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Souls for Sale wrote the Book on Religions In the name of Religions we suffer from the lack of Knowledge See listing on Souls for Sale Channel # 666 on your TV dial. Are you tired and wore out... Thinking of selling your soul? Then you have come to the right place. Souls for Sale can sell your soul to a supreme [...]

Feeling Love

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Feeling Love, We all feel Love Differently, You'll see. Feeling Love. What's in a feeling? We all feel Love differently that's for sure. As we awaken we are hearing a lot about Love and how we should be Love. No need to get all philosophical about Love. But you can. Well it's all well and good to study Love, however how does [...]

Tickle your Fancy

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Tickle your Fancy, ought to brighten up your Day! My Fancy could use some Tickling to brighten my Day I saw this, and I tried to resist posting it. But as trying goes, I couldn't resist. I had to laugh when I heard this and wanted to share the fun. This ought to Tickle your Fancy as the saying goes. America has [...]

The Contagious Yawn

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Why, when we see somebody yawn the contagious yawn, we yawn to? The Contagious Yawn. Look they all have it. The word yawn comes from Old English 'Ginian' and 'Gionian' meaning to "Open the mouth wide, gape," which in turn comes from the Proto-Germanic base gin-. I won't take it personal if this article makes you a bit sleepy. Just reading about [...]

One Size fits All

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One Size Fits All, if we were all one size One Size fits All gets my seal of approval The term "one size fits all" has been used as a common, cliché phrase for over 5 decades. It's time has come and gone. The One Size fits All concept has been given to us by Corporate America. To make it easy for [...]

New Study Reveals

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Well Excuse me, New Study Reveals New Study Reveals flying dangers New Study Reveals Why Pilots' Farts Can Be Dangerous...but passengers' are fine By Matt Cantor, Newser Staff Posted Feb 15, 2013 8:10 AM CST (Newser) – Need to pass gas on a plane? No worries—assuming you're a passenger, says an oddball new study. In fact, researchers encourage you to go right [...]


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Volcanoes erupting everywhere in the world Volcanoes The Gods must be angry Did some checking around and found this information. Why, was I checking on Volcanoes? Well, I just happen to live on one. I heard in the past that the town folk use to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano God(s). To save the town folks, and appease the God(s). I [...]

New Terrorist Group

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New Terrorist Group was found Today. New Terrorist Group Hey, Watch were you place that rocket. That's going to leave a mark! Not Another New Terrorist Group. Here's what we are up against and how Wikipedia defines terrorism: "Organizations by national governments, former governments and inter-governmental organizations, where the proscription has a significant impact on the group's activities. Many organizations that are [...]

Feel Good Post 101

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Feel Good Post 101 Feel Good Post 101 needs a feel good picture We Doowans thought our 101 post should be a feel good post. That's why we called it Feel Good Post 101. You know what's strange is this writer has no clue as to what makes people feel good. So here I want to write a feel good post 101 [...]


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LOL, You need to Read This LOL Sometimes you just have to LOL. You Have to read this. What amazes this Doowans is what accounts for NEWS now days. I don't mind it gives the writer a chance to LOL. This just made my day, Hopefully it will make yours too! By the way, What the heck is this? German Soldiers Growing [...]

The Right to Remain Silent

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The Right to Remain Silent! We all have the Right to Remain Silent. We all have the Right to Remain Silent. Sometimes we just don't have the ability! We say something that we wish we could take back. The writer has some personal experiences to share with the reader that might save them hardship and trouble of, loose lips sink relationships. Sometimes, [...]

“I LOVE YOU” Just having Fun and Wondering

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Just having Fun, and Talking about I LOVE You! Hey, What does it mean when someone says, "I love you !"? What is love anyway? A feeling,  an emotion, are feelings and emotions the same thing, Stereotypically speaking? How about a thought, as I was thinking, a skin rash, a zit on the end of your nose, I bet you just love that now [...]