Aspartame, How Sweet it Is?

Aspartame How Sweet it Is?Our beloved F.D.A.I can't admit or Deny anything. I can't see anything. What? I can't hear you.

Aspartame How Sweet it Is? Our beloved F.D.A. I can’t admit or Deny anything. I can’t see anything. What? I can’t hear you.

Is a follow-up post on Aspartame, Death in a Can.  As the F.D.A. has done it to us again folks. Aspartame is getting a secret face lift from our friends at the F.D.A. Truth is they don’t want you to know what’s killing you. So they plan on keeping it a secret, from you, so we can die in peace. In response to the people’s growing awareness about the dangers of Aspartame artificial sweeteners, what does the manufacturer of one of the world’s most notable artificial sweeteners do?

Why, rename it of course and begin marketing it as natural. This is precisely the strategy of Ajinomoto, maker of aspartame, which hopes to deceive the public with its renaming of their version of aspartame, called “AminoSweet”. Ameano to kill you sweetly is more like it. And of course the F.D.A. is fine with this. With this kind of logic, anything the F.D.A. approves like GMOZ Salmon is likely to kill you. How can they be trusted? They have proven time and time again that they could care less about US. So now if the F.D.A. approves anything this writer does his best to stay away from it. Their out to get us. And Monsatan is leading the charge with F.D.A. approval.


Aspartame, Hey, do you think they can sweeten me up?

A 1999 investigation found that Monsanto, the largest biotech corporation in the world, often used GM bacteria to produce aspartame in their US production plants. The result, a fusion between two of the largest health hazards to ever hit the food industry, artificial sweeteners and an array of genetically altered organisms. Both have led to large-scale debate, with aspartame being the subject of multiple congressional hearings and scientific criticism. Still nothing has been done. Scientists and health advocates are not the only ones to speak out against aspartame. The F.D.A. received a flurry of complaints from consumers using NutraSweet, a product containing aspartame. Since 1992, the F.D.A. has stopped documenting reports on the subject. (See first Picture)

The process in which aspartame is created involves combining an amino acid known as phenylalanine with aspartic acid. First synthesized in 1965, aspartame requires bacteria for the sole purpose of producing phenylalanine. Monsanto discovered that through genetically altering this bacteria, phenylalanine could be created much more quickly. In a report by The Independent, Monsanto openly admitted that their mutated bacteria is a staple in the creation process of aspartame.

Consumer groups are now curious as to whether other products secretly contain genetically modified ingredients. This Doowan will state ” That’s a gimme.” Due to the fact that the finished product’s DNA does not change when using genetically modified bacteria, it’s hard to know. Yep, The famous Monsatan saying, ” More Study is Needed” goes here. With the FDA ruling against the labeling of GM salmon, it is becoming more of a challenge to determine whether a product contains GM ingredients. If not impossible. As consumers are voicing their opposition for GMO ingredients their going incognito. Or just changing their names.

Unveiling the secret process in which aspartame is created acts as yet another reminder to stay away from artificial sweeteners, and one should choose natural alternatives, palm sugar, xylitol, or stevia are the best out there so far.

Aspartame, How Sweet it Is to You

Over 25 years ago, aspartame was first introduced into the European food supply. Today, it is an everyday component of most diet beverages, sugar-free desserts, and chewing gums in countries worldwide. But the tides have turned as We the People are waking up to the truth about artificial sweeteners, and Aspartame and the harm it can cause to ones health. The latest aspartame marketing scheme is a desperate effort to indoctrinate the public into accepting the chemical sweetener as natural and safe, despite evidence to the contrary. Now their just going to hide it from you. As John Kerry said recently, “Americans have the right to remain stupid.”

Despite the evidence gained over the years showing that aspartame is a dangerous toxin, it has remained on the global market, except in a few countries that have banned it. In fact, it continued to gain approval for use in new types of food despite evidence showing that it causes neurological brain damage, cancerous tumors, and endocrine disruption, among other things. But hey, whose counting? Not the F.D.A.

The details of aspartame’s history are a bit lengthy, the point remains that the carcinogen was illegitimately approved as a food additive through heavy-handed prodding by a powerful corporation with its own interests in mind. All drugs and food additives are approved by the FDA not because science shows they are safe but because companies essentially lobby the F.D.A. with monetary payoffs to complete the agency’s multi-million dollar approval process.


This is what Aspartame means to them. What does it mean for you?

Changing aspartame’s name to something that is “appealing and memorable”, in Ajinomoto’s own words, may deceive some but hopefully most will reject this clever marketing deception as nothing more than a desperate attempt to keep the company’s multi-billion dollar cash flow. Do not be deceived by Aminosweet and catchy jingles, it’s still deadly.

