Cat Medicine (Meoooow)


Do you see what I see?

Seeing the Unseen, Communicating, Secrets, Independence

Cat Medicine has crossed your path A? Perhaps one visited you during the Dreamtime. Which/when cat visited is not so important, its what they have to tell you that is. Looking into the eyes of Cat Medicine may reveal a much more subtle message that lies in the depths of the void.


The crack between the worlds, look into my Eye

Cat’s have a natural ability to see the unseen, or The Unknown as we call it. Unknown to modern man in general but perhaps fluffy can bring clarity and turn some Unknown’s into Known’s. That is if you are open to it. There is nothing here for those who have already Closed and Locked the door to the unknown. Please exit out of the door from which you came in. Back to the American dream within a dream. Kitty will still live with you, she just will not tell you her Secrets.

Cat requires the individual to open the door. As you and I both know, cat is not going to open the door for herself! She is much too important for that! Honestly though, Cat could care less if your door is open or not. As this mysterious kitty has some important business to take care of! In our physical-liter-all world as well as the world of the Unknown.  Anyone who has shared a space with this animal can tell you, its my way or the highway. Independence is my middle name! You either work on cat’s time (which is a world without time), or…



Thats right, your Sol and cats are tied, like shoe laces.

My partner and I have recently been going through the experience of transition within our home/life. Part of which, involves the transition of our 2 cats to a new home. These furry friends have lived with us for 2 years and shared many experiences of the unknown along the way. The transition of re-homing a loved one is much like the Death transition. As one goes through the same motions and emotions associated so closely with this wise adviser. Sure, one could ignore or repress the feelings, but what does that really gain for oneself? Perhaps it is liberating to experience all of that which creation has inside this Earth bubble.

To find the wisdom to be gained through experience, even ones that on the surface may feel negative, is all in our perception. The Recapitulation of an experience can be practiced and implemented after OR during positive and negative events which transpire in our lives. To find Truth or gain lost energy from an event.

Death = Re-Birth

As we move through these experiences, going through the physical motions involved as well as the psychological, we find Re-Birth. These people, places, and things we have in our life, in reality do come with a cost. A bit of weight added to oneself you could say. Depending on the individual, along with how much accumulation of “stuff”, both physical liter-all or internal. This could perhaps be a load too heavy for one to bare.


Attachments hold you down

Any Thing can be an attachment. It all depends on You. We as humans tend to attach to things. Is a thought a Thing? Of course it is. I am not saying it is bad to have Things or thoughts. In fact Things with purpose can bring power to ones life. Although the attachment to them is another Thing.

In our cat example here. We found through experience that these animals had become an attachment. One that is a double edge sword. They bring so much joy to ones life while at the same time hold you down as they do require energy and attention which can take away from other, at times, more important duties. Again this depends on You. Your situation may have plenty of space to hold for another House Mate, as we did 2 years ago. Although when moving with the currents of life/spirit, Change is inevitable, and in our case, this change warranted something a bit more drastic than we may have expected.

We found it a very difficult task to undertake for a number of reasons.  Thoughts like “I can’t let them go because no one will be able to take care of them as good as us”, “It is too difficult/hard work to find them another home”,  or “we love them too much and need to keep them” would arise and slow us down from taking action. It takes only ones Intention. This is the action one must take. From here you simply go with the flow of energy in a particular, sometimes but not always, desired direction. Spirit knows no bounds and once beckoned through ones intent, may send you into a spiral you did not expect.


Learn how to land on your feet

Some say cats always land on their feet. We have found this to be the case most of the time. This is another medicinal aspect of Cat Medicine. Individuals with this animal as a totem will be able to adapt to situations quickly. Finding that when knocked down in life you are able to recover quickly. Spinning in mid air, catching yourself before hitting the ground just in time. A power aspect of the cat is their agility. To move or act in a quick and focused fashion. Apply these principles to your own life with intention and you will embody the power and medicine of Cat with you wherever you are.

Communicating Secrets, to tell or not to tell

Cats are quiet (well when they need to be), sneaky, direct, and down right mysterious creatures. They move with a purpose in their step that begs those watching to wonder what they are up to. To learn a cats language is not an easy task. Their Secrets run deep beneath the surface.  They operate on the ability to withhold information and using stealth in their actions to surprise their prey (sometimes that is you!) . The element of surprise is a remarkably effective and practical principle one can apply to their life.

Having a secret or withholding information on the surface can feel a bit painful, mischievous, or even maleficent. If we dig a bit beneath the surface though we can see how one might use a secret for the benefit of themselves and others. Christ told us to not cast our pearls among swine. Lets say you have a piece of information, that could be harmful to those who are unable to use it properly. Then to freely give that information away for any and all to use. One would then be the individual shouting on the street corner trying to “wake” others up that are seen more and more now (check your Facebook feed). This could easily be misconstrued and will definitely be draining to ones energy.

