CoronaV ~ Biological & Spiritual Warfare ~ This Bugs For YOU!

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In place of using some buzz/clickbaity/possibly censored words, we will simply refer to the above "virus" (you all know which one we are referring to) with the simple acronym: "C19". Additionally, references to the new cellular technology '5_G' are referred to as "5giggity". Also note, sources are referenced at the bottom of this article.


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Windfall, Yea Right! Our energy being flushed in a Windfall Now a days most of us would love to have this happen. A Five Million Dollar Windfall falling out of the sky right into your lap. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Just like winning the Lottery. There's that old saying! If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Not true [...]

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

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All we are left holding, is Crumbs That's The Way the Cookie Crumbles When I was a child and I wanted something, but didn't get it. My father had this saying. That I always despised. That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles. As a child I never knew what it meant. I thought he was just being a smart ass. That was his [...]

Good News

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Monsatan is Getting their Ass Beat Hit them again. Otherwise known as Monsanto. There's Good News. Yep, There are protests all over the World. And this Doowan couldn't happier. I applaud everyone. It is amazing what we can do, when we all come together. The proof is in this Good News Video. Man this feels good. We finally have some Good News [...]

The Year without Summer

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2013 The Year without Summer is a warning. Could we look like this in years to come? In June 2010 the Gulf Stream stopped due to the oil spill in the Gulf. This then effects the Jet Stream. Both of theses streams affect the weather. Hence, our strange world weather patterns we are experiencing now.  Regardless of what caused this. The fact [...]

Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea, the not so Silent Killer. Sleep ApneaThe not so Silent Killer Sleep Apnea The not so Silent Killer What is Sleep Apnea? This subject is right up this Doowans alley, so to speak. As I have studied sleep when I practiced medicine. What brought this to my attention. Was last night. I had gone to bed early and my mate had stay up to watch the boob tube. (T.V.) When she came to bed, I woke up and was listening to her breathing. It wasn't long before I hear the telltale signs of Sleep Apnea the not so Silent Killer.

The Rats Are Deserting

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The Rats are Deserting the Ship The Rats are Deserting the sinking Ship This is a sign folks that things are about to get really bad. The Rats are Deserting the Ship. From the looks of things the elite are heading for the hills, and their underground bunkers. This could only mean one thing. That they know something that they haven't been [...]

Coffee Grounds

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Coffee Grounds Coffee Ground uses Coffee Grounds are used for more than just a drink to perk us up during the day. We Doowans meet some interesting people with some very interesting ideas. When we do we love to share their Ideas with our readers. Did you know that, Coffee grounds can be use for many things besides coffee. It makes a [...]

DNA Strand Found in Humans

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New DNA Strand Found in Humans. New Quadra DNA Strand DNA New Quadra DNA New DNA Strand found in Humans New DNA Strand Yep, just like this writers been saying all along that our DNA is changing. Which is a fact, they are now actually throwing us a bone, and admitting to four Stands. They are saying the New DNA Strand found in Humans like we lost it or something. And they found it for us. It's been there all along and there's more.

Mother Earth’s New Song

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Mother Earth's New Song Mother Earth's New Song Is a song we can sing along with her. Whether you have a good voice or not. We just need to know the words. Mother Earth's New Song is already being sung to a point. Actually she just warming up. Pun Intended. Just wait until the show starts. That's when Mother Earth's New Song [...]

2012 The Year of Change

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2012 The Year of Change. 2012 The Year of Change 2012 The Year of Change What really happened on December 21, 2012 The Year of Change? How come the world didn't change? Wasn't the World suppose to end? Weren't we suppose to Ascend? What Happened? Well where do we start? How about we start with the basics.