In GOD We Trust, The Stealing of One’s Soul.

In GOD We Trust Flight in Spirit

Are Soul and Spirit the same Thing? We are always Spirit. When in body one needs a Soul to link to Spirit. The wholly Trinity

It’s a Matter of Trust. In GOD We Trust.

In GOD We Trust, or is it in the Laws of Man, we find god. Give me a second to expand, In GOD We Trust. Where you seeking some enlightenment? Well wrap your Spirit around, In GOD We Trust, It’s a Matter of Trust, is Spiritual enlightenment maybe not in the form you were expecting. To journey to the light in the shortest time. It’s necessary for me to state some claims, make some Big Presumptions and then state them as facts. Why? Because that’s life. It’s the function of Law. You’re a lawful person aren’t you?

I am going to steal little bits and pieces of your soul in this post. Just to prove my point as that’s what they do to us everyday we continue to believe their lawful lies. Don’t worry, I will hold your soul in trust for you. In GOD We Trust. I will be your soul trustee. Therefore you are the sole Beneficiary. You have made the investment of your soul. To experience this reality. You’ll get it back if you have the heart to claim it back. From the individuals that are stealing it, piece by piece. Until there is nothing left. As soul is what is required to live in Spirit on earth. It’s the connecting link to Intent. After all it’s your soul on the Sliver line. Did you feel that?


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