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Now our Awareness begins its Spiral Out into Creation to SEE what is there. Seeing is Body Knowledge. The Predominance of the visual sense in us influences this Body Knowledge. Makes the Spiral Out seem eye related. However it’s Not. Creation offers a vast array of sights and sounds, smells and textures to stimulate ones Awareness to Taste life. Spiral Out to the Universe and SEE.

The Kill Shot

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The Kill Shot, faster than a speeding bullet. The Kill Shot The Kill Shot faster than sound You'll never hear it coming Just discovered this Kill Shot information. And we headed for something really big. A life changing major event that will not only change the face of the earth. but life as we know it. For those that wish not to know the future, I suggest that you stop reading here.

What in the Worlds going on?

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What in the World is going on? The world is not what it use to be How can anyone not notice that the world is being effected by something. Bizarre Weather patterns, Birds dropping dead in the air, Fish die offs by the tons, Strange noises in the earth and sky, Earthquakes up 400%, Sinkholes appearing everywhere, fire balls everywhere, the Shrinking [...]

Crop Circles

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Crop Circles aren't just Circles anymore. Crop Circles 409 Circles Appearing over night Crop Circles 409 Circles Appearing over night. How is this Possible? They aren't just Crop Circles any more, as they have been found at the bottom of the ocean, in the snow, and in sands around the world. It would be tough for Doug and Dave to make these Crop Circles. Plus, some of the information encoded in them is way over their heads.

The Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race

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The Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race, has gone far beyond what I had ever imaged. GMOZ Wheat USDA says it safe to eat. Let's bake them some bread. It's The Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race. Now one of the genes use in Gmoz Corn Foods can cause Permanent Sterilization of both Men and Women of this Human Race. [...]

Be Fruitful, and Multiply

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Be Fruitful, and Multiply "Houston We have a Problem" Be Fruitful and Multiply Be Fruitful, and Multiply Houston we have a problem Be Fruitful, and Multiply, has an implied meaning that in my opinion has been miss interrupted. Taking the literal meaning to bear fruit and multiply which could mean 1x1=1.

Are We Tired or did We just get Lazy

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Did We just get Lazy or Are we Tired, Hey, it works both ways! I am so Tired and This coffee ain't cutting it I need my morning quickie fix I just read and article in USA Today a U.N. report about the environment is reaching a tipping point here is part of it. Are We Tired or did We just get [...]