What is Aspartame made of?

To understand the health effects of aspartame one must look at its genetic composition. This substance which is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is made of 50 percent phenylalanine, 40 percent aspartic acid and ten percent methanol. Aspartame, How sweet it is. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

In an interview conducted by Betty Martini and Jon Baum over Personal Achievement Radio, Dr. Russell Blaylock, a respected neurosurgeon and author of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills,” speaks about excitotoxins and shares his thoughts on why he believes aspartame is dangerous.

According to Dr. Blaylock, excitotoxins are substances that excite brain cells or neurons to the point of exhaustion and death. Normally, these substances act as transmitters, a substance allowing brain cells to relate with one another. However, these compounds are so harmful that the body keeps them in low concentrations. Anything that alters or increases these substances can cause neurodegeneration, degeneration of the spinal cord and the brain. Excitotoxins are normally found in plant substances, and, where most people are concerned, in food additives.

One of the components of NutraSweet or aspartame is aspartic acid, a powerful excitotoxin similar to glutamate. Moreover, phenylalanine, one of its components, an amino acid and a neurotoxin at high levels in the rain, has been known to cause seizures.

Dr. Blaylock goes on to add that what makes aspartame so dangerous is that it contains three neurotoxins: methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Methanol is a powerful neurotoxin whose exposure is carefully allowed by the EPA in minute levels in food and environmental exposure. Nutrasweet, however, provides levels that are seven times the amount the EPA will allow anyone to use. It’s been known to produce blindness and cellular destruction in the brain and spinal cord, particularly the optic nerves.

This is without taking into account other findings that show what aspartame causes:

Destruction of kidney function

In a study conducted by scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, it was discovered that subjects who drank more than two artificially sweetened beverages daily increased their risk of rapid kidney decline.
Headaches/migraines – In a study published in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, it was discovered that ingestion of aspartame by those who suffer migraines caused a significant increase in headache frequency for some subjects. Increase of hunger and body weight – In an article published in the UT Health Science Center, it was revealed that diet soft drink consumption seemed much more related to the chances of becoming more overweight or obese. In a study funded by the Center for Fetal Programming, Division of Epidemiology, a connection was discovered between the intake of artificially carbonated drinks and increased risk of preterm delivery.

Seizures and Convulsions

As early as 1987, a study was already conducted by Timothy Maher and Richard J. Wurtman who, through their work, discovered that aspartame potentially induces seizures.


In a remarkably recent study conducted by the Ramazzini Institute, it was discovered that in rodents, aspartame was a carcinogenic agent in multiple sites with autopsies that showed a significant risk to lung and liver cancer.

Aspartic acid

Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgery professor at the Medical University of Mississippi, describes aspartic acid as an isolated amino acid that is just as toxic as glutamate, another popular additive. Aspartic acid is an excitotoxin, a chemical that excites the brain to the point of death. It alters the manner of brain formation in newborn infants, permanently resulting in hyperactivity and behavioral changes in children. Ring a bell? ADAH, NIMH, and ADD sound familiar. Aspartic acid, however, produces cellular excitation. It is an excitotoxin that causes cell death in the brain and significantly affects neural developments in infants, resulting in behavioral changes and even hyperactivity in children. Phenylalanine, like aspartic acid, can also alter brain development during fetal formation and create a lowering of the seizure threshold.

Aspartame and You

Aspartame, Look what it’s done for me!

In its free form, unbound from proteins, it significantly raises the plasma level shortly after ingestion. The excess aspartate in the blood shortly after ingestion leads to high levels in certain areas of the brain. It slowly begins to destroy neurons and a large part of neural cells in a particular area of a brain are destroyed before any clinical symptom of an illness is noticed. Reported physical effects after long exposure to excitatory amino acid include Parkinson’s disease, brain lesions, neuroendocrine disorders, hypoglycemia, alzheimers, dementia to mention a few. But hey, Who’s counting?

Pregnant women and lactating mothers increase their risk by consuming aspartame laden products because the child’s brain barrier, which protects the brain from excess aspartate and other toxins, is not developed enough to protect it from this chemical. Therefore, while in the womb and during the first year of life, these compounds can have free access to the nervous system due to the fragility of the infant’s blood brain barrier during this stage of development. Check their infant formula for aspartame or artificial sweeteners.


Phenylalanine is an amino acid. Individuals with phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder, cannot utilize phenylalanine, causing possible buildup in the body. For persons who are not suffering from phenylketonuria, it has been shown that ingesting aspartame together with carbohydrates can cause increased levels in the body. Excess phenylalanine in the body causes the serotonin levels to dip leading to emotional disorders like depression. Human testing has shown that phenylalanine levels significantly increased in subjects who chronically used aspartame.

