The Blinding White Light. Closing your eyes will not help.

Spiritual Beings

From the Darkness comes The Blinding White Light

The Blinding White Light shines on us all. I had this Spiritual experience on Oct. 10, 2014 Friday night. The energies of this day were life changing and continued through the weekend. I will try to describe it using words, however words fall short in their meaning when it comes to this experience. Simply put, Experience is Wisdom.

My dog (Pepper) and I were up at the house of a good friend of mine, and we were out watching the stars turn on, or beginning to shine in the advancing darkness of creation. For a time now, I have been trying to figure out why the Milky Way belt of stars would change axis during the night, because that has been my experience of late. In times past it has always been static in its axis position over head. I get the picture that we are on a spinning being/Earth or Heart as I SEE it, out on the edge of our Galaxy. Looking inward towards the Heart center of our galaxy.

Mirror/Mirror, as within so without, as above, so below.

Looking Back

In the Mirror of Reflection, I now know my true self. Thanks to The Blinding White Light

We are all a reflection of the creation. However, from my comprehension, the Milky Way should be stationary in the night sky as we spin. Yes we spin but this would only allow new stars to rise on the horizon throughout the night. Therefore it should always remain on the same axis from our perspective.

Ah, I get it NOW! Unless the Earth has a big wobble.

Anyway back to The Blinding White Light. I was walking home in the dark with Pepper, because the moon had not risen yet. When Pepper left my side andĀ disappeared into the darkness. That’s when I noticed a vehicle parked sideways on the road up ahead as if it’s occupants were watching and waiting for me to meet up with them.

I heard a voice say, ” Is that him “? At that point I decided to get off the road and take a short cut through the woods to my house. As I moved off the road the vehicle slowing move forward as if it was following my movement.

Shadow Playing with Reality

From the Shadows, The Blinding White Light Reveals ones true self

Once in the shadows of the trees I stop and watched the vehicle move forward to try to find where I would be coming out of the group of trees. As I watched the vehicle it slowly moved forward and moved behind a house that was blocking the view. I looked down the path and it was pitch black so I decided to walk back up to the road and walk to the drive way that leads to my house. Well it’s not my house, because in reality we can own nothing. I walked the hundred feet to the driveway then started down the driveway towards the house when the vehicle speed around the corner stopped and pointed The Blinding White Light right at me. I now know what a deer in the headlights really means. As the Light was Blinding. I froze in my tracks and turned away from the light and faced in the opposite direction. Giving my eyes a chance to adjust. That’s when I saw it.

The Spirit of Reflection

The Blinding White Light brings one to the cross-roads.

The Blinding White Light had revealed. On the house wall I was facing, was the blackest of Black shadows I have ever seen. Yep, that was me plastered on the wall. The darkest dark recesses of my soul was standing right before me. Twice maybe three times my size. I never knew one so small could be filled with so much Darkness.

There was nothing but the purest White Light all around the shadow and I could see every detail of everything on the wall and everything around me with crystal clarity. In retrospect it reminds me of the movies I have seen of an alien craft Lighting up some unsuspecting soul traveling down the road. I have never seen a light this intense, this white, and so pure. Even the sun doesn’t cast that dark of a shadow. I raised my hands as if I were nailed on a cross, and the Shadow did the same. I began to dance on the spot.

Every darkness, every secret, every evil, I had inside was revealed. I was standing naked before all of creation. There was nowhere to hide and impossible to move away from The Blinding White Light. I could think of nothing else to do, but Dance. After my Dance I began to walk down the driveway and the vehicle turned and went up the road from which it had come disappearing into the darkness.

I was in a daze as it felt as if I was flushed of all the darkness that had ever invaded my soul. Every fiber of my being had been touched by The Blinding White Light. Every atom of my being was bathed in The Blinding White Light. As I write this now, I have tears in my eyes of joy, gratitude and LOVE.

Crying Eyes

Finding the right words is not an easy task. Even harder spelling them.

As I feel The Blinding White Light has filled me up and touched every part of my Spirit. The Blinding White Light exposed, expelled, and washed the darkness of my soul, leaving me filled with The Blinding White Light.

I walked into the house, and my partner asked, “Where is Pepper”? This question brought me back to this reality. So I grabbed a flash Light and walked back up to the road to search for Pepper. In the back of my mind I was hoping that the vehicle would still be there and I could see the occupants using the flash Light. Like that little flash light was anything like The Blinding White Light that had just washed my soul clean of all it’s Darkness.

Returning to Paradise Lost

The Blinding White Light has set all the Darkness from my Soul free

I started back up the road headed towards my friend’s house when my neighbor caught my attention as he was out watering his dog for the night. We stopped and started talking about a conversation we had earlier that week about taxes. I stated that I respect him and his opinion. However, I can no longer support a system that sucks the life force out of the beings it is supposed to serve. As we were talking, I looked down and Pepper was with his dog and they were smelling each other. She must have heard the voices. It looked as if she had just appeared out of the Darkness and into the Light. She’s getting old and has selective deafness as she hears the commands she wants to hear. I wonder if she knew that this event was going to happen. And left me to face The Blinding White Light on my own. After all she is always connected to the source of creation. It is in her nature. NOW it is in mine, and my heart sings.

You are Creation, and Creation is you. Mirror/Mirror

You are Creation, Creation is you. The Blinding White Light is the Spirit center of you.

Yep, all is well. The Universe or Creation has this. It’s Perfect! No matter what happens in this timeline. Those with Heart and Spirit will be fine. As those beings are filled with The Blinding White Light. As to the ones without Heart and Spirit.

Not my Circus, not my Monkeys, have a nice day!

I had my crucifiXion on Friday night The darkness that was inside me was nailed on the wall/cross before my very eyes. Now I rise in Christ consciousness and my heart sings as the rock rolls away from the tomb that was my soul. I take My first step into the light of Universal consciousness. I AM Breathless as all things are NEW.

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness on the wings of Love

Now I become my true self, Thanks to The Blinding White Light

Much LOVE and Thanks to The Blinding White Light.

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Yep, Now he shines with The Blinding White Light

Yep, Now he shines with The Blinding White Light

The Blinding White Light allows one to see for them self.