What’s in a Name? Gives one a Key.

What's in a Name?

I who shall not be Legally Named. What’s in a Name?

Does ones Spirit have a Legal name? We have been called many names. We answer to a number of them like Honey, Dear, Sweetheart, Dumbshit and the likes. So again I ask you, What’s in a Name? The belief that “you” are the Name traps one in the illusion of the World. Where we are guilty of a crime. Using your Legal name to identify yourself is a crime. The crime is fraud. As you do not own the name. What’s in a Name? Gives one a key as to the trap that was set and we walked right into it. However with this key you can unlock the trap.

Don’t kid yourself. The powers that were, know very well what they have done. They had hoped that we would never find out about the Spiritual contracts we make when using the Legal Name. Oooops, we did. Every use of the legal name is a Spiritual contract that binds us to the old world paradigm. As Spirit we have a moral obligation to these Spiritual contracts. Where ignorance of the law is no excuse. However, As Spirit we can render these Spiritual contracts as null and void. Why? Because we never had full disclosure.


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