Large doses of phenylalanine long with lower serotonin levels can lead to food cravings. Since both real and artificial sweeteners stimulate the taste buds, they affect the same taste and pleasure pathways in the brain. Artificial sweeteners, however, merely activate but do not satiate the pleasure-related region of the brain, proving to be an inferior system in preventing sugar cravings. In the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, researcher Qing Yang, on faculty at the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology published findings that revealed artificial sweeteners more likely to cause weight gain than weight loss.

Phenylalanine and aspartic acid are both well-recognized neurotoxins and according to Dr. Blaylock, three neurotoxins in one mix are just unbelievable.


Methanol is a neurotoxin and an extremely harmful substance. The enzyme chymotrypsin facilitates its release in the small intestine. The absorption is sped up when aspartame is heated above 30 centigrad or above 86 Fahrenheit, our body temp. is around 98.6, creating free methanol. This normally occurs when products containing aspartame are improperly stored or when subjected to heat. Ever wonder why your diet soda tasted like gasoline on a hot day?

Normally, methanol breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid. Formaldehyde interferes with DNA reproduction, retinal damage and birth defects. Its toxicity affects the nervous system, taking approximately ten to thirty hours before symptoms manifest.  The most common of which is vision impairment. The symptoms for methanol poisoning have been reported to include dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, memory lapses and numbness to name a few. But hey, Who’s counting?

A consumption limit of 7.8mg/day is recommended, but a one liter of an aspartame sweetened drink has about 56 mg of methanol. Heavy users of products containing aspartame consume as much as 250mg of methanol a day or 32 times the recommended limit. Did you hear about the woman who dies after consuming two gallons of diet coke per day?

Since humans do not have certain key enzymes that animal subjects have, human are more sensitive to the toxic effects of methanol. It is without doubt that animal testing on aspartame or methanol does not accurately reflect the potential danger for humans. Plus, animal testing is just wrong. So let’s test it on humans instead. Well they are!


Aspartame is being tested.

Today, aspartame is found in over 6,000 products and consumed by 250 million people world-wide. There has been more report for aspartame reactions to the F.D.A. than all other food additives put together. In 1988, 80 percent of complaints to the F.D.A. about food additives were aspartame related. After more than 8,000 complaints on the side effect of NutraSweet, the F.D.A. released a list of 92 side effects associated with aspartame consumption.

Why is Aspartame still legal?

Laws were meant to protect people from harm. Despite this, the F.D.A. has continued to ignore years of research pointing to aspartame’s negative effects and continue to declare that aspartame is safe for use. Have they joined the other side? This artificial sweetener openly sold in the market has caused many recorded health issues and was never tested in humans prior to its approval. We are now the unwitting subjects in a grand experiment whose results have long been foretold by the questionable way this additive came to be approved. It’s about time we stop relying on the government and do our thinking.

75 percent of reported adverse reaction to food additives is attributed to aspartame. Of these reactions, many are serious and include seizures and death. A number of the 90 documented symptoms as reportedly caused by aspartame are headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, rashes, depression, irritability, insomnia, hearing loss, vision problems, loss of taste vertigo and memory loss.

Those who study the adverse effects of aspartame report that the following medical conditions are triggered or worsened by aspartame: brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental retardation, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, lymphoma, birth defects, diabetes and fibromyalgia. But, Who’s counting?

Buy wait that’s not all.  According to Victoria Iness-Brown in her book “My Aspartame Experiment,” aspartame is also addictive. Surprise!

Aspartame in processed Milk?


What? Aspartame in my milk. Why I outa!

The reader may already know that the F.D.A. has declared war on raw milk and even helped fund and coordinate armed government raids against raw milk farmers and distributors. Yes, again this is insane. This brand of tyranny is unique to the USA and isn’t even conducted in China, North Kora or Cuba. Only in the USA are raw milk farmers treated like terrorists. Yes, raw milk can carry with it tuberculosis. If it’s in the grass that the cow ate. Seems strange that the government would protect the public from T.B. yet, allow Aspartame in processed milk. I don’t know! I guess, I have the right to remain stupid. Thanks John for defending that right for We the People.

Got Aspartame Milk?

But now the situation is getting even more insane than you could have ever imagined. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition with the F.D.A. asking the them to alter the definition of “milk” to secretly include chemical sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose. None of these additives need to be listed on the label. They will simply be swept under the definition of “milk,” so that when a company lists “milk” on the label, it could automatically includes aspartame or sucralose. And if you’re trying to avoid aspartame, you’ll have no way of doing so because it won’t be listed on the label.