To use Cat Medicine one might choose to withhold such information until the perfect moment arrives. Most discussions I hear are centered around self importance. It is hard to talk with an individual or groups in this way. While one is speaking the other(s) is already formulating their “perfect” response in their mind or perhaps interrupting the conversation completely.  Some have something so “important” to add which can not wait. Not even for a few moments. Self Importance is a bitch and should be eradicated at all times.

Not truly listening or being Present, will not only will cause you to inevitably miss opportunities or power in life, but will cause one to make an ass of themselves within the minds of others. Utilize Cat Medicine here while speaking with a group or 1×1 with another. Choose to be a watchful, patient, “I could care less” listener. Paying attention to every word and action of those around you as well as the surroundings and internal worlds of yourself. Cat sees all this in one instant without thought. Cat Sees that there truly is only Now. Thoughts will be become a burden when allowed to cause one to leave the Now.


Califia, a mythical island paradise

To leave the space of our Higher minds and descend to the lands of ordinary thought is a dangerous move. Keep the secrets of the holy and sacred You for yourself and those who will handle them wisely. Look to Cat during your meditations and ask her to show you how to use your Secrets of Communication in a way that is more powerful than spilling ones seed. No one wants to be the one who can’t hold their own. Spilling the sacred life essence vital to ones self in a premature ejaculatory fashion.  Instead, transmute this energy from within yourself and plant the seed of a divine birth within. This will not only be more beneficial for you Now, but will benefit those who come in contact with you. You will embody the secrets of the divine unknowable which does not go unnoticed by those around you.

Mystery…. Is a Wonderful Trait to Obtain

Mythologies in different cultures around the world are abound with cat stories, in many they play an integral, mysterious, & mystical role.

In Norse mythology cats were associated with Freyja.  The name Freyja means “the Lady”, and she is the mistress of magic. Her particular form of magic being called Seidh, a system involving trance which is very similar to shamanism.  The day Friday is named after her. Her personal transport is a magnificent chariot, drawn by two large grey cats.


Odin sacrificed his Eye in the quest for knowledge and wisdom

Odin sacrificed his Eye in the quest for knowledge and wisdom

In Egypt the cat god Bast, who is part of a trinity compound of deities Sekhmet-Bast-Ra was worshiped in homes of Egyptians as the protectress of cats and those who cared for cats. Domestic cats were prized possessions in Egypt and to kill a cat meant death for the purrrpetrator.


The Lion who roamed the Egyptian land stares to the West at sunset watching the Sun god Ra making his daily death/decent into the underworld. With eyes of fire, which like domestic cats, have the ability to reflect light in the darkness. The lions would go ahead of Ra into the night of the underworld where Ra has many enemies headed by Apophis, the serpent king of the underworld. The lions would kill the serpents and if the sun rose the next day then the lions/Ra were successful at passing through the darkness of the underworld.

Giza, Egypt --- Twilight at Sphinx --- Image by © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis

Giza, Egypt — Twilight at Sphinx — Image by © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis

To the East is where the Great Sphinx stares watching the sun rise every morning. This great feat of engineering/creative ability has left many in awe and bewilderment since its modern discovery. This great Cat/Lion with the head of man has left us with many questions. Historically it is credited to be built by the Egyptians. Although to ones in the know, and thanks to the work of folks such as Graham Hancock and many others. We now know that this work of art dates back much further than the time of the Egyptians. Water erosion has been found on the Sphinx. I don’t know about you but judging by the Desert surroundings, this area has not seen the amount of rain needed to cause this kind of erosion for some time. Lets try over 10,000 years. This takes us back to a time where this entire land was likely lush and green, perhaps with even more jungle like surroundings. An entirely different race would have built this structure although it is the Egyptians who have been credited.

In Sumeria, where we find the earliest culture known (to modern history that is). The Sumerians documented themselves as well as a creation mythology that still is in place today, only of another guise. The Sumerians were located in Mesopotamia, or better known as modern day Iraq. Not far from Egypt geographically at all. In fact we find it interesting here that much political, financial, control, oppression, and mainstream interest lingers around Eastern countries to which so much of our earliest history originates. Not to mention some of our oldest and most profound monuments still exist.

Some say the Head of the Sphinx was originally made in the likeness of the Sumerian god Ningishzidda (Thoth in Egypt) who is the son of Enlil. Enlil and Enki; two brothers in this story who are constantly in opposition to win their father, the king Anu’s affection and become the king of kings who would take the place of Anu. Once he stepped down from the thrown. Due to Ningishzidda’s great work in creating the 2 original pyramids of Giza his father Enki had the Great Sphinx carved with a face in his likeness. The 3rd smaller more recent pyramid was a replica creation by the Egyptians and holds no grounds in the skill or craftsmanship compared to the two larger ones. This smaller pyramid came about much later.

You may be wondering, “What in the world does this have to do with Cats?”.

The Great Sphinx, who’s body is made in the image of a lion, symbolizes the current age of Leo. The age at which this story took place. This alone is one of, if not the biggest reference/memorial to Cat known to Man. Those who meditate deeply on this artistic,  symbolic, and physical reference will find a truth that is stranger than fiction. One that has genetic ties to our ancestors. Thus US.

