The Great I AM Voice of WILL the Reality of a Spider

The Great I AM WILL

The Great I AM WILL

Along came a spider, and created a reality.

The Great I AM Adventures of the Great I AM WILL. It’s bizarre how we think this reality is all there is! And that’s final No If, and or butts. This is the way it is with no exceptions. Some times our perception changes and what we see is ?

The Great I AM Will, of Life

One day I Am was standing and relieving himself of all he had stored inside. As I Am looked around everything was white with snow, Wow, this is beautiful I AM expressed. My how reality can change so fast. Yesterday was just like the day before, yet today is totally different reality. What, is there some truth, in this parallel reality construct?

As I AM looked around he noticed a small spider flying down from above him. Even though the temperatures were very cold and normally a spider of this size would be frozen by now. He was amazed this spider was still alive and exploring its reality. Wow, can’t this spider see that there is freezing snow out here, I AM voice of Reasoned asked. The Great I AMs voice of HEART felt that’s not an issue. The spider was alive at this moment. I AM Will watched as the spider floated on what appeared to be air as it swung back and forth in I AM’s perception.  I AM WILL with I AM Reasoned that the lower the spider floated to the snow-covered ground the closer it came to death by freezing.

The I AM WILL of a Spider

The I AM WILL of a Spider

Oh No, watch out little spider, you are headed for death. The ultimate of ultimate’s, Death. I AM Voice of WILL thought.

I AM Voice of WILL spoke out loud go back up and save yourself little spider. Eat the web you have created, and live. However, the little spider paid no attention to the Great I AM WILL. And continued swinging back and forth heading to its death.

I AM Voice of WILL even thought he heard the spider yelling Yeeeeeeeeee!. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! It appeared the spider was having the time of its life. Well that’s the way it sounded anyway. And who knows, do you? As I AM WILL watched the spider fall slowly closer and closer to the snow-covered ground. I AM WILL wanted to created and I AM reality where the spider crawled back up its web and live happily ever after. However I AM WILL also saw that the spider might freeze back up on the ledge. I AM WILL realized that I AM spider has an I AM WILL of its own. I AM spider could choose its own destiny even if that was death.

All the Time I AM spider was saying YEEEEEEEEEEE, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I AM having the time of my life. This is just like flying. I never knew flying could be so much fun. I didn’t even know I could fly until NOW.

Here's Looking At you I AM WILL

Here’s Looking At you I AM WILL

I AM WILL realized at that moment that the Great I AM Voice of WILL should never impose his I AM Voice of WILL upon Others. Their I AM Voice of WILL can take care of themselves. After all, they are Great I AMs. Creating their own experiences of life.

So as, I AM WILL watched the spider come closer and closer to death. Swinging back and forth. Flying threw the air. The Great I AM Voice of WILL decided to observer the spiders reality without interfering with the spider in any way. What I AM WILL saw in the spider was a Great I AM love of life that the spider seemed to display in the moment. Even if it meant the spiders death. In the reality of the spider, it was having the time of its life. After all what is life for?

WoW, to live in the moment! What more is there to life? But the moment. YEEEEE HAAAA! If death comes, so be it. Life goes on!  I AM WILL learned a Great lesson. When you Live life in the moment. Life goes on.

As the spider fell closer and closer to the freezing snow. As I AM Voice of WILL Reasoned its death. It was apparent that spider didn’t see or didn’t even care. That it could die if it continued on its journey, it was living in the moment. Having the time of its life. The moment of YEEEEE HAAAAA! Swinging back and forth on its single thread of reality. As far as spiders can swing back and forth. On a single self-made thread. That is the reality of I AM Spider. Even to its death. What a marvelous life the spider has at the moment.

I AM Voice of WILL was amazed at the knowledge and care free life of a spider. I AM WILL discovered that life is in the moment and care free. Anything is just a YEEEEE HAAAA! moment swing to our death. However, Life goes on. YEEEEE HAAAAAA!  Live in the moment. It has the most excitement, the most passion, and the most joy, found in life. What more could one ask of I AM life?

To live life to the fullest of the experience in the moment of experience, is life. We all swing back and forth from life to death every moment. How we experience this moment is what the Great I AM Voice of WILL applies to life. Live life in the moment and enjoy, everything else is the past or future. Reality is NOW! Create to reality of YEEEEE HAAAAAAA! Swing into life and let death take care of itself. Life goes on so what hold does death real have?

I AM Voice of WILL relaxed as he watched the spider come closer and closer to the snow. All the time realizing that this is the life of a spider. Finally the spider touched down and froze on the spot. Suddenly out of I AM WILLs mouth came a big YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA.! I AM WILL found the meaning to life.

The Great I AM zipped up and went back inside.  Finally the Great I AMs WILL as found it meaning. All in a short life’s moment of a spider. Without ones Great I AM Voice of WILL to live. Life has no meaning!

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


I AM WILL to live life

I AM WILL to live life

The Great I AM Voice of WILL