This isn’t only for milk. It’s also for yogurt, cream, sour cream, eggnog, whipping cream and a total of 17 products, all of which are listed in the petition at F.D.A. Astonishingly, the dairy industry is engaged in extreme forked tongue logic and actually arguing that aspartame should be hidden from consumers by not listing it on the label. Hum, a very small chance of T.B or a 100% chance of aspartame. I better exercise my right to remain stupid.

In other words, hiding aspartame from consumers by not including it on the label actually helps consumers, according to the IDFA and NMPF! Yep, consumers are best served by keeping them stupid. If this logic smacks of the same kind of twisted deception practiced by Monsanto, that’s because it’s identical. Who’s running the F.D.A. anyway? Oh, that’s right Monsatan in the White House. The less consumers know, the more they are helped, according to industry. And it’s all for the children, too, because children are also best served by keeping them poisoned with aspartame. That way they can sell the parents pharmaceuticals for the rest of the child’s life.

Pink Slime

We should all be Thankful that Aspartame isn’t in this yet.

Truth is Consumers have always been kept in the dark about pink slime, meat glue, rBGH and GMOZs in their food. And now, if the IDFA gets its way, you’ll be able to drink hormone-contaminated milk from an antibiotics-inundated cow fed genetically modified crops and producing milk containing hidden aspartame. And you won’t have the right to know about any of this! Well than, that’s known as objectivity for you!

The F.D.A. confirms this “secret” status of aspartame, stating, “If the standard of identity for milk is amended as requested by petitioners, milk manufacturers could use non-nutritive sweeteners in flavored milk without a nutrient content claim in its labeling.” Hey, Why didn’t we think of this? There’s a bigger question here than just the industry hoping to get FDA approval to secretly put aspartame in milk products while not listing aspartame on the label.

The bigger question is this. If an industry is pushing to hide aspartame in its products, what else are they already hiding?

How about the pus content of its dairy products? How about its inhumane treatment of animals who are subjected to torture conditions and pumped full of genetically engineered hormones? How about the fact that homogenization and pasteurization turn a whole food into a dietary nightmare that promotes obesity, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease? But hey, who’s counting?

There are lots of dirty little secrets in the dairy industry of course, and that doesn’t even get into the secret closed-door conversations to encourage the F.D.A. to destroy the competition of raw milk. Getting an idea of who the real terrorist are? The only rational answer to all this is to stop buying and consuming processed dairy products, period! Or drink almond, coconut, or rice milk.

Aspartame, Why fight it?

Aspartame How Sweet it Is? See this big Red S on my chest.

Aspartame How Sweet it Is?
See this big Red S on my chest.

There’s also a philosophical issue here: Don’t buy products from an industry that habitually LIES about everything. The dairy industry is like a mafia. They actively seek to destroy the competition, keep consumers ignorant and monopolize the market. They run highly deceptive ads with ridiculous claims like, “drinking milk helps you lose weight” and other nonsense. Ever notice how fast a calf gains weight from drinking milk? Could this be why are children are becoming obese. If it works for the calf!

The U.S. dairy industry is steeped in deception at every level, and now they want you and your children to unknowingly drink aspartame that’s secretly blended into their product.

Aspartame, How Sweet it Is in these products

The following are products that use aspartame:

Diet sodas


Chewing gum

Cooking sauces


Tabletop sweeteners

Drink powders

Flavored water

Sugar-free products


Soon to be, Milk

The above mentioned popular products are just a few of many that contain aspartame. But hey, Who’s counting? Despite the rising reports of aspartame’s toxicity, a re-investigation by the F.D.A. as well as of key regulatory bodies worldwide doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon. We can only protect ourselves by making conscious decisions to check every label of every product we buy at the grocery store. But soon that might not even help. Good thing we still have the right to remain stupid! Aspartame, How Sweet it Is.

Spirit and Playing with Reality

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under our Wings. NOW, that’s Freedom!

Knowledge is Power

Experience is Wisdom

Take your Power Back


Inner Silence

Aspartame, How Sweet it Is. NOT!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. We don’t imply or condone the breaking of any laws. For educational purposes Only. Or are we telling anybody to do anything regarding themselves. We are all big boys and girls and can make up our own minds, if you Government Clowns would just take the fluoride out of the water supplies.

Note To the Reader: Google is now punishing Doowans News&Events blog by denying us traffic to our sites. We have been spreading to much of the truth. Having a voice and opinion, is not exercising our right to remain stupid. Please help and spread the word if you should find this.

If you have complaints regarding aspartame, don’t be shy in making your complaint known. The last thing you want to be is a face in a crowd lining up for a government helping of Aspartame, How Sweet it Is? Man, they are going to kick my butt for this!

Aspartame, How Sweet it Isn’t?