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Ea (Ptah in Egypt) or Enki as he is known in Sumerian. Some may recognize this name as its popular among some new age circles and spoke of frequently in the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Enki is the supposed master geneticist attributed to creating Man (the race of Hu-man still here today) and the Tree of Life. Who the Sumerians wrote much about. Enki was part of what would become known as the Serpent Clan (Clan of Knowledge) once the two brothers divided. We can clearly see where the serpent headdress which is prominent on the Sphinx originates. Or in Egyptian culture largely for that matter. The snake is an acient symbol of wisdom and found all of the world in many many cultures. Enki made his presence known, if only for those who are initiated.

But wait, we see another similarity here. Isn’t there another creation story which has a Serpent and a Tree in it? Perhaps even a battle between opposing forces of Good and Evil….? See Out of the Past We Came Walkin & The Invisible Man.
It is said that the face of the Sphinx has been changed since it was originally created. Enki had another son named Marduk, or as most know him by, Ra. Marduk/Ra, who inhibited a great ego and lust for power was jealous of Ningishzidda for having been rewarded with the building of the Sphinx in his image. After Marduk/Ra took over what is now known as Egypt. The first thing he did was replace the face of Ningishzidda (Thoth) with his own’s son image Asar (Osiris). Essentially re-writing history. This is the current face we see today (although its missing a nose).

Enki’s brother Enlil (of the Ram Clan) also plays a prominent role in this creation story but that would take the space of another few posts/books to write about and bring the full picture forth. Plus it has already been done. If one is interested in learning more, check out the work of Wes Penre, sourced at the bottom of this article among others.


Many battles have been fought in the name of these “gods”. Too many to name. Much of which has and is happening within the regions and territories surrounding these stories and monuments we learn in many schools of thought/religions. At the same time, much truth is hidden in plain site. The Sphinx itself represents a great key to unlocking some of the mysteries around the innate power within the quad nature of our reality/self. As professor Hilton Hotema points out in his work The Mysterious Sphinx. There is a common connection between the quad nature of the human being, The Sphinx, and the unspeakable 4 (quad) letter word YHWH(Yahweh)/JHVH(Jehovah). This information is there for the seeker to find. It is built into the fabric of not only ourselves, but everything around us.

Independence / Magical Guardian 

Cat lives and embodies Independence. One can see by simply being with this independent animal. We could break the concept down into many aspects. Starting on the surface, cat sees the world as its oyster. Taking steps as they see fit for them in the Present Now. To embody this requires confidence. The confidence of a Cat. To find this knowing it may require learning what one dose Not want in life. This is a process of trial and error one learns through experience while growing. Similar to the Cat who learns much as a kitten during their growing process. Once one knows what is no longer wanted, clarity is found and that which we truly aspire/desire is aloud to become apparent. Eventually becoming a crystal clear picture in ones mind. Categorizing these descriptions inside ourselves become a useful tool for the Cat Warrior. Knowing when to wait and when to act is key for this creature and those who wish to learn their magic.



We found something unknown and pleasantly surprising regarding the magic of cats through our experience.  These feLion’s are Guardians. Not so much of the physical (except from Mice), but of the Dreamscape. Or Second Attention. They will show you the demons which lurk in the night and within ourselves. To have a cat next to you while sleeping is more protection than one may realize. The cat is reminiscent of the Shaman/Doowan when one sees their sporadic dance in the night. On numerous occasions my partner and I would awake to these two creatures darting around the room in circles and moving from room to room within the house performing this hypnotic dance/play together. It wasn’t until we began to See, that we realized what they were doing.

Watch a cats eyes closely the next time you have a chance during their escapades. You will notice the eyes of a cat See more than there is to be seen within the first (waking) attention. Seeing the unseen is part of the medicine of this mysterious animal. One that goes unnoticed by many, including ourselves, for a time. We now Know what it is they see. If one wishes they can see this for themselves directly, rather than take our word for it. Seek Inner Silence or Connect with us for some tips on how one can learn to see through the eyes of Cat Medicine into the unknown.

archons47_01 archons-showphoto



Flyers, Achrons, It’s only a description. When one Sees, you Know.

Our two house mates, Odin and Bassie showed us more than we knew a cat could during the course of their stay. Firstly you do not “own” animals. “Cat owner” is not a concept within the realm of Cat. They choose to stay with you. To keep a cat against their will would certainly spell disaster for the individual. At this point the choice was made by them and us in agreement to move on to their next adventure in the unknown. When it came time for these two great friends to leave, there was an odd calmness in the air. One I did not expect as they usually flip out when being taken anywhere (Vet/moving to another home etc) they made no sound and were completely still for the entire ride. This was a good omen that the time was right and it was within their will to move on. This lesson worth learning will stay with us forever.

Good bye our furry friends, enjoy your new home in the now and after. We can still feel your presence and you are in good hands. Come visit in our dreams anytime you like!