The Great I AM Voice of Creation

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Creating reality with the spoken word. The Great I AM Voice of Creation can be used to Manifest anything one wishes to experience. Words have energy when spoken. They vibrate with an energy frequency and this energy Manifest in Reality. Words like LOVE, Hate, No, Yes, Stop, Become, all have their frequency in energy. When using spoken words one must take into consideration their vibrational effect. Using certain words create certain vibrations that in turn create certain effects. Example: the word "VIBRATE" Can't you just feel it. It Vibrates. Sound has power. Sound has energy. Sounds can create or destroy. Since spoken words are sound they have the sames effect. How does one wish to use the Great I AM Voice of Creation?

The Great I AM Voice of WILL

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The Great I AM Voice of WILL the Reality of a Spider The Great I AM WILL Along came a spider, and created a reality. The Great I AM Adventures of the Great I AM WILL. It's bizarre how we think this reality is all there is! And that's final No If, and or butts. This is the way it is with [...]

The Great I AM The Voice of HEART

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The Great I AM Voice of HEART is at the center of our being. The Great I AM voice of HEART It's been said, LOVE comes from HEART. What is LOVE? That is the question. When someone says "I LOVE YOU". What are they really saying? Better yet, How does it make you feel? When you say "I LOVE YOU". What are [...]

The Great I AM The Voice of Reason

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The Great I AM The Voice of Reason Each Bubble is a Reality all it's own. Consciousness is the one blowing the bubbles Opposing Energies, Opposing Beliefs, Opposing Forces, Opposing Thoughts, Satan Opposing GOD, Darkness Opposing Light, Positive Opposing Negative and its opposing effect on the Human Consciousness. It appears that our reality needs to take a Prozac to stop this bipolar [...]