A Visitors Perspective

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A Visitors Perspective outside the human consciousness perspective. A Visitors Perspective You are not Alone! We are here offering our Perspective. This contact happened in the middle of the night around 3:33 Am. Don't shoot the messenger as I only typed what it said to me. This is A Visitors Perspective, the truth is, I have to agree. Alas, I can not take credit for this writing. BTW they prefer to be called Visitors. We are not alone!

Letter from The Little Green Man

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This Letter comes from the Little Green Man The little green man has a new ride I just got this New Model Craft Come for a ride with The Little Green Man Dear Humanity, The Injustice done to the Red Man and the Destruction done to the Yellow Man along with the Evil done to the Black Man and the en-slavery being done to the Brown Man by the White Man. Will not be undone by the Little Green Man.

Nibiru, Truth or Dare?

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Nibiru, Truth or Dare, Do you want to play a game? Nibiru Nibiru Truth or Dare Is the Existence of Nibiru, Truth or Dare we believe it's not real? Nibiru has been called by many names, Planet X, Wormwood, the Destroyer, are just a few. Whether or not it exist is the one of the biggest controversy we are faced with today.

The Kill Shot

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The Kill Shot, faster than a speeding bullet. The Kill Shot The Kill Shot faster than sound You'll never hear it coming Just discovered this Kill Shot information. And we headed for something really big. A life changing major event that will not only change the face of the earth. but life as we know it. For those that wish not to know the future, I suggest that you stop reading here.

Stars, What’s up?

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Stars, What's up, Where did they go? Stars, What's up? Stars, What's up? They aren't in their old places. Where did they go? I AM not an avid astronomer but I do know little about were some constellations should be. Walk outside tonight at 2:00 am March 18 2013 looked up to see them, they were gone. I was lost for a bit as the Big Dipper was always in this particular part of the sky just off the horizon. It took me 3 to 5 minutes to find it straight over my head were it's never been before.

Crop Circles

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Crop Circles aren't just Circles anymore. Crop Circles 409 Circles Appearing over night Crop Circles 409 Circles Appearing over night. How is this Possible? They aren't just Crop Circles any more, as they have been found at the bottom of the ocean, in the snow, and in sands around the world. It would be tough for Doug and Dave to make these Crop Circles. Plus, some of the information encoded in them is way over their heads.

Comets and Hopi Prophecy

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Comets and Hopi Prophecy Comets and Hopi Phrophecy Comets and Hopi Prophecy Should be a fantastic month for being out among the star at night, as this month the comets are out in full glory. A newly discovered comet is seen in the sky this month. This year 2013 is proving to be the year of the comet as things are flying by like never before. Could these Comets and Hopi Prophecy be telling us something? Grab your hard hat and a pair of binoculars and head out side for the show.

Photon Belt

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Photon Belt Fact or Fiction? Photon Belt, Welcome to the light Photon Belt, Welcome to the light We Doowans have written about the big events surrounding December 21, 2012. Our consciousness is changing, as is our DNA. Even Mother Earth is singing a new song. Some many consider this to fighting, but in reality is our destiny. One we should all embrace.

New Comet Coming Towards Earth

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New Comet Coming Towards Earth this Year From the Source of Creation, a New Comet Coming Towards Earth We Doowans are writing about this New Comet Coming Towards Earth because it promises to be a life changing event.  In Strange Sounds the writer stated that something might be effecting the Earths core. Well that something most likely is this New Comet Coming [...]

Strange Sounds

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Strange Sounds heard around the World Mother Earth Making some Strange Sounds Mother Earth Making some Strange Sounds What are all these Strange Sounds being heard all over the world? What could be causing them? Where are they coming from? The writer will attempt to answer these and more! Well this Doowan writer has a Theory! Of course, a theory is just a theory. However when a Theory makes sense than the strange sounds aren't so strange.

We could have been Killed!

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Yep, We could have been Killed We could have been Killed And none of us would have been the wiser. We would have just woken up dead. Who knows maybe we are all dead now and don't know it. Well if we are still alive, and sometimes I wonder, There's always next time. Of course we may not hear about it until [...]

Something This Way Comes

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Something This Way Comes No, I'm not going to freak you out with some end of the world scenario. Something This Way Comes Something This Way Comes I found this article in the Newser E paper. I thought it was short and sweet. Written Sept. 27,2012 Newser) – Peer at the night sky just over a year from now, and you may spot a comet that's 15 times brighter than the moon. Comet ISON, due to be at its brightest on Nov. 28, 2013, will be so luminous that you should be able to see it in broad daylight, the Telegraph reports.