In the Garden

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In the Garden is time well spent! Gateway to the Source of Creation in th Garden One of the big reasons we Doowans grow our own food in the Garden, is to experience the sense of empowerment it brings. In the garden one takes back the power they have given way. Taking charge of our health and knowing exactly what went into [...]

What the Heck is This?

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What the Heck is this? Does anybody know what kind of tree or plant this is? We would really like to know. What the heck, is this ? Is it's a GMOZ ? Those scientist have too much time on their hands and their minds in the gutter. Wow, that DNA and RNA is some pretty amazing stuff. Is it's an Heirloom? Which of [...]

Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ

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Since Knowledge is Power, we should discuss the differences between Heirloom Seed verse Hybrid Seed verse GMOZ seeds. This way we can get a full understanding of what we wish to plant in our gardens and then eat the rewards or poison. Heirloom Verses Hybrid Verses GMOZ, The pre-started plants we gardeners buy at the garden shops are always one of these three types. [...]

Closeup look at Composting made Easy!

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Yes, We do buy Our Products and Test Them. Introducing the Compost Wizard Duel Tumble at With the New Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler, Compost with ease. We purchased this compost tumbler from a company we work with in the Good Ole U.S.A, that has some Good Ideas. There it is fresh out of the Box. Fresh out of the Box. It [...]

Out of Sight Out of Mind?

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A Deer Friend of mine. Out of Sight Out of Mind? I started this glorious day off at 6 am watering my neighbors planters on their back deck overlooking the lake. In my eyes a soothing and blissful task, made all the more joyful by the fact that this had been my parents 'dream home' and participating in its ongoing splendor allows me [...]

Are We Tired or did We just get Lazy

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Did We just get Lazy or Are we Tired, Hey, it works both ways! I am so Tired and This coffee ain't cutting it I need my morning quickie fix I just read and article in USA Today a U.N. report about the environment is reaching a tipping point here is part of it. Are We Tired or did We just get [...]

Proboscis or Bust

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Proboscis or Bust Proboscis or Bust Yesterday morning we awoke with the mission of going to town to purchase a couple of plants my husband had seen in a friends garden.The allure of this plant was the magnitude of bees it attracts. I have planted seeds for pollinators,however their blooms are still a few weeks off and our tomatoes are producing lots of [...]

Talkin’dirt and playin’dirty

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Talkin'dirt and playin'dirty We are lovin' this time of year! Talkin'dirt and playin'dirty. Playing in the dirt is Nirvana to us. We are budding garden enthusiasts, we play with our red wigglers, they are great at twister! Disperse Rabbit and Alpaca Poo,mulch with straw and grass clippings commandeered from neighbors(chemical free of course!) We have carved out a veggie garden area,the deer have voracious [...]