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts, This change a Belief Change Reality thing really works. And that was just this month, Looks like I need a hobby! Oh wait, This is just my part-time job. I have another job writing for other blogs too! Plus, run Doowans but that’s easy it’s fun. We love Gardening.

So where was I, Turn around and took another look at GMOZ and BEES and yep! This stuff is Bad, not bad in a good way. Like “Man that’s Bad”! Bad in a bad Way! Like “Man that’s Bad”!

I did find something interesting about GMOZ that I didn’t know before. That’s what this post is about. Besides all the Diseases they cause. I did take a moment and look at Monsanto’s Website and found an article that I will post but not now. I have to load my pen to punch holes in their Article. Hey, Monsatan, Did you miss me?

This New Stuff answers some Questions about the Honey Bees, and what GMOZ are doing to them. This could be real interesting.  Of course I can’t post the whole Article, but I will give the link where the reader can read the Whole thing and really learn something. Damn, I just realized, I have so much new Information that I AM might have to post all next month, on GMOZ.

Nah! I just wanted to make Monsatan wet their Depends. Like they care about you or me for that matter. Their laughing all the way to the bank.

They are getting the message and it’s not looking good for them. I AM so proud of We the People for their support and taking action on GMOZ. It just goes to show what We the People can do. Thank You!

640266 / Insect - Honney Bee

GMOZ and Bees A deadly Mix. We lose!

And the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America

Commercial beehives pollinate over a third of

[North}America’s crops and that web of nourishment encompasses everything from fruits like peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries and more, to nuts like California almonds, 90 percent of which are helped along by the honeybees. Without this pollination, you could kiss those crops goodbye, to say nothing of the honey bees produce or the flowers they also fertilize’.
This essay will discuss the arguments and seriousness pertaining to the massive deaths and the decline of Bee colonies in North America. As well, it will shed light on a worldwide hunger issue that will have an economical and ecological impact in the very near future.

There are many reasons given to the decline in Bees, but one argument that matters most is the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOZ) and “Terminator Seeds” that are presently being endorsed by governments and forcefully utilized as our primary agricultural needs of survival. I will argue what is publicized and covered by the media is in actuality masking the real forces at work, namely the impact of genetically modified seeds on the reproduction of bee colonies across North America
Genetically modified seeds are produced and distributed by powerful biotech conglomerates. The latter manipulate government agricultural policy with a view to supporting their agenda of dominance in the agricultural industry. American conglomerates such as Monsanto, Pioneer Hybrid and others, have created seeds that reproduce only under certain conditions, often linked to the use of their own brands of fertilizer and/or insecticide.

The genetic modification of the plant leads to the concurrent genetic modification of the flower pollen. When the flower pollen becomes genetically modified or sterile, the bees will potentially go malnourished and die of illness due to the lack of nutrients and the interruption of the digestive capacity of what they feed on through the summer and over the winter hibernation process.
I will argue that the media reports tend to distract public opinion from the true cause which underlies the destruction of bee colonies. As such, outlined are four major arguments which the biotech conglomerates (which produce and market GMOZ seeds) have used to mislead the public regarding the demise of the bees. These arguments include Varroa mites, parasites, cell phones, and terminator seeds.

GMOZ & Bees Does one think a cell phone might give a Bee Cancer?

GMOZ & Bees Does one think a cell phone might give a Bee Cancer?

Argument 1: Varroa mites

Firstly, “while there are some [people who] want to pin the blame on these mites”, such views are unconvincing in that the argument does not make any sense because the main source of disease for these bees is intestinal disease. In fact, “many bee experts assumed Varroa mites were a major cause of the severe die-off in the winter of 2005. Yet when researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, traveled to Oakdale, California, where Anderson and a number of his fellow beekeepers spend winter and spring, they could find no correlation between the level of Varroa mite infestation and the health of bee colonies. ‘We couldn’t pin the blame for the die-off on any single cause,’ says Jeff Pettis, a research entomologist from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, However, treatments against mites may be leaving hives open to the onslaught of powerful pathogens, much in the same way the overuse of antibiotics lead to super bugs” in society today. What does that say about our future? We have learned that in the 1960’s and 1970’s, among other human ailments, DDT was a major cause of cancer in humans and animals; however, the substitution of such pesticides was a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, the long-term effects on the human population has yet to be understood as the compromise of the immune system may be happening quicker than we are ready to accept, even regarding the advent of super bugs. One can see that even this medical implication has severe economical implications.

