Tickle your Fancy, ought to brighten up your Day!

Tickle your Fancy

My Fancy could use some Tickling to brighten my Day

I saw this, and I tried to resist posting it. But as trying goes, I couldn’t resist. I had to laugh when I heard this and wanted to share the fun. This ought to Tickle your Fancy as the saying goes.

America has a new secret weapon they are deploying against the Somali Pirates. You know those bad, bad people who kidnap people and take over cruise ships for ransom. Here’s link for ships they attacked. If they had this secret weapon they all could have been saved.


Bad,Bad People that do Bad, Bad Things

No it’s not all the bombs, missiles, chemical gases, or atomic weapons the U.S. has. This weapon is even more dangerous than all those combined. It stop them dead in their tracts and sends them running of the hills, as fast as they can paddle their boats. This ought to Tickle your Fancy. The new weapon is apparently Britney Spear’s.  I don’t make this stuff up, See.

Apparently what happens is they blast her songs through loud speakers at the Somali Pirates. They turn and run, because they can’t stand the music. Never would have guessed this would have worked, and how they figured this out is still Top Secret. However it works Great.

Tickle your fancy

America’s New Secret Weapon. What a Bomb Shell.

They hate the sounds of Western Culture music. Let’s face it, Britney can be annoying at times. But you got to love her as she has become our new secret weapon. Second Officer Owens, who works on supertankers off the east coast of Africa, said: “Her songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them most. He was right on!

Next they ought to try using a hologram of Paris Hilton’s dog and see if this scares them to death. How this untalented being made it to stardom and fame is beyond me. I guess when you have money you can promote yourself. It’s true, we can be anything we want to be. If your daddy has money. As she has done nothing but made a porn film. Which I heard was really boring. As I can’t confirm or deny, I have ever watch it.

Tickle your Fancy and scare you half to Death

That’s Paris on the right! Just in case you were Wondering.

Anyway I thought I would Tickle your Fancy. The next time you hear Britney’s, Ooops, I Did it Again, Drop Dead Beautiful, I’m A Slave 4U, Baby One More Time, or Big Fat Bass. I know, I Wanna Go. Because if I stay she will, Gimme More. And that’s just, Criminal. So be sure you have, Gasoline in your car, Because Britney, You Drive me Crazy. Don’t Hold it Against Me, as that’s just How I Roll. This ought to, Break the Ice. Allowing me to fall into Quicksand, waiting for the Touch of My Hand, to get, Out from Under, this Trouble for Me. Because this is Toxic. And I am Lucky, that you Kill the Lights, because I am wearing Lace and Leather, Inside Out. And everybody want’s a Piece of Me, so Ooh La La. Britney, I am Stronger then I have ever been. If U Seek Amy, Don’t Keep Me Waiting, It’s Just, Me Against the Music, and I’m no Mannequin, My Baby. I am no, Womanizer, But you are a Work Bitch. I Love Rock and Roll, but this is not Heaven on Earth.  So it’s Over to You Now, I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. It’s a good thing those ships have Radar. As 1+2 makes 3 Somali Pirates, Everytime. Dear Diary, the Boys and Mmmm Papi are really mad at me for doing this post. They are Anticipating the end of this paragraph. As this has been a Circus.

Britney shaving her head

Ooops, you missed a spot. Ooops, you may have to do it again.

I just wanted to say, Thank You for your service to our Country. And Kick Ass on those Somali Pirates. As these ships don’t have to fire a shot. I solute you, as you are saving lives with your work. I hope this will Tickle your Fancy as this story has Tickled mine. Just thought you might like to know, There’s a New Terrorist Group in Town. Hey, this might work on them as well. It’s worth a try.

Britney, not very lady like.

Ooops, I did it Again. Don’t Hold it Against me.

If nothing else, this should Tickle your Fancy. And we all saw your Fancy getting out of that car. I want to say, I Love You, Just having Fun and Wondering. As it’s Hot when you see the Signs. One Size Fits All, but that’s not necessarily true. Check out this RAIN BARREL MYSTERY and you will see. As the Volcanoes begin to erupt, I was wondering if you knew What the Heck this is? I feel The Contagious Yawn coming on. I hope this Feel Good Post 101 will Tickle your Fancy as well. LOL.

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Knowledge is Power

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Take your Power Back

And Tickle your Fancy, Laugh it feels Good


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Did he Tickle your Fancy? I don’t have a Fancy.

 It works either way. Tickle your Fancy, or just Fancy a Tickle.