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Now our Awareness begins its Spiral Out into Creation to SEE what is there. Seeing is Body Knowledge. The Predominance of the visual sense in us influences this Body Knowledge. Makes the Spiral Out seem eye related. However it’s Not. Creation offers a vast array of sights and sounds, smells and textures to stimulate ones Awareness to Taste life. Spiral Out to the Universe and SEE.

The Emerald Tablets

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The Emerald Tablets, a Spirits Walk into Infinity The Emerald Tablets Look closely at The Emerald Tablets, One can see a bridge to eternity. All one need do is cross it. In my Spirit walk. I have come upon some information that requires sharing. This maybe the oldest writing ever found on the earth. Made of a substance that is indestructible. The Emerald Tablets antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. known as The Emerald Tables.

Fire in the Sky

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The Shape of Things to Come Fire in the Sky There's Fire in the Sky. What could it be? There's Fire in the Sky. One would have to be blind not to notice. Yes, there are meteors, satellites and comets. What I am referring to is the UFO phenomenon. The question is not are we alone? Not anymore. The real question is, who are they and why are they here?

Feeding the Beast

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Feeding the Beast, With our thoughts, and our Beliefs. Feeding the Beast Stop Feeding the Beast your Beliefs. We are very powerful Spiritual beings. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, have power. Our consciousness carries a frequency. Our thoughts our Beliefs, our feelings, give our consciousness its vibrations.

Raccoon Medicine

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Raccoon Medicine implies creativity, dexterity, adaptability, thievery, curiosity, protection, shape-shifting, and discovering secrets. Raccoon Medicine I walked outside side for my usually evening conversation with deer friends. After our greetings they brought my attention to a new friend standing in the background. As I looked, out of the darkness stepped Bandito, with Raccoon Medicine. He was sitting under the bird feeder picking [...]

Bat Medicine

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Bat Medicine represents rebirth, transition, and intuition. Bats are true flying mammals Bat Medicine offers a gateway to new life and purpose. In facing the darkness before you, find the light in rebirth. One will not grow spiritually until the old parts are gone. This transition maybe very frightening for many. One must face their greatest fears and get rid of the [...]

Squirrel Medicine

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Squirrel Medicine the Medicine of gathering. Squirrel Medicine, Are you talking about Me? Why I Oughta! Squirrel... You have gathered Nuts by the score, exactly predicting if you needed more. Teach me to take no more than I need. Trusting Great Mystery, to harvest the seed. I was writing this Squirrel Medicine message The Great Spirit wanted to share, I looked outside [...]