Argument 2: Parasites

Secondly; “Crops and even hedges, verges, and woodlands, and even where bees remain are sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals are the practical extension of an exasperating belief that nature is our enemy. Pouring poison on our food is a very simplistic way of dealing with our problems however it ignores the root causes. New genetically modified crops, designed to be immune to certain pesticides and herbicides, have resulted in the increased usage of these chemicals. Pesticides, particularly Bayer’s imidacloprid, a nicotine-based product marketed under the names Admire, Provado, Merit, Marathon, and Gaucho have been concretely implicated in the destruction of bee populations before. (See also). The fact that other bees and insects are not raiding deserted hives to feed on the honey as they normally would lend some credence to the theory of a toxic overload”. The toxic overload is certainly a concern, but wouldn’t it also need to be considered that this is systematic in the degeneration of the digestive process, such as in humans’ inability to digest preservatives and not absorb the enzymes to break down the foods eaten for survival?

Argument 3: cell phones

Thirdly, “there was also a misconstrued study on cell phone radiation and its effects on the bee’s ability to navigate which turned out to be an over-zealous unthinking reaction by an article in the Independent [news]. Some have also mentioned other navigational hindrances such as UV radiation, shifting magnetic fields and even quantum physics as a reason to the destruction of the bees”.
There is certain implications to this theory, and it has been proven that electromagnetic radio wave lengths to affect the navigation of the bees. However the sun emits radiation spurts all the time, yet this has not offered a hindrance to the bees.

Argument 4: Terminator Seeds

Lastly, “leaked documents seen by the Guardian show that Canada wants all governments to accept the testing and commercialization of “Terminator” crop varieties. These seeds are genetically engineered to produce only infertile seeds, which farmers cannot replant, also to mention that the bees that are trying to collect pollen, found to have their digestive tract diseases, such as amoeba and nosema disease”. These diseases are mainly located in the digestive tract system. After studies of the autopsy, the most alarming trait is that the lower intestine and stinger have discolored to black vs. the normal opaque color, Synominus with colon cancer in humans.

GMOZ & Bees Where going to get stung!

GMOZ & Bees Where going to get stung!


The proof is obvious that one of the major reasons of the bees’ decline is by the ingestion of GMO proteins. This is problematic, as there is such an increase of indigestible foods in humans and bees. The situation of colon cancer in humans is somewhat similar in occurrence. This is only a theory but leaves one to wonder what are we eating en mass. The external or complementary good of the bee is obviously a rise for a global concern. The long-term economical and environmental impact has yet to be completely understood.

The Ecological Impact of horizontal gene transfer and increase of rampant disease is not fully examined and if so, is kept silent by these Conglomerates. The Economic impact of the bee colony collapse would mean inflation, scarcity of agricultural commodities, and ultimately the collapse of North American agriculture.
The Environmental Impact of scarcity and increased demand for resources, will beyond doubt have severe repercussions for our long-term food security. The bio-diversity of the bees causes positive economic and ecological externalities. The negative externalities have yet to be fully grasped or understood.
Organic crops: still relatively untouched

The truth is that organic farming is relatively untouched as the bee crisis is concerned. Organic farming maintains the diversity of the eco-system and preserves the quality of the foods produced. The economic impact that the scarcity of bees will potentially have on our society as a whole is very worrisome. In the end, only our children will fully realize; that it was greed that destroyed our beautiful blue planet.

Here’s the Link to the Bees: (Copy and Paste!)

GMOZ & BeesDon't they have enough to deal with?

GMOZ and Bees Don’t they have enough to deal with?

This Doowan smells a rat. The rats smell like Monsatan, and THE F.D.A. 4 Years without the Bee is all it will take to wipe out humanity. Looks like I AM headed into the darkness again. I think tomorrow, I’ll post and article about this farmer that use to grow GMOZ and now has changed to NON GMOZ crops. That’s coming straight from the farmers mouth. So let’s see what he has to Say. So, what will it Bee? The Farmer or how Kumquats got their name! GMOZ and Bees.

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GMOZ & Bees Will buzz in your ears

GMOZ and Bees Will buzz in your ears

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. Nor, am I a terrorist. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

GMOZ and Bees is a deadly Mix!