Our Possibilities, our-endlessness. A New Beginning

Old Earth

A New Beginning or a tragic end

A New Beginning in our old beliefs. We the people believe we should not go to war. Yet our government will go to war. Against our wishes. The question remains, who is in charge? True, they have been elected. Even that remains questionable. Is it our government that is in charge. Or we the people? Let me ask you. What do you what, what do you wish?

If you can’t state, than why should I listen? You have nothing to offer. Except your I don’t know. And because of that we all have the same fate.  Aren’t we all living on the same planet? Aren’t we all feeling the same effects? I know that I Am hurting and I feel those around me are hurting as well. Isn’t it time for a change? Shouldn’t we, the people, make a difference?

A Time of Questions

The touch of God

God is always

Should we be divided at this time? Should we not find a forum where we can all come together? And when we do, than what? How do we apply the power within us? Will it remain your power or have you given it away? Maybe to your elected officials.

It’s not for me to say what is happening with you. Only you can discern that. However, it’s time to be aware of the world around us. Ask yourself this, do you want to make a change? A New Beginning?

If not, we are done here. I wish you well. Love, Light and all that it encompasses. But if by chance you are ready for a change. Then change is upon us. You are more powerful than you know. Being in the know is the key.
To many questions never enough answers. How about we take them one at a time. And act upon them. To change our reflected reality. To change our beliefs. To change our self in harmony with our universe.

Which begs the question of reason. How to be in harmony with the universe? How to be in harmony with ourselves. Isn’t life Grand? It boils down to how/what I have grown. If I haven’t grown anything. What have I add to this universe?
If I have nothing to offer than I have nothing to defend. This leaves me bound to the changes at hand. Not the freedom I was seeking. But a point of view. A bubble of perception. A moment in time. A New Beginning, maybe!

I Want, I Want, I Want

Crying Baby

I Want, I Want, I Want
Something to suck on!

I want A New Beginning. I want to feel connected. I want to feel apart of the whole. I want to have a place in this universe. I want to have an expression. If for nothing else, but to express it. To create a vibration. Just to be, and what I reflect. If it happens to make no difference to you than what? Will you go on about your appointed task? Playing the Game of Life? Will you continue to support those that go against your wishes? That’s life, that’s what the people say.

Things need to change, this is true. What affects the change? You + Me, maybe! I Am no expert. But it is worth a try. How will we ever know? If we never apply.

In which I See

Looking Back

I see a reflection of myself. Which one is truly me?

In a New Beginning there was thought and the thought was god. While I was pure in thought, I existed with God, and God with me.  Now I just exist. In my thoughts and my words. Now days this is no easy task. Yet we do the best we can. Or so the saying goes. But really is it our best? What about the Power of Intent?

It’s like Regan said in his famous speech. Have we not already been invaded by some unseen force. When one takes a moment and shuts off the internal dialogue. We find that we have been invaded. By some unseen force controlling our thoughts and actions. Unfortunately only those able to stop the for ever talking to themselves, thus find Inner Silence, find out the truth.  We have been invaded and the parasite is upon us. Taking our very thoughts and souls and consuming them for its own needs.

Can we fight back? YES! But we must first realize who and what we are. Without this foundation of love, we are nothing but food for the parasites. A Happy Meal. Maybe?

If a New Beginning would change that. Well, that is up to you.

An Eye Opener

The Key hole

What do I see?

May I tell you a story?

One day the earth changed and we humans could no longer live upon this earth. The earth has become poison to us. NASA states that they have developed a new warp drive from a space craft that crashed on the earth in the past. From beings out there. We build Seven Arks to take us to a new world, some where out there in space and time. Headed to a new world because this one has become poisoned. It will no longer support human life. Just to make matter worse, a comet hits the earth that sets it into another Ice Age for thousands of years. Yes, the earth will survive. But it will be changed.

With nowhere else to go. We head out into space with one million people aboard the Seven Arks. On a one way journey. To a new world. A New Beginning for humanity. Along the way to this new world. A new religion takes hold on one of the Space Arks. With a supreme leader that rules until they die. As we move deeper and deeper into space towards a new beginning. This new religion begins to spread from Ark to Ark. You have to have faith right?

This backfires horribly. People become disenchanted. And start fighting among them selves. We are now light years out into deep space. With darkness all around us. This new religion makes its own religious army. To control the people. To offer them hope. The supreme leader decides to rewrite human history. So that the people will never remember where they came from and what had happened to them in the past. Only the supreme leader had the power to talk with god. Only this supreme leader could intervene. Only the supreme leader had the old knowledge. So it is written, so it is done.

Lost in Space

The Seed

Lost in our own mind. The Space can be cruel.

Some of the Arks stated to die off. Drifting helplessly in space. Not everybody aboard the Arks could come together and make it work. There are hazards in space. Space can be a cruel place. Some of the Arks that where left adopted the new religion and the supreme being. As the all mighty.

Only four of the seven Arks survived the journey. Some say by the grace of God. These folks, of the four Arks arrived at their new world. They all landed safely. This was a beautiful planet that looked a lot like the old earth. An amazing planet with oceans and forests. With millions of creatures enjoying life. Just like the old earth we had grown to love. They called this planet Novi Prime or New Earth. This is now, our home. Our Mother Earth. It is light years from our past life. Our old world. And the possibilities are endless.

A New Beginning

Twelve Stranded DNA. The possibilities are Endless

Does this make you wonder about how this will all turn out?

Will it be a New Beginning or a repeat of our past?  Will the survivors make the same mistakes. Or have they learned their lessons? Will we come to be apart of the whole? Or remain separate in our thoughts and feelings?

The amazing thing, is that it will happen exactly how you are thinking at this moment.

God bless us all. In the beginning there was thought. Your thought of God. Your feeling of the future. What do you wish? A New Beginning or The End.

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Winky, thumbs up to you

A New Beginning? Or the End. What do you Wish?

Not the same old, same old. A New Beginning for this Old Man.